Supreme Uprising Chapter 227

Chapter 227: What Did You Say? I Can't Hear You Clearly!

"Luo Yunyang, this is the Vice-Chairman of the Da Alliance, Jin Zaitian. With the authority of the Commander-In-Chief of the Eight Armies and Three Guards, I order you to capture the Guardian Deity alive!" a dignified, imposing voice said as it reverberated throughout the sky amidst that peaceful atmosphere.

Luo Yunyang had heard the name Jin Zaitian many times. This man was the leader of the Eight Armies and Three Guards, as well as the person with the most authority in the 13 Eastern Cities.

During his confrontation with the ancient martial families, he had chosen to support him by providing him with taboo weapons and ultimately forcing the ancient martial families' god-grade powerhouses not to take action.

However, Luo Yunyang felt abandoned this time. As soon as the Guardian Deity had proclaimed his intention to kill Luo Yunyang, the old man had deserted him.

Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would have been able to contact Lu Qubing.

At this point in time, he actually wanted Luo Yunyang to capture the Guardian Deity alive, most likely due to the Guardian Deity's words.

Having a god-grade underling would tempt most people after all. This was an immense benefit that could make anyone's mouth water.

When the Guardian Deity heard that voice echo through the sky, he gradually slowed down. There was a glimmer of hope now in his desperate eyes. The right price would always attract a reasonable amount of help.

A sense of rapt ecstasy welled up in the Guardian Deity's heart. He had finally escaped this predicament. Suddenly, he glowered at Luo Yunyang with even more hatred. He wished he could tear this son of a b*tch from limb to limb!

Luo Yunyang did not doubt that, if this man escaped, the first person he would start a vendetta against would be him.

The Buddha Disks fluttered and streaked across the sky like lightning as they moved towards the Guardian Deity. Although the Guardian Deity had lost his arms, he could still form blades by exhaling Qi. However, he couldn't block so many layers of Buddha Disks.

"Ahh!" he cried out as a long cut appeared in his abdomen. This injury nearly caused the tall Guardian Deity to collapse on the ground.

"Luo Yunyang, Vice-Chairman Jin Zaitian asked you to capture me alive. Don't... Don't tell me you are going to disobey a direct military order?" the Guardian Deity snarled. His last two words lingered in the air like a series of thunder claps.

Luo Yunyang frowned and clutched his own ear before he blurted out with a puzzled expression, "What? What did you say? Goddamnit, you must have really hurt me! I... I can't seem to hear anything!"

Luo Yunyang cursed roundly with an innocent, confused expression. The Guardian Deity nearly puked blood. He felt like he was going to explode.

How could there be such a shameless person in the world?

Luo Yunyang was a telekinesis grandmaster close to becoming a god-grade entity, so there was no way he would not be able to hear him. He had shouted out at the top of his lungs! Even a deaf person would have been able to understand what he had just said.

Luo Yunyang's deafness was just an act. He was doing this on purpose because he didn't want to comply with Jin Zaitian's command.

As he thought about the consequences of Luo Yunyang's behavior, the Guardian Deity spread his legs and tried to scuttle away. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a little too late.

Just as he was about to run, the Sun and Moon Disks hidden within the Buddha Disks started to revolve rapidly. In an instant, they had already surged towards the Guardian Deity's neck.

Even a god-grade powerhouse like him would die if his neck was severed.

The Guardian Deity howled. He wouldn't allow himself to die just like this. As the Sun and Moon Disks whizzed towards him, he opened his mouth and expelled an ice sword.

Although it was barely 30 centimeters long, it seemed to contain an unimaginable frigidness.

As soon as the sword was spat out, the sixth factor all around started to converge towards it in a frenzy. Unfortunately, before the ice sword could fully display its might, it was sliced apart by Luo Yunyang's Sun and Moon Buddha Disks.

The sword was split into three parts with a faint metallic ring. The Guardian Deity seemed inconsolable as he watched his sword fall to the ground.

Luo Yunyang hadn't paid any attention to the sword initially. However, when it fell to the ground, he suddenly sensed a majestic energy coming from it.

This uninhibited energy did not seem like an ordinary energy.

It was a Divine Ultimate Source!

This was probably the foundation the Guardian Deity had built on in order to become a god-grade entity, so if he lost it, he would no longer be a god-grade powerhouse.

"You have let me down, Jin Zaitian!" The Guardian Deity couldn't care less about the fallen Divine Ultimate Source. He just started to run away as frantically as he had before.

His loud howl caused the mountains all around him to shake.

Inside a large hall 36 floors under Shen'du, the Vice-Chairman smiled bitterly. He'd already had his misgivings about whether he would be able to order Luo Yunyang.

However, the Guardian Deity's vow had been too significant. He was a god-grade powerhouse after all. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually turn a deaf ear to his words by acting like he couldn't hear.

How detestable!

"Luo Yunyang is really lawless, Vice-Chairman. I suggest we remove him from his position and arrest him!" the middle-aged man who had spoken before suggested once again.

Zhuge Yi stared at that middle-aged man as though he was an idiot. Although he knew what he was trying to get at by saying this, Zhuge Yi couldn't help but look down on him.

"Forget it! We don't have to get involved in this matter. If he can't hear, then let's act as if I never said anything!" Jin Zaitian waved his hands dismissively.

"But treating you this way is a huge disrespect to your reputation..."

The middle-aged man didn't even finish speaking, when he was unceremoniously cut off by Jin Zaitian. "Forget it. We were the ones who let him down in this case."

Jin Zaitian felt a little twitchy. Before making any important decisions, an advisor had to think ahead, not just blindly flatter people.

Just as he was starting to get annoyed, a huge golden eagle appeared on the electronic screen.

When it spread its wings, it had a wing span of several dozen meters, and when it flew, it created whirlwinds in its wake.

"This is the Golden Claw Eagle, the Martial God's mount!" Zhuge Yi's voice trembled slightly as he stared at the huge golden eagle.

The Martial God's name carried a lot of weight in the 13 Eastern Cities, as well as the entire Da Alliance. As long as the Martial God decided something, practically nobody else could comment on that particular matter.

The Golden Claw Eagle's speed was actually supposed to be the fastest in the world. It could fly thousands of miles in an instant.

"Luo Yunyang! Stop at once!" A voice resounded through the sky as a middle-aged man in a white suit holding a golden sword said, "The Martial God only allows power to be used to maintain peace and order!"

What he meant was that Luo Yunyang could not keep acting this way.

He might have used this dubious method to ignore Jin Zaitian's orders, but now that the Martial God's disciple had personally delivered the Martial God's command, he couldn't keep acting as though he couldn't hear anything.

The Guardian Deity came to a complete stop once again, threw his head back, and laughed as though he did not have a care in the world.