Supreme Uprising Chapter 216

Chapter 216 An Unrivalled Technique

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“Chong’er!” A middle-aged man let out a mournful, heart-wrenching wail that reverberated around the exquisitely decorated room.

As soon as this anguished cry echoed around, the electronic display in the room showed the image of a young man getting beheaded.

The young man was kneeling on the ground, his eyes full of fury and desperation.

He was afraid that, once the blade fell, he would take his last breath at this awful place. He was struggling hard, as he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would really be beheaded.

Young descendants of ancient martial families like him only killed a few ordinary humans. How was this any different from slaughtering a few animals? How had he been classified as a petty criminal? Why… Why had something like this happened to him?

Even though he and the other criminals had been captured by Luo Yunyang, the coalition of ancient martial families should have spared no effort in trying to rescue them!

“Brother Yan, our ancient martial families can’t let this transgression go on like this!” The middle-aged man who had cried out in agony was worthy of being the head of a large family. When he stopped crying, he calmed down very quickly.

The man called Brother Yan, who was a tall, imposing old man, stepped forward and patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder before saying, “Our ancient martial families won’t take this lying down.”

Then, the old man took a deep breath and turned his gaze to the three old fellows seated beside him.

Although the three of them seemed pretty ordinary, they all had one thing in common. Every single one of them had a solemn look on his face.

“Old Xu, Old Mu, Old Jing, if god-grade entities can’t move against him, then are we really helpless?”

The three elders exchanged a look before Old Jing said, “The Mind Sword has always been a myth among telekinesis grandmasters. There are records of this technique in ancient excerpts, but the requirements for practising it are extremely demanding.”

“Therefore, even telekinesis grandmasters have always believed that it was simply impossible to master. However, the ancient excerpts did mention one thingwhen the Mind Sword is formed, it can beat any technique of the same level!”

Although Old Jing’s voice wasn’t very loud, anyone who heard his words looked crestfallen.

They had not gathered their strength just to save their own people, but also to show their might through Yan Que and the other three elders. They wanted to declare publicly that their ancient martial families weren’t to be offended.

However, the situation had clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Yan Que had stayed while the three others watched from afar. They couldn’t believe that a top-notch martial grandmaster like him had given up right away.

The dignity of their entire families had suddenly taken an even more ferocious beating.

If this technique couldn’t be beaten by any technique of the same level, then if they wanted to defeat this man, a god-grade expert would have to take action. However, the Martial God had already made his stance clear, so even if they asked for help, no god-grade entity would act.

For a moment, not even a single sound was heard in that rather large room.

The bloody yellow leaves seemed particularly magnificent.

Luo Yunyang was dressed in the blood-red uniform of the Blood Strike Guard as he stood quietly on the Yellow Leaf Platform and gazed out into the distance.

Lu Qubing watched his heroic posture. He didn’t know why, but he was suddenly reminded of a Martial God. Back in the day, Martial Gods had risen to supremacy and quelled an era. Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t as strong as a Martial God, he was still breathtaking.

He had also suppressed everyone around him after all.

As the Blood Strike Guard’s commander, he had suppressed the ancient martial families of the entire 13 Eastern Cities. Whenever his name was mentioned in the future, the younger members of those families wouldn’t dare act rashly anymore.

This young man would give them nightmares.

It was also easy to predict that the Blood Strike Guard would rise once again and become the best among the Three Guards both in name and in action.

Yan Que was very calm. Although his grandnephew and only male heir of that generation had died before him, there wasn’t even a hint of fury on his face.

He had already reached a state where he didn’t get easily attached. Anything he picked up he could put down just as easily.

“Sir, the death sentence has been carried out!” Shi Tianya reported to Luo Yunyang solemnly. His announcement was hurried and brief.

“If anyone wants to claim the bodies, let them have them,” Luo Yunyang told him.

“Yes, sir!” Shi Tianya answered loud and clear before he saluted Luo Yunyang.

The area where the Blood Strike Guard was gathered was full of delight. Everyone knew what the ancient martial families had intended to do. Although Yan Que’s identity and arrival had made them hit an all-time low and the Void Splitter had sent chills down their spines, Luo Yunyang’s Mind Sword had injected endless vitality into them.

They knew very well that, from now on, they could proudly proclaim that they were members of the Blood Strike Guard.

All this they owed to the figure standing atop the Yellow Leaf Platform.

As all eyes focused on Luo Yunyang, everyone’s secret opinion of him improved.

“Seems like the Sky List is going to change again!”

“Can he really surpass the person who tops the list? That person is known as the closest thing to a god-grade entity.”

Discussions regarding the top spot on the Sky List started appearing on the Sky Vision. Although everyone had their own opinion, Luo Yunyang’s prestige had still climbed up a grade.

A long, thunder-like hiss roared from a distant location. It sounded as if the Violent Ape was alive and shouting at the sky; as if the Divine Dragon had come into being and shaken the whole world.

Lu Qubing had been about to leave, yet when he heard this long hiss, his face suddenly froze. A weird expression appeared on Yan Que’s face as well.

Luo Yunyang noticed some changes to the sixth factor all around him during the hiss. He felt like the sixth factor around the Yellow Leaf Platform flowed in streams towards a faraway river.

“Someone has become a god-grade entity!” Yan Que’s voice sounded slightly hoarse as he watched the changes all around him.

Becoming a god-grade entity had been a long-standing dream of his. However, after so many years, his dream was still nothing but a dream.

The laurels of a god-grade powerhouse wouldn’t rest on his head. He was still only a martial grandmaster.

Becoming a god-grade entity required power, perception and luck!

The world hadn’t seen any god-grade powerhouses for quite a number of years, yet a god-grade powerhouse had emerged right before their eyes after the proceedings at the Yellow Leaf Platform had been completed.

“Reporting, Viceroy. The area five kilometers around the Great Snow Mountain is billowing with snowfall. The Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity must have become a god-grade entity!” the Rising Dragon Army’s intelligence operatives quickly reported to Lu Qubing.

Five kilometers of billowing snowfall? This was an omen that a martial grandmaster had become a god-grade entity. The only top-notch martial grandmaster on the Great Snow Mountain was the Guardian Deity.

This martial grandmaster, who ranked below Luo Yunyang on the Sky List, had been secluded for many days before he had soared and become an entity that could stand at the apex of the world.