Supreme Uprising Chapter 221

Chapter 221 The Rampaging Deity Body

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“Luo Yunyang mustn’t be allowed to escape!” the Xu Family Head bellowed furiously.

He had lost his beloved son because of Luo Yunyang, so he considered him his greatest enemy. He would love to disember Luo Yunyang and feed his bones to the dogs, so it was only natural that he would not allow Luo Yunyang to flee this easily.

These contagious feelings encouraged the ancient martial family heads’ rage, which stemmed from the humiliation they had suffered.

Luo Yunyang had already become a huge rock that suppressed these families. If they didn’t kick away this rock, they would have no way of getting their thoughts off their chests.

They needed to get that son of a b*tch, no matter what!

The ascension of the Guardian Deity had presented them with a great opportunity. Even though the Guardian Deity wasn’t on their side, if he killed off Luo Yunyang, it would still be a victory for them.

“What should we do?” asked a family head with a sinister expression.

“We have to stop him, of course! We can’t let him escape!” an expert seated beside him replied with a hint of disdain. What was the point of asking that question now? Shouldn’t they be taking action rather than sitting around and theorizing?

However, he was the only one who had expressed his thoughts frankly. Everyone else was silent. There were even a few people who shot profound looks at the comrade who had asked that question.

“I won’t do this. That fellow will definitely kill us. I believe that we should ask Venerable Yan Que and other top-notch martial grandmasters to take action instead,” the expert, who understood the situation, suggested hurriedly. He didn’t want to put his own head on the chopping block.

Killing intent flashed across the eyes of the Yan Family Head. Although he wasn’t capable of controlling Yan Que, Yan Que was still extremely important to the Yan Family.

God-grade experts were their final method of intimidation. Usually they were able to get any god-grade powerhouse to do their bidding.

Yan Que was different, though. Although that old forebear of the family was superior, he had yet to become a god-grade entity, so he still accepted the Yan Family Head’s requests.

If Yan Que was tasked with preventing Luo Yunyang from escaping, he would be undertaking a very risky mission with a 90% chance that he would die.

However, it was uncertain whether Yan Que would oblige this time. Even if he and the others went searching for Luo Yunyang, if Yan Que died, the family head’s reputation would be tarnished. After pondering over the cause and effects for a bit, he decided not to say anything.

As the Xu Family Head assessed the current situation, he felt extremely sad. Their ancient martial families had been running amuck for years and never encountered such a situation before. This was simply disgraceful!

Plus, his beloved son had died and not a single person had spoken up on his behalf! The complexities of interpersonal relationships and the ways of the world had all gotten jumbled up in an instant.

“The Sky High Military has already turned on the only two satellites in the sky to monitor Luo Yunyang!” someone ran into the room and reported loudly.

The report seemed to shake everyone back to their senses. All the family heads instructed their subordinates to turn on the screens.

“Is… Is he trying to reach the Kunlun Mountains?” a man asked in a startled voice as he watched Luo Yunyang’s dot on the screen.

The Kunlun Mountains had been shrouded by all sorts of myths and legends even before the apocalypse. However, ever since the apocalypse, there had been many different versions of stories about source beasts that lived on the Kunlun Mountains.

Although many adventurers had tried to reap massive rewards by climbing the mountains, not a single team had been able to walk out of there alive.

Even martial grandmaster level fighters had gone missing on the Kunlun Mountains.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to climb the Kunlun Mountains, then he had found a rather decent hiding spot.

A 90% chance of death was obviously much better than certain death.

“No, he is heading to the Great Snow Mountain!” a rather young-looking family head said firmly.

Because of his age, his words didn’t hold much weight in the ancient martial family coalition. However, his theory still made everyone fall silent.

“He is heading to the Great Snow Mountain!” The same phrase left Lu Qubing’s mouth back in Shen’du.

Standing opposite Lu Qubing was a gentle-looking lady. Although the lady was already 45 years old, there was no trace of her age on her face. She actually still looked rather beautiful.

Lu Qubing was currently inside a room constructed entirely out of fusion steel. On the huge screen in the room was an image of a vast mountain range.

This image was much clearer than the ones the ancient martial family heads had been looking at.

On the screen, Luo Yunyang looked like the shell of a fired bullet charging straight ahead. The gales of wind surrounding him caused rocks and boulders to disintegrate into pieces.

The gentle-looking lady was also staring at the screen. There was a trace of reverence in her eyes as she watched it.

“As determined by the satellites, he is indeed headed to the Great Snow Mountain. Young people are always so impetuous!”

The lady made an impartial, cool-headed analysis. “If he hides on the Kunlun Mountains for 10 years, given his natural aptitude, he will definitely be able to become a god-grade powerhouse. Then, he will be able to do as he pleases in the entire Da Alliance.”

Lu Qubing snorted coldly. “If you are sure that he can become a god-grade entity, then why not help him? He is a powerhouse groomed exclusively by the 13 Eastern Cities. In the future…”

“I understand your line of thinking, Qubing. In terms of sentiment, both I and the Vice-Chairman support you. However, the customs of the Collective God Union cannot be broken. It’s not like you don’t know the price we’d have to pay to make those god-grade powerhouses abide by the rules. His greatest mistake was not becoming a god-grade entity before the Guardian Deity!”

The lady’s tone was extremely frosty. Lu Qubing smiled grimly, but didn’t say anything. Suddenly, an enormous mountain peak appeared on the electronic screen. Luo Yunyang had been relying on his feet to move, when two source power wings, one made of ice and one made of fire, sprouted out of his back.

Luo Yunyang brandished the Ice-Fire Wings, gathering the sixth factor in the air and lifting his body high before soaring towards the heavens.

He was as dazzling as a god of war.

Tears formed in Lu Qubing’s eyes as he saw Luo Yunyang in this new light. Ever since he had buried his family after the apocalypse, Lu Qubing had not shed a single tear.

However, he now couldn’t help but tear up!

This young man, who had created a pair of ice and fire source power wings, had gone straight to the Great Snow Mountain after a god-grade powerhouse had targeted him.

He was so strong!

However, deep down Lu Qubing was worried about this young man. The person on top of the Great Snow Mountain was no ordinary human after all. He was a god-grade powerhouse. Although the young man was extremely powerful, the gap between him and a god-grade powerhouse was just too great.

He was essentially committing suicide, just like a moth flying straight into a flame. Although he was valiant, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this feat. He would only leave behind a fleeting moment and a body that would turn into ashes. Although this would be moving and tragic, it would lack any real meaning.

As a long hiss full of fighting intent reverberated throughout the skies, flames rolled up around Luo Yunyang, who kept surging straight up to the Great Snow Mountain without any sign of stopping.

Suddenly, the Great Snow Mountain started shaking and the sky and earth all around him shuddered. Amidst this trembling motion, a 100-meter tall snow guardian appeared with a rumble.

Every step it took caused the mountain peaks around them to shudder.

“It’s the Great Snow Mountain Secret Art called Rampaging Deity Body; the Guardian Deity’s divine body has already consolidated completely, so he has mastered this level of the secret art. He also ranks somewhere around the middle among god-grade powerhouses.”

“Luo Yunyang is in danger!” the gentle lady said softly.