Supreme Uprising Chapter 226

Chapter 226: A God's Speed

"Sir, the Guardian Deity has fled!" someone reported inside a sealed, quiet room.

The room remained silent for a long time. As the person who had spoken realized that his report hadn't been clear enough, a faint voice said, "Got it."

The man in the Sky High Military uniform felt sweat form on his forehead. He had followed that man for many years, so he could sense the immense pressure that came along with those two words.

The man was very uncomfortable!

In an underground chamber 36 floors below the heart of Shen'du, a tall, reliable-looking old man was watching a screen silently.

A skinny man was sitting beside him quietly with a reverent expression.

"Was the Guardian Deity's defeat justified this time, Old Yuan?" the old man asked weakly as he shifted his gaze away from the big electronic screen.

"It was, Vice-Chairman!" Old Yuan replied softly. "He had already consolidated his power, so he was a perfect god-grade powerhouse. He even exhibited the full spectrum of his strength."

The old man pondered Old Yuan's words for quite some time before he said, "Was the current situation caused by the fact that his opponent was too strong?"

"His opponent's strength was certainly a factor. However, nobody had imagined that a divine artifact would have been handed down to Luo Yunyang."

The old man drummed his fingers on the table as he asked Old Yuan, "Do you think that the Guardian Deity will be able to survive this time?"

"Undoubtedly. God-grade powerhouses have an advanced cultivation base, and a speed no ordinary person can match. Luo Yunyang might have a divine artifact, but he definitely won't be able to catch up with the Guardian Deity's speed, so..."

A gratified smile appeared on the old man's face as he said, "Seems like we haven't been defeated completely this time."

Old Yuan, who understood what the old man meant, didn't say anything else. As soon as he realized that the distance between Luo Yunyang and the Guardian Deity was increasing, a faint smile formed on his face.

Acting in a dignified manner before the Vice-Chairman was really important to him. This was a crucial time after all, so if he gained the Vice-Chairman's favor, all his future endeavors would be successful.

Many people throughout the entire Da Alliance had similar conversations. Some people had even started to believe that Luo Yunyang was a god-grade entity.

Although he wasn't yet, the fact that he had been able to force a god-grade powerhouse into such a dire predicament meant that he deserved to be one.

"We can still help the Guardian Deity!" someone suggested.

His suggestion was endorsed by his comrades. Gaining the favor of a god-grade entity like the Guardian Deity would come with a lot of benefits.

When someone was at their lowest point, lending them a hand was like giving them charcoal during snowy weather. The Guardian Deity would be so deeply grateful that he would remember this forever. Thus, when they needed help someday, he would definitely repay the favor.

"Of course, we mustn't upset Luo Yunyang too much while we help the Guardian Deity," someone else said. This idea was also approved by everyone else.

"Quick, take a look! Luo Yunyang's speed is catching up!" someone exclaimed as he watched the image on the screen.

The Guardian Deity had already fled the Great Snow Mountain. Although the Great Snow Mountain was his lair, he still didn't want to stay there and play hide-and-seek with Luo Yunyang. The areas where his arms had been cut off were no longer bleeding, but he was still consuming a great deal of energy.

As Luo Yunyang chased the Guardian Deity, his Speed Attribute reached 2,000 points.

The reason he hadn't raised it too high was because he could be fighting against the Guardian Deity at any moment.

His 2,000-point Speed still allowed him to be as quick as a flicker. His body had just appeared a moment ago before it re-appeared at the other end of the screen.

When the gap between the two men was about 200 meters, the Buddha Disks Luo Yunyang controlled were sent slicing towards the Guardian Deity's head.

Although the Guardian Deity had no hands anymore, he was still a god-grade expert, so his reflexes were decent.

Fortunately, when the Buddha Disks came cleaving at him, he dodged them hurriedly and avoided getting beheaded.

However, one of his arm stumps, which had already stopped bleeding, was nicked once again by a disk.

The Guardian Deity howled furiously. No matter how hysterically he yelled though, he didn't dare underestimate the Buddha Disks. His top priority now was to increase his speed even more.

A crazy look suddenly appeared in his eyes. He had to survive. The Guardian Deity no longer cared about anything else!

Luo Yunyang was still closing in. The Guardian Deity could sense him continuously shortening the gap. Each time he came closer, another wound would appear on the Guardian Deity's body.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn't trying to sadistically kill the Guardian Deity, the Guardian Deity was a god-grade powerhouse, so whenever Luo Yunyang tried to kill him, he would somehow evade him every single time.

By the time they traversed a valley and crossed a huge river, blood was flowing freely on the Guardian Deity's body. His face had also turned even paler.

Although he could absorb the sixth factor from the sky and earth to mend his body, the energy he exhausted as he tried to escape was far too much.

"I know that you are all watching. If you save me right now, I will be your underling for 50 years at no cost!" the Guardian Deity shouted loudly as he jumped.

Ordinary people thought of god-grade powerhouses as gods, so turning a god-grade powerhouse into a servant was something most people would never dare think about.

However, the Guardian Deity had suggested this himself.

Thoughts sprouted up in the minds of the people watching the satellite broadcast. Some martial grandmasters suddenly felt their mouths go dry.

This was a huge opportunity no one could have imagined.

Having a god-grade powerhouse as an underling would improve one's status and benefit their cultivation base.

However, as they watched the screen and saw the seemingly godly Luo Yunyang pursue the Guardian Deity, they quickly pushed these thoughts to the back of their minds.

They... just couldn't do it.

"I think we can do this, Vice-Chairman," an unflinching man suggested.

Zhuge Yi, who was standing close to the Vice-Chairman, snorted when he heard the suggestion. "If you think this is plausible, then you really haven't used your brains. Luo Yunyang is bloodthirsty from this pursuit. If you dare try and stop him, you might as well present your head on a platter!"

The unflinching man turned in the direction of Zhuge Yi and huffed. "You are the commander-in-chief of the Eight Armies and Three Guards of the East, sir, so you can order Luo Yunyang to stop. A god-grade powerhouse is a massive resource after all."

The Vice-Chairman drummed his fingers against the table gently as he said, "The probability of success is really tiny! However, if there is even a small chance of acquiring an extra god-grade powerhouse in the 13 Eastern Cities, then I have to give it a try."