Supreme Uprising Chapter 22

Chapter 22


Good news never left one’s house in Donglu Town, but bad news travelled several miles a minute. The news that Luo Yunyang had failed to get admitted into the Rising Dragon Army and Shen Yunying had gotten fired from the bank travelled exceptionally fast. These news were like a sugar cane that didn’t get soft after being chewed for a long time. A sugar cane that only spread like wildfire on one’s saliva!

However, Donglu Town was still a homely town with simple, honest residents. The majority of these people felt pity for Luo Yunyang over this outcome. Luo Yunyang was still a lovable kid in their eyes after all.

However, there were also some people who laughed maliciously at his fortune.

Among these people were Lian Changfeng’s father, Cheng Daren and his family.

Cheng Daren was still locked up, but the news about Luo Yunyang had been like music to his wife’s ears.

Ever since Cheng Daren had been locked up, this insufferably arrogant woman had exercised restraint and remained quiet out of fear. Even when others had tried to provoke her, she still hadn’t expressed any intention of getting revenge.

However, this impossibly stupid woman now realized that everything had changed. After being silent for so many days, it was finally time that she settled the score on her husband’s behalf.

The Cheng family was a large clan with a lot of close relatives and friends. All it took was a single call for no less than 100 women to head over to Luo Yunyang’s house and surround it.

“When a person of low status gets power, they never get very far!” Cheng Daren’s wife, who had big arms and round hips, showed off the golden chain around her neck. Then, she rolled her eyes at the crowd and said. “Dragons give birth to dragons and phoenixes give birth to phoenixes. All a rat’s child knows is how to burrow! How could that little devil of a kid think he could join the Rising Dragon Army? That’s like a weasel thinking it can pull a carriage! He should have known better than to call himself an elite martialist! Elite, my *ss!”

Cheng Daren’s wife shouted abuse to her heart’s content. Her relatives encouraged her as she stepped forward. Just as they were about to step into Luo Yunyang’s house, two automobiles, which were a rare sight in Donglu Town, whistled past them.

A slightly older woman who wasn’t able to avoid them in time nearly fell down. She was considered a powerful person in Donglu Town, so she had never suffered such an injustice before. She suddenly opened her mouth and started to curse.

“Don’t curse blindly! Those are people we cannot afford to offend!” a shrewd-looking lady stopped her.

“Why do you think those cars stopped outside Luo Yunyang’s house?”

“Those are bank cars. He he They must be here to demand their money back. Do you think 100,000 dayuan is so easy to get?”

The women, who were engaged in a lively conversation, realized they had almost reached Luo Yunyang’s house, when they suddenly saw a fat man get out of a car. His fair, delicate skin and hairstyle made the women shot envious looks at him.

“I recognize him! That’s the bank president in charge of our bank. He he He was the one who fired Shen Yunying!”

“If this old man has come here personally, something big must be about to happen. Perhaps they are going to seize Luo Yunyang! Hey, do you reckon what Luo Yunyang did counts as fraud?”

Standing at the doorstep was a tiny figure wielding a stick that seemed too big for her small frame.

Although her hands were shaking, there was determination all over her face.

“None of you are welcome here! Get out! Stay away from my home!” Luo Dong’er looked like a little tiger as she shouted at everyone and defended her own turf.

“He he! This wretched girl is rather fierce!”

“Exactly! How is she going to be married off when she gets older?”

“Who would dare marry her, anyway? My Erniu would never look at this sort of wretched girl!”

The women’s words made Luo Dong’er flush with anger. She was already old enough to understand what they were saying.

“We don’t have any ill intentions, little girl. We came over because we wish to see Madam Shen Yunying.” Bank President Zhang’s splendid face was like a flower.

“You are a bad person. I won’t let a fat man like you inside!” As Luo Dong’er shouted, she abruptly shut her eyes and swung the stick in her hands vigorously.

Bank President Zhang, who had not expected that this young girl would really try to hit him, was caught off guard. The stick struck his fat thigh, causing him to stumble and nearly sink to his knees.

“You wretched girl, you…” the middle-aged man right next to him scolded her immediately. How could Bank President Zhang, who lived like a prince, suffer this sort of embarrassment?

Before he could even start to suck up to him, Bank President Zhang, who had been clenching his teeth in pain, slapped him across the face.

“You don’t know sh*t! Shut up right now! Little girl, I promise you I really don’t have any ill intentions. I came over to invite your mother to return to work…”

Luo Dong’er tilted her head and stared blankly at the fat man in front of her. Shen Yunying, who had heard the ruckus outside her house, came out. As soon as she saw Bank President Zhang, she said in disgust, “I no longer wish to have any relation with you whatsoever. Please don’t ever return or try to interfere with our lives. Dong’er, come inside with mom!”

Shen Yunying beckoned for her daughter to head back inside. Bank President Zhang immediately became anxious and shot Fang Zhongyuan a look, Fang Zhongyuan was standing there as if he was mute. He was staring straight ahead without any intention of putting in a word for him. Damn it, the entire Fang family was full of traitors!

The words he had said in front of Assistant Huang had been really touching, but now that it was time to act, the b*stard was actually acting dumb. He hadn’t said anything. He had just let him humiliate himself in front of everyone else. He was just a traitor!

Bank President Zhang tried to hide his face from the gazes of the watchful onlookers. After he put some thought into it, he decided that he would tolerate this and use it to his advantage.

Bank President Zhang knelt down on the ground. His hands were spread out, and mucus and tears were covering his face as he said, “I was completely in the wrong, my lady. Please give me a chance to make up for my mistakes and start afresh. I have both young and old family members that are depending on me to care for them. If you don’t forgive me, then my entire family will go hungry…”

The man’s sobs slowly turned into mournful wails.

Cheng Daren’s wife and the other women were dumbstruck. A respectable figure was actually kneeling on the ground and begging Shen Yunying, the very woman that they despised!

“Luo Yunyang has entered the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class. He is also a B-rank elite. You and your daughter can live in Chang’an City,” Fang Zhongyuan finally said.

The Rising Dragon Army’s elite class B-rank elite Chang’an City!

The news felt like a series of heavy blows for Cheng Daren’s relatives. Their faces suddenly turned ashen.

They had all rushed over excitedly to watch the Luo family’s misfortune, but the Luo family hadn’t crumbled. Instead, they were now standing even taller than before.