Supreme Uprising Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Breaking Customs

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Although Xu Zhong couldn’t answer Sun Miaomiao’s question, thousands of miles away someone else was answering it.

The person answering it was the family head of the ancient Yan Family.

“God-grade powerhouses cannot arbitrarily interfere with mundane matters. This is a decision of the Collective God Union, so even a Martial God has to comply. It is because of this reason that martial grandmasters have become the Da Alliance’s most important fighting force.”

The man’s voice became even more emphatic as he added, “However, before complying with this directive, a god-grade powerhouse has the privilege to break the customs! This means that, after one advances to the God Realm, they can do as they please on three matters.”

“According to the direction of the Collective God Union, these three matters have to be settled within 10 days!”

The words ‘breaking the customs’ were individually ordinary. However, when combined, they gave off an intense feeling as if one was high above and looking down on the common folk.

If martial grandmasters were considered the strongest existences amongst humans, then god-grade powerhouses who had gone through massive changes could no longer be considered human.

Breaking the customs meant settling former favors and grudges before breaking away from the binds of the mortal world.

“Would the Da Alliance interfere while one was breaking the customs, Brother Yan? In any case, Luo Yunyang is extremely important to the Da Alliance,” the Xu Family Head said with bitter resentment.

His beloved son had been beheaded by Luo Yunyang, and his blood had been spilled all over the Yellow Leaf Platform.

He knew very well why his son had been killed. However, he did not have any intention of repenting. In fact, he was itching to take revenge as soon as possible.

“They can’t. The Da Alliance exists thanks to the support of the Collective God Union. If they violated the agreement when it comes to breaking the customs, then they would become a common enemy of all god-grade powerhouses.”

“Ha ha ha! I originally wanted to ask the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity to lend a hand. I never expected that the kid would actually place himself on the chopping board beforehand. How could he actually murder the Great Snow Mountain’s 18 Guardians?”

Maniacal laughter filled the room. Although all these people had a considerable status, they were currently unable to contain their delight.

As soon as they had found out that the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity had become a god-grade entity, the ancient martial families had obtained detailed information from the Guardian Deity, including information about the incident with the 18 Guardians, which was something that couldn’t be covered up.

“That kid is dead!” someone proclaimed bitterly.

The Xu Family Head had a sinister grin on his face. “This will not end, even if he dies. I will definitely make him pay for his arrogance.”

Although the man didn’t explicitly say out loud what sort of price Luo Yunyang would pay, judging from his expression, everyone could take a guess.

No one voiced any disagreement over taking revenge. They actually even appeared to laud this decision.

Meanwhile, the person they were talking about had an extremely unperturbed expression on his face.

The Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity had become a god-grade powerhouse! Luo Yunyang hadn’t been that shocked when he’d found out.

His mind power already possessed a fire sub-attribute, so if he wanted to, he could adjust his attribute points and break the boundaries of a god-grade telekinesis master.

Although this was normally a disparity as great as the distance between heaven and earth, thanks to the assistance of the attribute regulator, it was no longer that important.

As soon as Luo Yunyang returned to the Chang’an General Headquarters, he isolated himself before the news that the Guardian Deity had targeted him could circulate.

This time, he wanted to comprehend the True Intent.

Thanks to Zhu Qingyun’s Endless River From The Heavens and the True Intent of Yan Que’s Void Splitter, which hadn’t been fully unleashed, Luo Yunyang had gotten a greater sense of how formidable True Intent really was.

Unfortunately, his cultivation base had risen too quickly, so the only True Intent he had comprehended was a trace of the God-Slaying True Intent within the God Slayer.

This was just a tiny trace of True Intent, so it was pathetic compared to other startling techniques.

Thus, when he returned to Chang’an City, Luo Yunyang handed whatever work he had over to Gu Jianguang, Shi Tianya and the others and quietly went into seclusion to cultivate.

Every time he saw the God-Slaying True Intent, he would get a feeling of deep reverence. As he held on to the God Slayer, Luo Yunyang’s thoughts went back over and over to the instant the ancient spear had been thrown.

In the past, he had focused on the changes, power and technique with which the ancient spear was cast. However, this time he focused on the feeling within the spear.

Although the True Intent wasn’t visible on the ancient spear, Luo Yunyang could tell what sort of True Intent was concealed within it when it was cast.

Perhaps there were even several types of True Intent.

This dense killing intent, which made one’s soul tremble, was the sort of killing intent that made the God Slayer very difficult to evade.

Back then, Luo Yunyang hadn’t had the slightest inkling of comprehension about the True Intent within the God Slayer. However, when he had cast the spear, it hadn’t given the Ravenous Wolf any chance of resisting. The man had been killed instantly.

Now that Luo Yunyang’s understanding of the True Intent hidden inside the God Slayer was becoming even deeper, he realized that his understanding of this aspect had been insufficient.

Actually, he believed that the disparity had been too big.

After an indefinite amount of time, he opened his eyes. His Mind Attribute had already been raised to the max, yet the spear, which was like a streak of lightning rupturing the sky, remained vague and indistinct.

Luo Yunyang had a feeling that the more he raised his Mind Attribute, the less he would be able to understand the True Intent within the God Slayer.

His feeling was right. Luo Yunyang muttered irresolutely to himself for some time before he sighed gently.

Deep down, he knew that he had been a little too anxious. True Intent took other people an extremely long time to comprehend. It was simply impossible for him to achieve it in one go.

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t plan on giving up, he wasn’t prepared to keep trying either. He immediately opened the attribute regulator in his mind.

Power: 3,251 (Fire: 2,132, Ice: 616, Wood: 575)

Speed: 230

Mind: 3,352 (Fire: 7)

Constitution: 513 (Golden Body: 89, Fire: 210, Ice: 42, Wood: 46)

The figures displayed on the attribute regulator didn’t seem that different compared to the way they had been a while ago, which proved that Luo Yunyang hadn’t made big progress lately.

Just as he was about to close the attribute regulator, he suddenly realized that a line of silver words had appeared at the bottom.

True Intent: 1 (Elimination: 1)