Supreme Uprising Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Refining A True Body On A Snowy Peak

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When Luo Yunyang saw the flame produced in this negative, cold place, he thought that it wouldn’t be too hot or cold.

However, based on what he felt, this strange flame was the most terrifying flame he had ever seen.

It would be a waste if he infused it into his source core. Suddenly, a thought popped into Luo Yunyang’s mind; the technique that the Guardian Deity had cultivated had been the Rampaging Deity Body!

The Guardian Deity had used the unmeltable frost and snow of those snowy peaks as a foundation and, after many years of refinement, turned it into the Rampaging Deity Body.

Luo Yunyang believed that the Rampaging Deity Body included several important levels, so if he used the Prime Frost Flame as a base, perhaps even more methods could be derived from it.

As these thoughts formed in his head, Luo Yunyang made a decision. However, he didn’t execute it right away. Instead, he turned his attention to the Prime Yin Water once more.

“Deity, it would be best to seperate each drop of the Prime Yin Water and use it little by little. After many years of research, some medicinal substances that boost Yang energy have been developed. These two complement each other really well,” Master Xin Yuan said. He seemed to have already jumped aboard Luo Yunyang’s ship with no intention to get off.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Master Xin Yuan before he opened the attribute regulator in his head.

Power: 4,120 (Fire: 2,879, Ice: 621, Wood: 601)

Speed: 241

Mind: 3,353 (Fire: 8)

Constitution: 610 (Golden Body: 92, Fire: 243, Ice: 43, Wood: 47)

True Intent: 9.9 (Decimation: 9.9)

His stats were considerably higher than they had been during his battle on the Great Snow Mountain, especially after he had absorbed the green flames Lu Fuyun had left behind. Not only had he broken through an additional aperture, but his Speed had also experienced a massive improvement.

Luo Yunyang muttered to himself as he adjusted his attributes.

Constitution: 10,000 (Golden Body: 92, Fire: 0, Ice: 10,000, Wood: 0)

After making these adjustments, he opened his mouth and let a sucking force absorb the Prime Yin Water inside the jade bowl.

Master Xin Yuan was dumbfounded at Luo Yunyang’s actions. He had never imagined that he would actually be so ferocious.

Even a person like him, who used Prime Yin Water frequently, spilled every droplet while drinking it. However, Luo Yunyang had ingested all that Prime Yin Water as though he was drinking ordinary water. Did he not care about his own life?

Did he really think that, just because he was able to rampage and sweep everything before him, nothing in this world would be able to scare him?

Master Xin Yuan wondered what would happen to the Great Snow Mountain disciples if Luo Yunyang died consuming this Prime Yin Water.

“Quick, spit it out!” Master Xin Yuan roared. He couldn’t care less about the formalities that came with being Luo Yunyang’s subordinate anymore.

He could not allow anything to happen to Luo Yunyang, not because he had a good feeling deep down, but rather because Luo Yunyang was too important.

During Master Xin Yuan’s outburst, his comrade quickly took a small bottle out of his sleeve and said, “This is the Mythical Flame Spirit Fluid. Take it quickly!”

Luo Yunyang was the epitome of calmness. As he ingested the Prime Yin Water, he only thought that it seemed a little cool.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the extremely worried Master Xin Yuan and said calmly, “No need.”

As he spoke, he used a technique from the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart and incorporated the True Intent contained within the Prime Yin Water into his source core, thus breaking through an aperture quickly.

This breakthrough seemed as simple as eating or drinking, and just as quick.

The two martial grandmasters, who could also sense the changes in Luo Yunyang’s body, exchanged terrified glances.

The Prime Yin Water, which had acted just like normal drinking water, had broken through an aperture.

This sort of subversive change was unimaginable.

When this was over, Luo Yunyang realized that his attribute regulator now defied natural order.

In terms of cultivation alone, the existence of the attribute regulator already allowed him to surpass the abilities of a genius.

As soon as he was done, Luo Yunyang didn’t pay any meticulous attention to the changes to his attribute regulator. Instead, he immediately adjusted his Fire Attribute to 15,000 points and swallowed the Prime Frost Flame into his stomach.

Although he was being very careful with the Prime Frost Flame, when it was absorbed by his stomach, Luo Yunyang felt a majestic energy explode in his belly.

He ignored what the two men had said, rushed up to the mountain peak and sat down in a lotus position. In an instant, he was encapsulated in ice.

The two martial grandmasters couldn’t even react. Luo Yunyang’s two actions had undermined their ideology and many years of experience.

“Senior, what do you…” Master Xin Yuan pondered this for a bit before he spoke up softly.

The older man, who understood what Master Xin Yuan wanted to say, just sighed. “No small action would hurt his essence bone.”

“When we return and announce that the Ardent Sun Deity has assumed the mantle of the Great Snow Mountain’s Deity, the Great Snow Mountain will go back to being a big power.”

Master Xin Yuan nodded and left quickly to make preparations.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang sat still on the snowy peak. Although it seemed as though there was no vitality left in him anymore, not a single person on the Great Snow Mountain had any wicked ideas.

The explanation was very simple. In the hour that Luo Yunyang sat there, anything that approached him, such as small animals, was turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

The animals didn’t turn into dust. They genuinely vanished into nothingness.

Even the two martial grandmasters didn’t know what Luo Yunyang was doing right now. However, they had a feeling that after he emerged from his seclusion, his cultivation would show massive improvement.

While Luo Yunyang was in seclusion, the news about the Great Snow Mountain’s Ardent Sun Deity circulated through various means and quickly spread to the entire 13 Eastern Cities.

Many people who aspired to claim the Great Snow Mountain’s power for themselves gave up immediately. There were also many people who regretted that Luo Yunyang had claimed the juicy piece of meat that was the Great Snow Mountain.

However, some people were furious. It was rumored that certain people within the Sky High Military found his motive detestable.