Supreme Uprising Chapter 222

Chapter 222 The God Slaying Battle

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The Rampaging Deity Body was a Great Snow Mountain Secret Art. However, in the past, the Guardian Deity’s Rampaging Deity Body had only been used on the mountain peak he cultivated on. Now, it seemed like life had been breathed into it.

As he strode across the mountain, it grew three meters taller per step. Ever since the Guardian Deity had met Luo Yunyang, he had already taken a total of 100 steps, so it was already 400 meters tall.

This was a mountain peak. A huge mountain peak.

If the Great Snow Mountain was an unbeatable battle fort, the entrenched Guardian Deity was the fort master.

The Guardian Deity was full of mettle. He had finally achieved this result after many years of cultivation. When the legendary rock rose with the wind, it soared straight to the heavens!

He was sitting in a lotus position as snow and ice converged around him. The Guardian Deity no longer considered himself human. He was a god that ruled the world.

Luo Yunyang looped around in the skies as the Rampaging Deity Body continued to grow. In a matter of seconds, it had grown several times larger again.

The two of them were dozens of kilometers apart, yet their eyes had already connected.

This was the first time the Guardian Deity was seeing Luo Yunyang!

Although Luo Yunyang’s reputation had soared, the Guardian Deity had been sitting idly on a snowy peak waiting for the day when he would enter the god-grade realm.

He simply hadn’t bothered learning about Luo Yunyang or what he looked like.

Even though Luo Yunyang had murdered the 18 Guardians of the Great Snow Mountain, he hadn’t asked his disciples to bring him a portrait of him.

He was certain that he would behead Luo Yunyang the moment he saw him.

He wouldn’t leave these snowy mountains until he ascended to the god-grade realm.

When the Guardian Deity saw Luo Yunyang, there was a hint of admiration in his eyes. Although this young man had killed 18 of his subordinates, he had to admit that his natural aptitude was really impressive.

His extra Ice and Fire Attributes were an exceptional advantage.

“All you have to do is prostrate yourself before me and accept my teachings. That way, you will become the first guardian of my Great Snow Mountain.”

The Great Snow Mountain’s Guardian Deity had been an extraordinary enough existence back when he had been a martial grandmaster. However, he had now become a god-grade entity.

God-grade powerhouses stood on a pedestal that overlooked common people.

There were many people in the world who racked their brains and earnestly hoped to catch the discerning eye of a god-grade powerhouse and become their underling so they could rise along with their masters.

The Guardian Deity’s words sounded like a really great opportunity.

“F*ck!” the Sanyanxu Family Head cursed, slamming his palm on the table.

Nobody replied. Traces of apprehension had crept into the expressions of many fellow family heads.

Luo Yunyang was already really powerful, but now that the Guardian Deity had proposed to take him on as a disciple, he would become even more overbearing and rebellious.

Although the Yan Family Head didn’t speak, his expression was solemn. In his opinion, this was the best choice for Luo Yunyang.

As he had watched Luo Yunyang crazily charge up the Great Snow Mountain, he had thought that he had a death wish. However, the Guardian Deity’s words had given Luo Yunyang hope for a new beginning.

He would remain the Blood Strike Guard Commissar and become a true big shot of the Da Alliance.

When they faced him, the ancient martial families would cower. Even if they were displeased, they would just swallow their anger and put up with him.

Meanwhile, the room Lu Qubing was in was silent. “This should be the best choice. What do you think?” the gentle-looking lady asked softly.

“He will not accept it!” Lu Qubing said confidently as he watched the Ice and Fire Wings that kept Luo Yunyang suspended in the air like a divine being.

He understood this fellow all too well!

“Being issued a decree by a god-grade powerhouse isn’t humiliating for a grandmaster. It’s actually a huge opportunity,” the lady added. “How about I help you contact him and give him some advice?”

“There’s no need. I won’t advise him.” Lu Qubing waved his hands around dismissively. “That would be humiliating for him.”

The gentle lady shook her head. She understood Lu Qubing’s temperament, so she knew that he would not change his mind once he said something.

“You will regret it,” she said before she went silent.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s reply was heard. “Are you going to make me submit?”

“You could say that,” the Guardian Deity said indifferently. “At first, I was planning on killing you, but after seeing you, I decided that killing you would be a waste.”

“You killed 18 of my subordinates with one technique. You are really a maverick. You actually remind me of a book I read before the apocalypse. It was about an undisciplined monkey that got out of control; just like you.”

The Guardian Deity seemed pleased with himself as he added, “In the end, he was also subdued and trained as a disciple.”

It just so happened that Luo Yunyang had also read the book the Guardian Deity was talking about and understood the implicit meaning behind his words. His lips curled up into a faint mocking smile.

The Guardian Deity didn’t get angry when he saw Luo Yunyang’s reaction. Instead, he chuckled. “You are so arrogant that you will never know how powerful a god-grade entity can be.”

Although he didn’t move as he spoke, the massive Rampaging Deity Body had lifted its right arm slowly.

A golden gloss flickered over its right arm, which was made of ice and snow. Power from all around it converged on the right arm, which had a radius of about 7 meters.

Suddenly, the right arm turned to face a mountain peak in the distance and moved down slowly. The flickering golden energy formed a light barrier over 100 meters wide as the right arm descended.

As the right arm moved down, the mountain peak crumbled.

Although the motion appeared slow, it actually was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the Rampaging Deity Body had destroyed an entire mountain peak.

The powerful figures watching the satellite broadcasts were silent. They had all sensed a boundless power as that palm had descended slowly.

“How about that?” The Guardian Deity’s tone had a hint of pride.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly, but didn’t say anything. He was already holding the God Slayer in his hand.

Ice and fire power started to flow into the spear along with the Decimation of the True Intent that Luo Yunyang had comprehended.

In an instant, the God Slayer had turned scarlet. That blazing scarlet color contained a hint of frigid cold.


At that low bellow, the ancient spear flew like a rainbow streaking across the sky!