Supreme Uprising Chapter 233

Chapter 233 One Man Pressuring A City

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As the two commanders of the Sky High Military, the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King had also watched Luo Yunyang slay the Guardian Deity.

The two of them looked in disbelief at the image displayed on the screen as they trembled slightly.

Yes, they were trembling.

They had been ordered to detain the Flame Emperor this time to sever Luo Yunyang’s last helping hand, but they also intended to use Luo Yunyang’s mother and younger sister as hostages.

The two of them had expected that the god-grade Guardian Deity would be able to kill Luo Yunyang. Although they wouldn’t be able to benefit from the Guardian Deity’s victory, at least they would have made a good impression.

They had never imagined that the Guardian Deity would end up dead!

“What do we do?” The Sky High Tiger King eyed the Sky High Leopard King in fear.

The Sky High Leopard King returned his solemn gaze. “Luo Yunyang is the sort of person that seeks revenge over the smallest of grievances. Considering the way we have treated him, he will surely seek us out to settle this debt, and perhaps even kill us both.”

“Would he dare?” the Sky High Tiger King shouted furiously.

As the Sky High Leopard King met his eyes and was about to say something, Luo Yunyang slapped Bai Yuannan on the screen.

Although Bai Yuannan’s cultivation base was no weaker than theirs, in terms of status, Bai Yuannan surpassed them both.

He was the disciple of a Martial God after all.

Luo Yunyang had actually dared slap a Martial God’s disciple. If Lu Qubing had not interceded, he would also have slain him.

Although the two men’s statuses were inferior, their fate would be different than that of the Martial God’s disciple.

“Returning to Shen’du is our only way out.” The Sky High Leopard King finally voiced his idea.

The Sky High Tiger King approved of his decision to return back to Shen’du. Although he appeared rude and impetuous, he was generally much wiser than most people when it came to making decisions.

Returning to Shen’du was the best choice the two of them could make.

“Then let’s leave now!” the Sky High Tiger King suddenly blurted out. “What about the men we sent to contain Luo Yunyang’s mother and sister, though?”

The Sky High Leopard King’s face fell. He pondered this for a while before he said gravely, “Release them. Let’s go!”

A look of surprise flashed across the Sky High Tiger King’s face before he understood. If they seized Luo Yunyang’s mother and sister, then they would really die.

After making eye contact once more, the Sky High Tiger King quickly set out to make arrangements. Three minutes later, an aircraft appeared in the sky above the command center.

“Brother Flame Emperor, please take care of our subordinates. I’m sorry,” the Sky High Leopard King said as the Flame Emperor was led out by two men.

Although the Flame Emperor was rather pissed, these Sky High Military soldiers were elite soldiers of the Eight Armies of the East, so if Luo Yunyang slaughtered them, his heart would break too.

The aircraft rumbled as it flew off into the distance. The Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King, who were on the plane, heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as they returned to Shen’du, they would find refuge. The two of them wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

Suddenly, a white streak flew over from a distance.

“What is that?” the Sky High Tiger King asked a subordinate who was observing the equipment in the cockpit.

“That… That was a person, sir,” the subordinate replied in a shaky voice.

The soldier was trembling slightly as he spoke. He didn’t know whether the strict Tiger King would get angry after hearing his report.

The thunderous roars he expected the Tiger King to make did not come. The stern Tiger King actually didn’t say anything at all.

“Hurry up! We need to increase our speed to the max and rush over to Shen’du,” the Leopard King muttered. “If we reach Shen’du fast enough, I will issue the two of you a merit each.”

At the Tiger King and Leopard King’s words, the aircraft picked up its pace once more. Shen’du appeared before them half an hour later.

Luo Yunyang’s speed was nothing extraordinary for the residents of Chang’an. However, Chang’an City’s big wigs acted as if Luo Yunyang’s arrival was a wind sweeping through the town and heralding an impending storm.

The Commanders of the Eight Armies garrisoned there, as well as Chang’an’s Consul, had already arrived at the city gates.

When they saw Luo Yunyang arrive, they all bowed down simultaneously and said, “Greetings, Commissar!”

In terms of rank, the Blood Strike Guard Commissar was above all the commanders of the various armies. However, ever since the Blood Strike Guard had been suppressed by the ancient martial families, it had lost its standing among the region’s Eight Armies and Three Guards.

As a result, it was difficult for the commander of the Blood Strike Guard to receive the same respect as the other commanders.

Luo Yunyang nodded as the commanders of the Eight Armies saluted him and quickly walked up to the Flame Emperor. “What sort of relationship do we have, sir? I am not happy to see you under these circumstances.”

A dazzling smile blossomed on the Flame Emperor’s face as he laughed heartily. “There is a time for friendship and a time to uphold traditions, Yunyang. You are the Blood Strike Guard Commissar, so you rank above the military commanders of the Eight Armies. This is a widely known truth, so if we did not pay our respects, we would be breaking the rules.”

The Flame Emperor pointed at the other commanders and said, “Other military commanders have also come here to welcome you. Come and meet them.”

The Flame Emperor was basically trying to absolve the other military commanders.

Luo Yunyang had a grim smile on his face as he looked at those commanders. These people wielded high authority within the Eight Armies, but was there any need for him to smile?

When the Guardian Deity had proclaimed that he would kill him, the majority of these people hadn’t sabotaged or helped him.

Not taking issue with them was already charitable enough on Luo Yunyang’s part.

Eventually, his gaze landed on the deputy commander of the Sky High Military and he said, “I don’t think you are the commander of the Sky High Military’s Chang’an Headquarters.”

Although Luo Yunyang had spoken gently, the deputy commander still shuddered when he heard him.

As a deputy commander, he was aware of the happenings within the Sky High Military, so he knew that his army had chosen the wrong side in Luo Yunyang’s conflict with the Guardian Deity. Although the consequences of picking the wrong side were not known yet, now that Luo Yunyang was there, he would never free himself, so he was naturally nervous about what would happen.

The Sky High Leopard King and the Sky High Tiger King had fled, but as a deputy commander, he had been dragged over to welcome Luo Yunyang. He felt as though 25 rats were scratching away at his heart.

“The Tiger King and the Leopard King have some matters to attend to. They… They have returned to Shen’du.”

Luo Yunyang snorted and asked indifferently, “Returned to Shen’du? Does returning to Shen’du settle this entire matter?”

Luo Yunyang didn’t bother addressing the Consul or anybody else. As soon as he said this, he headed in the direction of his home in Chang’an.

Shen Yunying and Luo Dong’er were already waiting at the doorstep. Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he saw them. However, they soon clouded with anger.

“Dong’er, what happened?” Luo Yunyang felt his heart ache as he gazed at Luo Dong’er’s pale face.