Supreme Uprising Chapter 231

Chapter 231 An Extremely Ferocious Luo Yunyang

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As a veteran god-grade powerhouse, what Lu Fuyun cared most about was his dignity. When the Martial God’s disciple asked for his help, he immediately thought this was a matter he could resolve just by revealing himself.

Never in his wildest dreams had he expected that this vile Luo Yunyang would actually be a god-grade telekinesis master who used such ruthless methods.

Although he had already expressed his intention to retreat, Luo Yunyang was still aggressively unwilling to forgive him. That kid was really abominable.

Lu Fuyun’s mind was filled with thoughts of how repulsive and hateful Luo Yunyang was. If only he hadn’t been a god-grade telekinesis master, Luo Yunyang would have died instead of the Guardian Deity.

The person that would put him in his place would naturally be Lu Fuyun.

“Very well, Luo Yunyang. Since you are forcing my hand, I have no choice but to have a fight with you. I have to show you that, even though you have become a god-grade telekinesis master, you still can’t do whatever you please in this world!”

As he spoke, Lu Fuyun brandished his hands, causing a boundless blazing power to converge on his palms. In an instant, a huge flaming hand was formed.

“Has he run out of ideas?” The Martial God’s disciple, who had been watching the fight from a distance, had yet to leave. There was a hint of disdain on his face when he saw the huge hand of condensed flame once again.

Lu Fuyun had already used this technique while helping the Guardian Deity a while ago.

What was the point of using it again?

Even though Luo Yunyang didn’t pay much attention to the flaming hand, when the hand took shape, Lu Fuyun moved it, causing it to turn green in a flash.

The green flames lost the flamboyance of the scarlet flames, yet when they appeared, the flames of the Buddha Disks acted as though they had encountered their natural predator and immediately started to dwindle.

Suddenly, the blazing pagoda that had been burning fervently in the sky seemed to lose whatever superiority it had in an instant.

“You asked for it, Luo Yunyang!” The massive hand formed out of green flames plummeted towards Luo Yunyang, covering half the sky in the process.

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know the origin of those green flames, he could sense that they were nothing like his Glass Flames.

However, his Glass Flames could currently only be unleashed in the form of source core power. Luo Yunyang was still unable to combine this technique with his Mind Sword.

On the contrary, the control Lu Fuyun had over those green flames had already reached a level that allowed him to do as he pleased.

As a thought flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind, the 108 Buddha Disks quickly shrank back and condensed to form a blazing pagoda. Although this pagoda was only about three meters tall, it quickly became much more concentrated.

The Buddha Disks did not concentrate so they could take a beating. As they converged, the Mind Sword appeared between Luo Yunyang’s eyebrows and shot towards Lu Fuyun, enveloped by a scarlet flame.

When Lu Fuyun saw it, he acted as though he had just seen a ghost. Luo Yunyang’s old Mind Sword might not have posed much of a threat to a god-grade powerhouse like him, but a Mind Sword wrapped in fire-based True Intent was life-threatening.

Lu Fuyun howled in panic as his giant green palm exploded in the air and countless green blazes scattered frantically in all directions.

His body, which had instantly become a flame, was already speeding away.

Lu Fuyun’s speed was so quick that it was extremely difficult for the Mind Sword to catch him. The Buddha Disks were already shrouded by the green flames, so they couldn’t attack him in time.

However, Luo Yunyang was still unwilling to let Lu Fuyun escape just like that.

As he pondered the issue for a second, he realized that his ice and fire source cores had already recovered. Luo Yunyang grabbed the God Slayer without hesitation and threw it at the frantically escaping Lu Fuyun.

This throw naturally couldn’t be compared to his throw during the fight with the Guardian Deity. However, Lu Fuyun’s current state couldn’t be compared to the Guardian Deity’s Rampaging Deity Body either.

Luo Yunyang had quickly made some adjustments on his attribute regulator and raised his True Intent Decimation to 10 points. This way, when the spear shot through the air, it had already turned completely blood-red.


The spear hurtled through the sky, not giving Lu Fuyun any opportunity to evade it. In the blink of an eye, it had pierced his back.

Lu Fuyun’s body seemed to split apart as the spear embedded itself in his back. Left with only a head protected by a flaming cloud, he fled into the distance.

“I shall get revenge, Luo Yunyang!”

Although his plaintive lament echoed through the skies, Luo Yunyang didn’t take Lu Fuyun’s words to heart.

He suddenly had a thought as he watched the green flames scatter in all directions.

These green flames weren’t ordinary. Although they had been used to attack him, it would be a waste to let them go.

Thus, when a green blaze flew towards him again, Luo Yunyang opened his mouth and swallowed it.

As the flame entered his body, he felt a turbulent burning feeling fill his chest. Thanks to his prior experience, Luo Yunyang quickly made some adjustments to his Constitution, helping the surging flames enter his source core after a short while.

The Martial God’s disciple in the white suit stared at him in shock. Luo Yunyang was really extraordinary. He would have to stay away from him if he encountered him again in the future.

Luo Yunyang had killed the Guardian Deity and destroyed a god-grade powerhouse’s mortal body, so the god-grade powerhouses the Da Alliance had been accumulating over the years had suffered a great loss during this battle.

Although the Martial God’s disciple wanted to display his own heroic side and represent his master by reprimanding Luo Yunyang for his lawless actions, when he thought about it, he realized that he lacked the courage to do so.

If god-grade Venerable Fuyun had been nearly killed, what could an insignificant person like him achieve?

The Martial God’s disciple decided to leave quietly. Although this was very disgraceful, it was the best decision he could make under the circumstances.

“Stop right there!” After making some adjustments using his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang quickly absorbed all the green flames into his body.

“What… What do you want? I am a Martial God’s disciple. I represent a Martial God!” the middle-aged man in the white suit bellowed at Luo Yunyang confidently.

However, when he saw the ancient spear that had pierced Lu Fuyun’s body land in Luo Yunyang’s hands again, he suddenly was at a loss for words.