Supreme Uprising Chapter 23

Chapter 23


“Is what you are saying true?” Shen Yunying didn’t dare believe her ears.

“Of course it’s true!” Fang Zhongyuang smiled softly. “Otherwise, why would people from the main branch want to transfer you to Chang’an City? And why would Bank President Zhang be here?”

His words pissed off Bank President Zhang, whose performance seemed very real. He no longer bothered wiping the mucus that flowed into his mouth. He just waited impatiently for Shen Yunying’s answer.

If she wasn’t willing to return to the bank, the punishment he would suffer would be much greater.

Shen Yunying didn’t pay the slightest attention to Bank President Zhang, who was kneeling on the ground. Although she would never vent her anger on an innocent party, she was no pushover either.

“Please go back, Manager Fang. You too, Bank President Zhang. I would like to rest at home first.”

As she spoke, Shen Yunying pulled along Luo Dong’er, who was cheering jubilantly. The two of them went inside without looking back.

“Madam Luo! I really have both young and old family members waiting at home!” Bank President Zhang shuffled forward anxiously in the same kneeling position as he kept begging her.

No one bothered him. They allowed him to kneel outside the door as tears and mucus streamed down his face for two hours. In the end, Shen Yunying agreed to return just to stop people from crowding outside her house.

When the matter was considered settled, Bank President Zhang heaved a sigh of relief. However, the news of his public disgrace and Luo Yunyang’s situation had already spread to every corner of Donglu Town.

“I wish Luo Yunyang was my son!” every father in Donglu Town said mournfully.

As a result, when Luo Yunyang set foot in Donglu Town again, almost everyone greeted him warmly.

There were even some people that came running to his house and shared with Shen Yunying the news of his return. All sorts of people appeared at the house’s courtyard.

No matter what they were thinking, they only had one motive. They wanted to validate their own presence by visiting the family’s house.

That night, Luo Yunyang, Shen Yulang and some other good friends gathered at a tavern in town. When they left, Luo Yunyang returned to the training classroom at school.

There were still over 10 days before he would be starting training with the elite class, so he wanted to prepare to properly cultivate the Ape-Dragon Blueprint during this time.

Luo Yunyang’s fast success had created a craze around the cultivation of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. However, after some students had suffered a few injuries, the craze had eventually died down.

The only person studying the Ape-Dragon Blueprint anymore was Luo Yunyang.

Principal Lee had ordered all students not to disturb him.

Luo Yunyang had already cultivated the third diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, so he only had three more left. He didn’t immediately try cultivating the next diagrams. After taking a deep breath, he started to practise the three diagrams he had already learned, the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape, the Coiling Dragon Formation, and the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon Move!

Thanks to the nourishment of the two vials of body-forging medicine he had taken, Luo Yunyang’s body was already in perfect condition.

When he performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move, all 609 muscles of his body seemed to contract with power. Every single muscle fiber was like a steel wire being tightened.

According to scientists, humans had a total of 639 muscles. When Luo Yunyang used the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move at first, the muscles he used were only 609.

That had to be his own mistake. How could there be a problem with the Ape-Dragon Blueprint after all?

As he considered this, Luo Yunyang made some adjustments and transferred all his attribute points to his Mind Attribute.

When his Mind was over 20 points, Luo Yunyang’s perception rose to a whole new level. The snarling giant ape seemed to become at least two times more intelligible.

The muscles that he hadn’t used were the ones in the Devil Ape’s head. Underneath the neck, below the feet…

Luo Yunyang looked for his own inadequacies for at least half an hour, but ended up becoming even more puzzled.

He was using 633 muscles now!

He was still six muscles short. It wasn’t that Luo Yunyang couldn’t find them. They simply were not on the diagram!

Was this done deliberately, or was the quality of the diagram just too poor?

His 633-muscle strength was actually not bad. Under normal circumstances, Luo Yunyang would have accepted this. However, this time he wanted to find those remaining six muscles.

Luo Yunyang kept replaying the movements of the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move in his head. Every time he went through the movements, his mind would become extremely active.

Once, twice, thrice…

After who knew how long, Luo Yunyang’s eyes suddenly lit up. He immediately wanted to stand up, but he realized that his body was actually unable to move.

All his Constitution and Power attribute points had been transferred to his Mind.

Enlightened, Luo Yunyang quickly adjusted his attributes and raised his Constitution to 18.

The few remaining points were split equally between his Mind, Power and Speed.

“Earth-Splitting Devil Ape!”

As he followed the moves he visualized in his head, Luo Yunyang leapt high in the air. Every single muscle in his body had started to vibrate, and every single muscle fiber had tightened.


His fist had struck the air, yet a sound was suddenly heard.

It was a sonic boom!

Almost everyone in Donglu Town was gazing at the sealed classroom with respect and admiration.

There was currently a legendary person cultivating inside.

Luo Yunyang, the true pride of Donglu Town.

He was a member of the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class and a B-rank elite who had already moved his mother to the secure city of Chang’an!

In the past, Luo Yunyang had met his match in many people, but now that his luck had changed, he was like a sun shining brightly in the sky. That was how much he stood out from the masses.

People could feel his power, yet they could only gaze at him from afar.

Shen Yulang was the only person able to enter the classroom. This special privilege hadn’t been granted by the principal, but Luo Yunyang himself. Shen Yulang smiled at the thought. He he… This meant that he, Shen Yulang, had a better foresight than everyone else!

“Oh, my goodness!”

When Shen Yulang walked into the classroom feeling pleased with himself, he saw Luo Yunyang soar up in the air. Shen Yulang was all too familiar with this move. It was the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move!

Many young students, including Shen Yulang, had tried to practise this in the past. However, Shen Yulang remembered that when they had performed this move, they had just looked like monkeys bouncing around all over the place.

As Luo Yunyang descended from his leap, Shen Yulang felt as though he was watching an ancient Devil Ape dash down viciously.

When Luo Yunyang brandished his fists, a sonic boom formed in the air around them.

Although he had completed the move, Luo Yunyang didn’t even halt. As his hands flashed out, he performed the Coiling Dragon Formation.

Luo Yunyang looked like a swollen circle. Every inch of his skin that was exposed seemed to become considerably fatter.

“Yunyang! Pay attention!” The past few times that Shen Yulang had watched Luo Yunyang cultivate, he had wanted to test the durability of his skin when it puffed out.

He hadn’t dared to so far, though.

This time, things were different. Luo Yunyang would be leaving soon, so he wouldn’t get such a chance anymore.

Shen Yulang picked up a wooden stick as thick as an arm and smashed it hard against Luo Yunyang’s body.

It was like striking old leather. Shen Yulang felt his hands shake a bit as the wooden stick flew away. Luo Yunyang’s body made a resounding smacking sound.

Luo Yunyang didn’t show any signs of pain as he suddenly performed a flip. His head was facing down and his leg was facing up, just like a dragon rolling in the air.

It was the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon Move!

This was the third diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, which was supposed to train one’s muscles. Although there didn’t seem to be much of a difference, when one performed this move, it made people feel as if there was a dragon standing there.

Luo Yunyang landed lightly and soared up once again. This time, while he was in the air, a popping sound was heard from every joint in his body.

All his bones were vibrating!

It was the Sky-Ripping Violent Ape Move!

Luo Yunyang hadn’t tried this move in a long time, but after this cultivating session, his bones would become even more solid and concentrated.

The vibration of his bones was the beginning of their refinement.

When the vibration produced a rumble-like thunder, he would know that he had mastered this skill.

Luo Yunyang soared in the air and landed with a bang. The instant that he landed, he felt like steel being reshaped into a human figure and smashing hard against the ground.

Based on his previous rhythm, he should have performed his next move right away, but Luo Yunyang remained taciturn for about 10 minutes before he made another move.

This time, his left hand was as fast as lightning, while his right hand was as heavy as a mountain.

Although this was one move, it actually included the final two diagrams. Together, they had one name. They were called the Dragon-Ape Combination Strike!

The Dragon-Ape Combination Strike might look simple, but it actually trained the five viscera of the human body.

Every time Luo Yunyang struck out, he would absorb and release big amounts of energy. Every time he struck out, his five viscera would get stronger.

Ordinary martialists found the last diagram hard to understand, let alone use as a pretext to train their viscera.

Luo Yunyang had relied on his excessive 20+ Mind Points to comprehend this technique.

After taking a deep breath, he turned and looked at Shen Yulang.

“Have you prepared everything?”

“Everything is ready. If all goes well, in three days’ time, I will be starting school at the Qitian Martial Academy.” Shen Yulang was really gratified. “Thank you, Yunyang!”

“It was nothing!” Luo Yunyang waved his arms around. “Your cultivation base is decent. As long as you train properly at the Qitian Martial Academy, you will become successful.”

Shen Yulang hesitated for a bit before he asked, “Will the Lian family cause you trouble?”

Luo Yunyang had won the recommendation spot Lian Changfeng had spent so much effort on acquiring. When it was confirmed that Luo Yunyang had gotten into the Rising Dragon Army and would no longer need that recommendation spot, the Lian family had been pleasantly surprised.

This recommendation spot was just as precious after all. However, Luo Yunyang, who had returned from Chang’an City, had assigned the spot to Shen Yulang.

Nobody dared object against this assignment.

Luo Yunyang shrugged. “What is meant to be, will be. What isn’t, will never be yours! Besides, I didn’t cause the Lian family any trouble. They can blame themselves for everything!”

“Oh, I forgot. Luo Chang has already started working at the bank. She asked me to thank you on her behalf.” Shen Yulang smiled meaningfully. “Luo Chang is a good girl!”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly, but didn’t comment.