Supreme Uprising Chapter 228

Chapter 228: A God-Grade Powerhouse Covering The Sky With One Hand

The Guardian Deity knew that he would get to live this time. Although he had lost most of his dignity, as long as he was able to stay alive, he didn't give a damn.

He laughed heartily, as though he had just managed to wrest his life away from the jaws of death.

As he was chortling happily, a Buddha Disk whizzed towards his neck once again and tried to slice it like a flash of lightning.

The Guardian Deity shouted angrily as the disk came flying over. He quickly performed an unglamorous roll on the ground to dodge it. However, a red scar appeared on his face again.

"Luo Yunyang, you are disrespecting the Martial God by choosing not to comply with his decree. Just hurry up and kneel already!" the man in the suit said frostily.

Luo Yunyang no longer had a favorable impression of Martial God Luo Kai, so when he heard the man, a hint of cold anger flashed across his eyes.

"Very well. Seems like you have decided to oppose the Martial God's order. Venerable Fuyun, it is time for you to show yourself!" the man in the white suit said respectfully as he turned towards the sky.

"Alas, young people are really ignorant these days..." An old man with a walking stick floated over from the horizon with a long sigh.

There had been no trace of his arrival before he had suddenly appeared in the sky.

As soon as he did, the Guardian Deity recognized him and grew even more excited.

"Greetings, Uncle Lu."

The armless Guardian Deity followed the proper etiquette. The old man sighed in reply and said, "It was a pity that your master passed away before becoming a god-grade entity, but you have granted his final wish. However, you have been too arrogant ever since you became a god-grade powerhouse, which resulted in your defeat today. After you return, you need to perform some proper soul-searching."

The old man then turned towards Luo Yunyang and said, "Disobeying the Martial God's decree is an irredeemable crime, young man. You are one of humanity's elite martialists, so you shall be detained in the Frigid Jade Pool for 50 years."

Luo Yunyang glared at Venerable Fuyun coldly. Although he was able to sense that his aura was more powerful than the Guardian Deity's, he still didn't fear him.

"He he!" he laughed in reply.

As a veteran god-grade powerhouse, Lu Fuyun was very aware of his own reputation. When he saw Luo Yunyang's look of contempt, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

He had benevolently spared Luo Yunyang's life, yet he had shown no sense of propriety. Did he think that he couldn't kill him?

When the middle-aged man in the white suit saw that Luo Yunyang did not reciprocate Venerable Fuyun's kindness, he took a secret delight in it. Luo Yunyang was too damned arrogant. He had just thrown away his last chance at survival.

"Kid, don't get carried away just because you were able to defeat a newly-ascended god-grade powerhouse. You will inevitably have to pay the price of your arrogance!"

Lu Fuyun's eyes twinkled as he said, "Although Gods cannot arbitrary interfere with ordinary men, any mortal that offends them does not fall into that category. Today, you shall die!"

Luo Yunyang glared at the truculent Lu Fuyun and said icily, "When he tried to kill me, you people did not care. You just glorifyingly called it 'breaking the customs'. Now that he failed and is suddenly the one being pursued, you have run over to meddle! Don't you have any shame?"

Luo Yunyang's words contained real substance. "Who do you think you are?" he added.

His words seemed to shake the entire world.

A lot of martial grandmasters watching through the satellite broadcasts felt their hearts resonate with Luo Yunyang's words.

This resonance welled from the depths of their hearts.

God-grade entities were standing on high pedestals, so they always overlooked common people proudly. However, many people had conflicting views over their custom-breaking habit.

Despite their conflicting opinions, there was nothing they could do about it. This matter was something they were unable to change.

Inside a hidden chamber in Shen'du, Lu Qubing stood with his fists clenched tightly and a faintly pained expression on his face.

The gentle-looking lady, who also had a sad look on her face, glanced at Lu Qubing and sighed. "That kid!"

This lamentation was a mix of melancholy, admiration, pity and indignation.

Lu Qubing shook his head silently. His heart was filled with complex emotions as he stared fixedly at Luo Yunyang while a teardrop trickled down his face.

Men never cried!

They did not tear up unless they were deeply hurt. Right now, Lu Qubing regretted ever meeting Luo Yunyang. That kid was so intelligent and witty that he would have to die young! Tears kept flowing down Lu Qubing's cheeks uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, in the hidden chamber 36 floors under the ground, Zhuge Yi and the others had also fallen silent. Eventually, Zhuge Yi sighed. "A young hero... What a pity!"

At the same time, the ancient martial family heads watched the conversation between Luo Yunyang and Lu Fuyun with crazy looks on their faces. They were all itching to roar with laughter.

Luo Yunyang had a death wish. He really did. He could defeat the Guardian Deity, but if he wanted to face a renowned, experienced god-grade powerhouse, he clearly had a death wish!

"This time, nobody will be able to save him. What he just said was a provocation to all god-grade powerhouses. Ha ha ha!" The Sanyanxu Family Head sounded overjoyed.

The Yan Family Head nodded. "Venerable Fuyun is a friend of my grandfather's. Don't assume he is easy to beat just because of his name. He is actually like a raging inferno in nature."

"You might not know this, but a few years ago, an insignificant fellow offended him and he unleashed a god-grade technique that erased that fellow from the face of Earth. If Luo Yunyang is insulting his dignity, then he is simply asking to die!"

The Yan Family Head was right. Lu Fuyun's eyes were burning with anger. Although he hadn't moved, a scarlet blaze had started to appear behind his back.

The blaze covered half the sky like a scarlet cloud.

"You were asking for it!" As Lu Fuyun spoke, his hands clawed at the air, making the flames gather in the hollow of his palm instantly. As he rotated his palm, a huge flaming hand at least 100 meters wide smashed over at Luo Yunyang.

A god-grade powerhouse had actually covered the sky with one hand!

Luo Yunyang, who could sense the immense power of the flames enveloping him from all directions, raised an eyebrow. During his battle with the Guardian Deity, he hadn't used his strongest secret technique.

However, he now realized that he could no longer keep it a secret!