Supreme Uprising Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Within The God's Domain

Luo Yunyang was aware of the Guardian Deity's pride. His arrogance turned his expression even frostier.

The Guardian Deity, who hadn't paid any attention to Luo Yunyang's sudden move, seemed very casual. He acted as though he was supervising a subordinate from a position of power and control over the other man's fate. He was actually still sitting in a lotus position on top of the Rampaging Deity Body. He hadn't even budged.

He was a god-grade powerhouse, so everything within 400 meters of him was enveloped by his God's Domain. How could a martial grandmaster hurt him?

However, when the God Slayer suddenly traversed through the air, an unprecedented sense of danger shrouded the Guardian Deity's thoughts.

This intense sense of danger astonished the Guardian Deity, who reacted immediately.

He swiped his palm, causing vast snow squalls to rise up and form a massive ice and snow barrier around him.

By the time this barrier was completed, Luo Yunyang's spear had already flown over.

When the scarlet spear met the barrier of snow and ice, it halted for a second before boring through the inexhaustible frost.

Everything happened very quickly, even though all the people watching the scene were top existences within the Da Alliance.

When the members of the ancient martial family coalition saw the spear streak through the sky like a rainbow, every single one of them shivered.

The shimmering spear was really frightening. Although they were only viewing it through a screen, the killing intent emanating from it still scared them.

Deep down they were thanking their good fortune. They felt lucky that the spear wasn't being used against them. If that sky-shattering weapon had been aimed at their bodies, they wouldn't have had a chance to dodge it.

"A God's Domain isn't something ordinary people can figure out," a man with a tranquil expression said calmly.

"Luo Yunyang's move isn't bad, but he is facing a god after all. This is a domain created by a god-grade powerhouse, so a martial grandmaster's technique is..."

"Not even worth mentioning."

The Yan Family Head nodded and added, "I was fortunate enough to witness a family ancestor's God's Domain. He was always the master of his own domain. Unless, of course, the other person became a god-grade entity!"

God-grade powerhouses used their will to replace the will of an area around them and their comprehended True Intent to replace the True Intent of the earth and sky around them.

A martial grandmaster who found himself within a god-grade powerhouse's domain would have no power to resist it.

According to a saying, only a god-grade powerhouse could beat another god-grade powerhouse.

However, when the Yan Family Head said this in a blatantly pleased manner, a rupturing, thunder-like sound echoed throughout the sky.

As soon as this sound was heard, the boundless ice and snow barrier shattered. Luo Yunyang's ancient spear had already struck the Rampaging Deity Body the Guardian Deity was sitting on.

The difference between the massive Rampaging Deity Body and the scarlet God Slayer was huge.

To put it simply, it seemed like a needle had just pricked the body of an elephant.

Although the elephant felt uncomfortable, the damage inflicted by the needle could be ignored.

However, not a single sound could be heard in the room anymore. The Guardian Deity's Domain had just been shattered, so no one believed that the spear was inferior anymore.

Practically the instant that people started getting scared, the Guardian Deity, who had remained in a lotus position on the Rampaging Deity Body all this while, suddenly soared into the air.

As a god-grade powerhouse, the Guardian Deity no longer needed to form wings in order to fly. He could control the vital energy all around him and lift his own body into the sky.

However, the whole process was kind of rushed, so the Guardian Deity was a little scared.

Thanks to the satellite broadcasts, everyone watched the Guardian Deity soar several hundred meters up. As he did, the colossal Rampaging Deity Body on the Great Snow Mountain collapsed with a rumbling sound.

It seemed as though a tsunami had crashed into the mountain peak and crushed it to the ground where it disintegrated in no time.

The Guardian Deity had a ghastly look on his face. The Rampaging Deity Body was a method he had single-mindedly devoted himself to cultivating for years. Although it wasn't an embodiment of him, it could still be considered an ace up his sleeve now that he had become a god-grade powerhouse.

All these years, he had been gathering snow and ice and assimilating it with his True Intent. When he had become a god-grade entity, he had used a lot of energy to brand his True Intent within that snow and ice.

The Rampaging Deity Body hadn't disappointed the Guardian Deity either. Just being able to absorb the surrounding vital energy autonomously had made him very happy.

However, this technique had not fully displayed its power before crumbling apart.

Watching something he had spilled blood, sweat and tears for get destroyed in an instant made the Guardian Deity's heart ache. Besides shock, he also felt immense rage.

The Guardian Deity opened his eyes. His blood-red eyes seemed a little crazy, which made everyone around him shudder. If the fury in his eyes could kill, then Luo Yunyang would have already been turned to ashes.

"You... You've gone and done it!" the Guardian Deity said eerily through gritted teeth.

The blood-red spear had bored itself into a boulder. Its dazzling scarlet rays seemed like a burning torch that lit up the horizon.

Luo Yunyang was still the epitome of calmness as he faced the Guardian Deity's fury. When he had cast the spear, he had targeted the Guardian Deity. However, he had ultimately only managed to strike the Rampaging Deity Body.

Although his perception of the spear when it was away from his hands wasn't as acute as when it was in his grasp, Luo Yunyang was still able to sense its variations, which were all clearly etched in his mind.

When the God Slayer had pierced the Rampaging Deity Body, Luo Yunyang had sensed a form of inexhaustible energy inside the Rampaging Deity Body. This energy wanted to pulverize the ancient spear that had pricked it.

However, the God Slayer wasn't ordinary, and the power that Luo Yunyang had poured into it contained the power of three types of essence flames and divine water.

On top of that, it also contained Decimation, so it was like a ferocious dragon that seemed impossible to tame.

The combination of all these factors had caused the Rampaging Deity Body to crumble.

When it shattered, an immense rumbling sound reverberated throughout the Great Snow Mountain and ice and snow converged to form silvery white dragons that soared up in the air.

The entire area was shaking from this chaos.

"Go die!" the Guardian Deity roared furiously. His figure flickered as he aimed a fist at Luo Yunyang.

As he did, a 30-meter long frost dragon appeared in the air and charged straight at Luo Yunyang.

The newly-ascended Guardian Deity no longer cared about his own dignity. He immediately started to attack Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn't feel afraid when he saw the Guardian Deity attack him. However, when he tried to raise his hand, a powerless feeling took over him.