Supreme Uprising Chapter 219

Chapter 219 The Attribute Regulator's New Function

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A sub-category of True Intent had actually appeared on the attribute regulator. When Luo Yunyang discovered it, he felt extremely delighted.

He didn’t have many advantages in terms of comprehending True Intent. Most people acquired True Intent after many months and years of comprehension after all. However, Luo Yunyang had managed to possess True Intent very easily.

He pondered this for a bit before he started to make adjustments to his True Intent Attribute.

He immediately increased it by 3,000 points!

If his Decimation was raised to 3,000 points, then it would enter a crazy mode!

Luo Yunyang keyed in the adjustments excitedly and waited fervently for the attribute regulator’s response.

He suddenly froze when he saw that silver line change. The silver number that appeared wasn’t the anticipated 3,001, but a big 4.

True Intent: 4 (Decimation: 4)

What was up with this? He had clearly added 3,000 points. Why had they only produced 4? How useful would a 4-point True Intent be?

Luo Yunyang pondered this for some time before he added another 100 points to his True Intent. Suddenly, he realized that the figure had become 4.1.

Only then did he understand that the silver figure was no ordinary figure. It was actually converted at a rate of 1:1,000.

To test whether his hypothesis was correct, Luo Yunyang made some more adjustments to his attribute regulator and transferred 0.5 point of True Intent to his Mind Attribute.

The result was exactly what he had expected. His Mind Attribute increased by 500 points.

The conversion rate between True Intent and the four fundamental attributes was 1:1,000.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he recalled the circumstances when he’d cultivated in the past.

Once his True Intent stats hit a certain level and he tried to comprehend more things that contained True Intent, then success would follow naturally.

As soon as he reached this conclusion, Luo Yunyang raised the silver digit of his True Intent to 8 points. When he picked up the God Slayer again, many aspects that he hadn’t understood so far suddenly started to make sense.

Areas that he simply hadn’t been able to comprehend had now become crystal clear.

This was what True Intent was all about. Ecstatic, Luo Yunyang quickly memorized all this knowledge in his mind.

As long as this knowledge existed, even if his attributes were restored to their original state, his True Intent would continue to improve fast.

One day later, Luo Yunyang finally put down the God Slayer and reinstated all his attributes to their original state.

He didn’t really pay attention to anything else. What his eyes noticed right away was the silver line of his True Intent Attribute.

True Intent: 3.5 (Decimation: 3.5)

In any other case, a difference of 3.5 points and 1 point wouldn’t have been significant. However, when it came to True Intent, this difference was a big deal.

Luo Yunyang was overjoyed when he saw his Decimation. He could tell that if he cast the God Slayer right now using the same power, its destructive power would be 10 times bigger.

This was the effect of Decimation!

His Decimation was currently at 3.5 points, so if he was able to raise it to 10, he would be able to comprehend it even quicker.

3.5, 6, 7.9…

Luo Yunyang’s True Intent kept rising rapidly. However, as he was increasing it, Luo Yunyang realized that even if he converted all his other attribute points, he still wouldn’t be able to raise his True Intent to 10 points.

Although his True Intent could not increase any more, when Luo Yunyang saw his stats on the attribute regulator, he was still rather pleased.

True Intent: 9.8

Luo Yunyang stretched his body gently and strolled out of the cultivation room. When he opened the door, he saw Shi Tianya and more than 10 other Blood Strike Guard Soldiers standing guard outside looking exhausted.

He also noticed that a scar had appeared on Shi Tianya’s face.

As the first soldier to follow him to the Unique Restaurant, Luo Yunyang held Shi Tianya in a rather high regard. He immediately frowned when he saw his subordinate looking this way.

“What happened?”

When they saw Luo Yunyang emerge from his seclusion, Shi Tianya and the others immediately grew excited. “Commissar!” they saluted him simultaneously.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands as he stared at Shi Tianya. “You didn’t acquire this wound during a spar with a comrade, did you?”

Shi Tianya shuddered. There was alarm and panic on his face as he bit his lip and forced a stiff, sheepish grin. He didn’t know how to utter the lie he had prepared beforehand.

“Sir, Tianya got injured during a match with a Sky High Military officer,” one of Shi Tianya’s comrades said softly.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the resolute-looking soldier as he asked, “What’s going on?”

Shi Tianya wanted to say that it was nothing, but he ultimately replied solemnly, “Sir, the Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity made an announcement. He… He said that once his boundaries were consolidated, he would kill you right away! I… I heard that nobody can interfere with the custom-breaking tradition of a newly-ascended god-grade powerhouse.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head gently. He knew very well that the Guardian Deity had broken through the god boundaries. Even the fact that he wanted to kill him hadn’t been unexpected.

However, the Guardian Deity was really honoring Luo Yunyang by putting him on his custom-breaking to-do list.

“Has the Guardian Deity consolidated his boundaries yet?”

Shi Tianya and the others found Luo Yunyang’s calmness a little unexpected. A god-grade powerhouse was an entity similar to the colossal source beasts that lived beyond the space barrier and could flatten mountains with a single claw.

An entity that could crush mountains with one finger had announced his intent to kill Luo Yunyang, yet their boss was not the least bit concerned. Although the Blood Strike Guard soldiers wanted to prostrate themselves in admiration, they were also very worried.

“It is rumored that the consolidation of god-grade boundaries requires 10 days at the most. Nine days have already passed.”

“Sir, your best option would be to leave Chang’an immediately and find an island in the distant seas to hide,” Shi Tianya added nervously. “This is the only way you could survive. Given your natural aptitude, becoming a god-grade entity shouldn’t be too difficult for you. When the right time comes, you could come back with your head held high and take revenge. How inspiring would that be?”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “You are overthinking things. Oh, I forgot! Which direction is the Great Snow Mountain in?”

“It’s 250 kilometers west of Chang’an City!” Shi Tianya replied promptly.

Luo Yunyang nodded, brushed the sleeves of his shirt and soared into the air in the direction of the Great Snow Mountain.

“Sir, you are heading in the wrong direction!” Shi Tianya shouted urgently as he watched Luo Yunyang’s back.

“I’m not. I’m headed to the Great Snow Mountain!”