Supreme Uprising Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Riding The Wind To The Great Snow Mountain

"Luo Yunyang is trying to run!"

A piece of news had reached the Sky High Military Chang'an General Headquarters, causing the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King to react.

They had gone to Chang'an with only one objective: to check on Luo Yunyang's whereabouts. They also intended to express their goodwill to the newly-ascended god-grade powerhouse called the Guardian Deity. Everyone was scrambling to get on the Guardian Deity's good side, so they had to do something as well.

The Eight Armies would never be equal. However, although the Sky High Military had taken quite the beating after the Nie Family incident, its status within Shen'du had allowed it to remain the best army.

"What do we do?" The Tiger King and the Leopard King met each other's eyes with apprehensive gazes.

Although they were martial grandmasters, once Luo Yunyang used the Mind Sword, he would practically be an unrivalled grandmaster. Under these circumstances, if the two of them tried to intercept him, there was a possibility that they would be killed immediately.

That son of a b*tch had gotten used to killing, so nobody could stop him anymore!

"We mustn't let Luo Yunyang run away. Inform the Viceroy immediately. If necessary, we will use taboo weapons." The Sky High Leopard King hesitated for a bit before making this decision.

The Sky High Tiger King shook his head. "That's not right. Can we really use taboo weapons?"

The entire command center fell silent. Luo Yunyang was the current Blood Strike Guard Commissar after all. In terms of rank, he was clearly superior.

The Sky High Military probably wouldn't have the ability to employ taboo weapons against Luo Yunyang, even if they became enemies with him. However...

"Follow him and watch him closely. We must always know his whereabouts. Activate the two satellites. I don't care if we have to search heaven and earth for him, we still can't let him escape!" the Sky High Tiger King announced after mulling it over for a bit.

Meanwhile, at the Consul's Office, the Consul instructed firmly, "Inform Shen'du that Luo Yunyang is trying to escape!"

At the same time, at the Royal Forest Military Chang'an General Headquarters, a bearded old man with white hair sighed. "How could an outstanding hero of his generation actually fall to such lows?"

"Sir, although we pity Luo Yunyang, we still have to report this. The solid sense of familiarity that the Royal Forest Military feels isn't worth becoming enemies with a god-grade powerhouse," said a wise-looking middle-aged man. "Our top priority is to protect ourselves. Whether Luo Yunyang will escape or not will depend on his luck."

"He is a top-notch martial grandmaster and telekinesis grandmaster, so the Da Alliance thinks of him as another Martial God!"

The old man's words were also strangely heated. "Why can't the Da Alliance protect him now?"

All the soldiers around had somber expressions on their faces. Although none of them had any sort of relationship with Luo Yunyang, he was a young man who had started out as a member of the Rising Dragon Army, so there was still a connection between them.

Everyone present had already heard about the Guardian Deity's proclamation to kill Luo Yunyang. When they had, they had immediately felt both indignant and helpless in a deep, profound way.

After all, this type of situation wasn't something poor soldiers like them could hope to participate in. However, no matter how helpless they felt deep down, they could only suppress that notion.

"Commander, although Luo Yunyang has boundless potential, he still isn't a god-grade entity. You should know what a god-grade powerhouse represents."

"Plus, the 13 Eastern Cities aren't united. There are some people who can't wait to see Luo Yunyang die," the middle-aged officer added.

"Take the Sky High Military for example. The Sky High Tiger King and the others have already come to Chang'an City. Don't tell me that you have no idea what they are up to?"

The middle-aged officer waved his hands, indicating that everyone should leave. When they were alone, he said softly, "The Martial God might not necessarily tolerate an existence that could rival him in the East."

Suddenly, the wizened old man's expression turned ghastly. It was very clear that he was furious.

"Sir, even if the Martial God does believe that, what about his disciples?"

"Are we really going to sit on our asses and not do anything as we watch that young man head to his death?" the old man asked helplessly.

"Sir, there's nothing we can do. We can only hope that Luo Yunyang will escape from Shen'du. You must have heard that Viceroy Lu Qubing has already been placed under house arrest."

The wizened old man sighed. Not only was Lu Qubing already under house arrest, but even his old friend the Flame Emperor was currently unable to make a move from the Rising Dragon Army's Chang'an General Headquarters.

"Luo Yunyang has already left Chang'an City. Nobody has dared obstruct his path!"

It usually wasn't easy for people that the entire 13 Eastern Cities placed importance on to leave a strategic area like Chang'an, yet Luo Yunyang had already left Chang'an without any obstructions. One could imagine how imposing he was.

"Let's hope that he can escape to an island in the ocean or perhaps climb the uninhabited Kunlun Mountains. That way, he might have a chance of surviving."

As the old man spoke, he shut his eyes.

Luo Yunyang was trying to flee!

The news spread very fast. Shen'du residents, various large families, people who held authority in the 13 Eastern Cities, as well as the 17 Western Cities quickly heard this information.

Whether Luo Yunyang would escape or not didn't hold any significance to the residents of the 17 Western Cities, who were just watching the flames burn across the river and enjoying the spectacle.

However, the powerhouses of the 13 Eastern Cities all had their own opinions as they watched Luo Yunyang leave Chang'an.

Some people even thought that Luo Yunyang's decision to flee was rather sensible. However, the probability of him escaping successfully was 1%.

The two satellites had already been activated and locked on to him.

Meanwhile, on the vast peak of the Great Snow Mountain, a tall, large figure was sitting in a lotus position in the middle of the ice and snow.

The snowy peak of the Great Snow Mountain had its own mystic allure. The figure wrapped in the snow and ice seemed to absorb all the power from the sky and earth within a 5-kilometer radius.

A dedicated man could achieve anything!

The tall man, who looked like both a man and a god, gave off a strong suppressing vibe. His presence actually seemed to make the sky and earth shake.

"Guardian Deity... Luo Yunyang is trying to flee!" A rather well-built young martialist informed the figure, who had his eyes closed, respectfully.

The figure didn't move. He seemed to be pretending not to hear anything. Suddenly, a loud hiss was heard through the sky.

The hiss, which came from afar, was filled with a boundless fighting intent. As soon as he heard this sound, the martialist's body started trembling and he nearly knelt to the ground.

"He's here!" the Guardian Deity said calmly, still sitting in a lotus position. Instead of getting up, he started ascending quickly. Meanwhile, the heaps of ice and snow piled where he was sitting congealed to form a huge snow guardian over 100 meters tall.

The snow guardian was shining with a gold luster!