Supreme Uprising Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Some Debts Must Be Settled

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Bai Yuannan had never imagined that he would encounter such a situation.

Wherever he was, whatever sort of person he encountered, his title as a Martial God’s disciple was like a gold-plated signboard that made everyone think twice before acting unreasonably.

This was why he hadn’t left even after the Guardian Deity had been slain and Lu Fuyun had fled.

However, he now realized that he had been a little too naive and opinionated.

The young man with the murderous look in his eyes did not seem to care about his status as a Martial God’s disciple. If he said anything wrong, he might not even let him live.

Bai Yuannan didn’t care whether his master would avenge him or not. Even if he did seek justice and avenge him, Bai Yuannan would already be a dead man, so besides showing his righteousness, his master wouldn’t achieve anything else.

“Don’t act hastily, Luo Yunyang. Listen to me. I was just following orders. My old master decided how this matter would be handled!”

Although Bai Yuannan didn’t want to say this, he resisted the unpleasantness in his heart and forced himself to spit the words out.

A slap suddenly landed hard across his face!

The slap stunned Bai Yuannan, who could not remember how long it had been since he had been hit this way.

The only person that could hit him this way in the entire Da Alliance was his Martial God.

However, his master would normally just give him a serious look. This was usually an extreme enough punishment, so there was never any need for a slap.

“You… You dare hit me?” Bai Yuannan asked furiously as he put his hand on his cheek.

Luo Yunyang glared at him in a cold, detached manner. His greatest grievance had been the Guardian Deity, yet when Bai Yuannan had brought the Martial God’s decree, he had instantly become the most annoying person there.

His aloof manner and the fact that he acted like he was in control of everything really pissed off Luo Yunyang.

As soon as Bai Yuannan questioned him in this righteous manner, Luo Yunyang felt anger well up inside him. Instead of say something, he just walked up to Bai Yuannan and slapped his face again. Luo Yunyang controlled the strength of his slap, so even though Bai Yuannan had many years of cultivation and a body like tempered steel, the slap still made him feel like crying.

“You and I cannot co-exist!” Bai Yuannan roared furiously.

Many people watched the scene unfold through the satellite broadcast.

Lu Qubing was flabbergasted. Although Luo Yunyang had slain the Guardian Deity and destroyed Lu Fuyun’s physical body, these people had just been god-grade powerhouses.

Bai Yuannan was different.

Although he wasn’t a god-grade entity, he was the disciple of a Martial God, so he represented said Martial God.

Luo Yunyang had hit a Martial God’s disciple before countless people without saying anything. Plus, he had also done so by slapping him. In most people’s opinion, this was the equivalent of slapping a Martial God.

Was Luo Yunyang trying to f*ck with a Martial God?

As worry started to appear on Lu Qubing’s face, the sealed doors of the room suddenly opened and Jin Zaitian, Zhuge Yi and the others walked in.

“Greetings, Vice-Chairman.” Although Lu Qubing was extremely unhappy with Jin Zaitian for keeping him detained there, he still stood up to pay his respects.

Jin Zaitian glanced at Lu Qubing with a sigh before he said, “This is all my fault, Qubing. Some of my ideas were bad, but we cannot wait any longer.”

“Look at that kid’s attitude. There’s an 80% chance that he will try to kill Bai Yuannan!” Jin Zaitian said as he pointed at the screen. “You must be aware of the consequences of such an action! That is a Martial God’s second disciple, so if he dies, the Martial God won’t take this lying down. This will lead to an earth-shattering war!”

Some people’s expressions turned ugly. However, most people had weird expressions on their faces.

The reason for these unnatural expressions was the fact that Luo Yunyang and a Martial God had been lumped together.

The use of the words ‘earth-shattering war’ also surprised everyone.

Lu Qubing, who was immediately convinced by Jin Zaitian, said, “Quick, hand me a communication device so I can reach Luo Yunyang.”

“There’s no need. We have already prepared advanced communication equipment. You just have to speak into this.”

Jin Zaitian handed Lu Qubing something that looked like a microphone. Lu Qubing took it right away and said just as Luo Yunyang kicked Bai Yuannan away, “Don’t do anything, Yunyang. This is Lu Qubing. Please listen to what I have to say first.”

Luo Yunyang was planning on taking care of Bai Yuannan, when he heard Lu Qubing’s voice. His hand, which had been about to strike down, stopped in mid-air.

“Let’s forget about everything else for a moment, Yunyang. Could you let Bai Yuannan off as a favor to an old man like me?”

Lu Qubing’s voice had a hint of resolve.

If Lu Qubing gave him a rational lecture, Luo Yunyang would have to assess it. However, in this case, Luo Yunyang had no reason to say no.

Lu Qubing had always been like a father to him. His selfless help and support had really gratified Luo Yunyang, so if Lu Qubing asked him for a favor through some broadcasting device, Luo Yunyang would respect his request, no matter what it was.

“Scram!” Luo Yunyang didn’t even let Lu Qubing finish speaking before he told Bai Yuannan to leave.

Bai Yuannan felt like he had just escaped from the clutch of death. He knew very well that he would have ended up dead unless his master had personally come to save him.

How could a fiend like Luo Yunyang be lenient? If he said that he didn’t respect a Martial God, then he must really not do so.

Bai Yuannan wanted to leave with some headstrong parting words that would defend his reputation as a Martial God’s disciple, but in the end he chose not to say anything.

He couldn’t bring himself to do so because he feared that if he said too much and provoked Luo Yunyang, he might not be able to leave safely.

In the end, he just snorted, got on the mount he had arrived on and flew away into the distance.

Jin Zaitian let out a big sigh of relief before he told Lu Qubing, “Invite Luo Yunyang to Shen’du again. I want to have a word with him.”

Lu Qubing mulled this over a bit before he told Luo Yunyang, “Come over to Shen’du for a bit. The Vice-Chairman wishes to speak with you.”

Luo Yunyang stared at the crumbling Great Snow Mountain in the distance as he said indifferently, “I will definitely come to Shen’du, but not right now. I still have a few debts to settle with some people.” As he said this, Luo Yunyang waved his hand and the Guardian Deity’s storage pouch, which had been lying on the ground, floated into his hand. Then, he soared into the sky and flew in the direction of Chang’an City.

When he realized which direction Luo Yunyang had taken, Jin Zaitian said, “This is not good!”