Supreme Uprising Chapter 229

Chapter 229 A God Grade Telekinesis Master

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Power: 3,251 (Fire: 2,132, Ice: 616, Wood: 575)

Speed: 230

Mind: 3,352 (Fire: 7)

Constitution: 513 (Golden Body: 89, Fire: 210, Ice: 42, Wood: 46)

True Intent: 9.8 (Decimation: 9.8)

Luo Yunyang restored all his attributes to their original state before making some more adjustments. Then, he transferred all his True Intent Points to his Mind Attribute.

He didn’t think his Power needed a boost.

Mind: 13,152 (Fire: 9,807)

When he was done, he glanced at the massive palm descending towards him from the sky.

He felt confident at this point, so he stared at the huge palm with a mocking grin.

The look on his face made Lu Fuyun feel extremely uncomfortable. As a god-grade powerhouse, he usually didn’t pay attention to insignificant, ant-like people. However, someone like Luo Yunyang, who had defeated the Guardian Deity, couldn’t be overlooked.

In his mind, he had already placed Luo Yunyang at a position slightly lower than his own.

“Die!” he shouted as the speed of the palm doubled. It was now almost upon Luo Yunyang.

Suddenly, flashes of Buddha Disks flew out from behind Luo Yunyang.

When he saw the Buddha Disks, Lu Fuyun sneered. Although this divine artifact had been able to beat the Guardian Deity, it wouldn’t amount to much against him.

If he wanted to, he could smash the Buddha Disks to bits with a single strike.

Furthermore, the fiery blazes that formed that huge hand could burn the mind power enveloping the Buddha Disks to a crisp.

However, just as Lu Fuyuan pondered how he would not allow Luo Yunyang to have a quick, painless death, he suddenly noticed the golden-red blazes on the Buddha Disks.

The pagoda the disks formed in the air was no longer metallic, but a golden-red blazing color.

The blazing pagoda burned even more intensely than the fiery hand enveloping it.

The Guardian Deity was dumbfounded as he looked at the raging inferno of the pagoda. Lu Fuyun stared blankly, while the Martial God’s disciple didn’t care about his poise. He just stared ahead with his mouth agape.

“He’s a god-grade telekinesis master!” Lu Fuyun spat out as the huge blazing pagoda collided with the fiery hand.

Flames immediately filled the air and the sky all around turned into a fiery hell.

“Luo Yunyang, stop! This is a misunderstanding!” Lu Fuyun shouted in a rather hurried tone. The Guardian Deity, who was already surrounded by the flames, urged his legs on as he ran forward frantically.

A god-grade telekinesis master! Damn it, this was just too scary!

He felt extremely indignant at his failure. He had originally thought that the only reason he had been defeated by Luo Yunyang was that goddamned divine artifact.

If the Buddha Disks hadn’t resisted his God’s Domain, he wouldn’t have been in such a difficult position.

If he was able to survive this, he would definitely make Luo Yunyang pay with his own life. He couldn’t accept this. He wanted revenge, and a hearty revenge at that.

However, as he watched the majestic blazing pagoda, all the Guardian Deity could think about was getting as far away as possible.

Just like a martial grandmaster, a top-notch god-grade telekinesis master could sweep through any common god-grade powerhouse. Unfortunately, he fell into that category.

Plus, he was the weakest kind of god-grade powerhouse.

He no longer thought about getting revenge on Luo Yunyang, as he knew that he would never have any hope of besting him.

Meanwhile, in the room 36 floors under Shen’du, Vice-Chairman Zhuge Yi and the others were staring vacantly at the blazing pagoda in silence.

They all considered themselves wise, experienced people, so they were naturally quite clear on what that blazing pagoda signified.

A god-grade telekinesis master was rare among god-grade powerhouses. As a result, they all had only one thought on their minds. Luo Yunyang had kept this secret really well-hidden! That young man could really act!

If the Guardian Deity had known that his custom-breaking target was a god-grade telekinesis master, what would he have thought?

“This time, we were really wrong!” the Vice-Chairman said softly as he stared at the fiery pagoda burning brightly on the screen.

Zhuge Yi felt a strange taste in his mouth. Although he had always opposed treating Luo Yunyang this way, Luo Yunyang’s abrupt ascend was proof that Zhuge Yi’s view had been really insightful.

However, he still wasn’t happy. Deep down, Zhuge Yi actually felt a little uncomfortable.

He knew very well how the 13 Eastern Cities had treated Luo Yunyang. How could they hope to have a friendly relationship with him now? If they had firmly supported Luo Yunyang in this matter, then they could have…

“Let’s go pay a visit to Viceroy Lu!”

Although the Vice-Chairman’s tone was kind of defeated, there was also a hint of resolve in his voice. Zhuge Yi watched as the Vice-Chairman slowly got up and walked out of the room before he shook his head and followed him.

Unlike the Vice-Chairman and the others, the various family heads of the ancient martial families glanced at each other silently. None of them knew what to say.

They also understood very clearly what that blazing pagoda signified. Just the sight of it left them with a lingering fear.

That young man was a god-grade telekinesis master. Although he wasn’t as powerful as a Martial God, if he faced the old ancestors of their family clans, they feared that the odds of him coming out victorious would be really high.

“This is all because of you!” an ancient martial family head shouted furiously at the Xu Family Head.

His tone expressed clearly their irreconcilable differences. “I believe that we should think of ideas to soothe the god-grade telekinesis master’s feelings, especially the anger he has against our ancient martial families.”

How could the Xu Family Head not know what his own comrade was thinking? He wanted to tell all these people that their choice was wrong. If they had to deal with an internal strife, it would ultimately be Luo Yunyang that benefited from it.

However, he understood that, no matter what he said, it would be completely pointless.

The victor between the huge fiery hand and the golden-red blazing pagoda had already been decided. When the two blazing forces clashed, the huge hand cracked with a flash and the blazing pagoda descended on Lu Fuyun’s head.

“Luo Yunyang, stop! You are a god-grade powerhouse. You mustn’t strike other god-grade entities. If you stop, I will pretend that none of this has happened.” Lu Fuyun sounded like he was pleading.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Deity had already rushed over 500 meters away!