Supreme Uprising Chapter 230

Chapter 230: The End Of The Road

A distance of 500 meters was extremely far even for an ordinary martialist.

However, it was no big deal for a god-grade powerhouse. Claiming the life of someone standing five kilometers away was just child's play for them.

The Guardian Deity's speed was extremely quick. He needed to take advantage of every second because every moment was a matter of life and death.


Luo Yunyang would not just let the Guardian Deity flee. A thought flickered in his head as the Sun and Moon Disks behind his back darted towards the Guardian Deity.

Surging blazes wrapped around the disks, so everything they touched, including the air they glided through, felt as though it was burnt.

As the Guardian Deity sensed the Sun and Moon Disks speeding towards him, a frantic look of desperation crept into his eyes.

When the two disks were almost upon him, he opened his mouth wide and spat out a blood-red sword.

It was the Blood Sword, which contained his Divine Ultimate Source and half of the essence blood within his body. This was a Great Snow Mountain method that was used as a last resort. Even if it succeeded, his cultivation base would still fall by 50% and he wouldn't be able to move at all for a year.

The Guardian Deity had never used this technique before. Deep down, he just had never felt the need to.

However, he had no other alternative now, so he had to give this method his all.

Lu Fuyun found himself suppressed under the blazing pagoda formed by the 108 Buddha Disks. He was feeling battered and exhausted. His opponent was a god-grade fellow, so his god-grade techniques didn't have much of an effect on him.

The only thing he could do now was rely on his comprehension of his flame's True Intent and forcibly pit it against Luo Yunyang's blazing pagoda.

He had already seen the Guardian Deity's cowardly reaction. He might have shown some good faith a while ago, but he no longer had any intention of saving the Guardian Deity anymore.

His heart was beating with eager anticipation. He couldn't wait for this matter to be over and for Luo Yunyang to kill the Guardian Deity.

When the blood-red sword collided with the Sun and Moon Disks, it was enveloped by a surging cage of flames and shattered straight away.

The Guardian Deity's heart filled with dread. He didn't want to die, so he couldn't help but unveil his final trump card.

"Luo Yunyang, if you spare me this time, I will become your most loyal subordinate and never betray you for entire generations!" the Guardian Deity shouted, shedding whatever dignity he still had left.

Not too long ago, he had made a solemn vow to kill Luo Yunyang and taken it upon himself to become a god-grade entity. However, Luo Yunyang couldn't be killed, so the Guardian Deity had to beg everyone for help and offer to be their servant.

This had already been disgraceful enough, yet the person he would have to serve now would be Luo Yunyang. He would become the biggest joke in the world.

He didn't care about this, though. As long as he survived, everything else would only be a mere problem.

A cold glint flashed across Luo Yunyang's eyes as he heard the Guardian Deity's shameless wail. He didn't pay any attention to him as the Sun and Moon Disks flickered and swept through the Guardian Deity's body.

In an instant, the Guardian Deity was split into three and the surging blazes immediately burned his body to a crisp.

The Guardian Deity was dead!

This sequence of actions happened really quickly, so disbelief filled the faces of several people watching the satellite broadcast.

However, there were even more people who looked rueful.

The Guardian Deity, an entity that had soared to the heavens in one leap, had actually been killed near the Great Snow Mountain. This incident was unprecedented in the entire Da Alliance.

It was as if a man had reached the peak of his lifetime and barely stepped on the summit before he was immediately sent tumbling to the bottom.

"Humanity has lost a powerful being!" Jin Zaitian's words were filled with emotion and reluctance.

A god-grade powerhouse was an extremely precious asset for humanity after all. When the Guardian Deity had become a god-grade entity, he had given many martial grandmasters renewed hope that they would also become gods. However, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

The Guardian Deity had died unceremoniously.

Every single member of the ancient martial families was silent. After Luo Yunyang's resolute decision to slay the Guardian Deity, their fear of him had intensified. They now seemed to be in danger themselves.

Even though god-grade powerhouses supported them, Luo Yunyang had just killed the Guardian Deity as if he was a stray dog.

Someone glanced at the Sanyanxu Family Head and snorted coldly. Although he didn't say anything, what he implied made everyone shiver.

The Sanyanxu Family Head was shaking as violently as ever. The difference between him and the Guardian Deity was too big, yet even the Guardian Deity had been slain. If Luo Yunyang wanted to kill him, all he would have to do was snap his fingers.

"You have to play a part in this matter, too!" he told the Yan Family Head.

When he met the Sanyanxu Family Head's earnest gaze, the Yan Family Head didn't look too good. He would have paid no heed to Luo Yunyang if he only ranked 1st on the Sky List, but he had already climbed onto the Divine List.

He was a god-grade powerhouse now. One should fear the sort of person that could slay a god. Plus, there were strong and weak individuals among god-grade entities as well.

As the leader of the ancient martial families, the Yan Family Head couldn't say no. His face had already turned dark.

This meant that he would have to move against Luo Yunyang after all.

The huge room was deadly silent. Almost everyone was currently staring at the Sanyanxu Family Head as if he had the plague.

Meanwhile, near the Great Snow Mountain, Lu Fuyun was still facing the continuous onslaught of the blazing pagoda. He brandished his fists nonstop and blasted out fist-shadows to ward off Luo Yunyang's attacks as he said, "Luo Yunyang, you have slain the Guardian Deity and disobeyed the Martial God's decree. The Martial God will settle this matter with you."

"Today, I failed to save the Guardian Deity and dishonored his trust in me. I shall go back and beg for his forgiveness," Lu Fuyun said vehemently.

He subconsciously assumed that his words had given Luo Yunyang a way out of this embarrassing situation. Now, Luo Yunyang should also respect his dignity and set this issue aside.

However, the dancing fiery Buddha Disks suddenly filled the entire sky. The Sun and Moon Disks looked like the two celestial bodies up in the sky as they hurtled towards him.