Supreme Uprising Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Blossoming Flowers And Melting Snow

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For most people, 10 days was a very short time that passed in a flash. However, during these 10 days, the disciples of the Great Snow Mountain felt a deep anticipation.

They naturally anticipated that Luo Yunyang would emerge from his seclusion early.

The main reason for this intense anticipation wasn’t their deep love and respect for Luo Yunyang, but rather their hope that he would wake up quickly.

Only when the Ardent Sun Deity awakened would the seal within their bodies not be activated. This activation terrified them all.

On the 10th day, practically all the disciples of the Great Snow Mountain gathered solemnly beneath the mountain peak Luo Yunyang was cultivating on and waited anxiously.

Master Xin Yuan was a senior, but although he appeared calm on the outside, deep down his heart felt like a surging ocean. He was actually extremely apprehensive.

Besides their worry about the seal within their bodies, the disciples were also concerned about the strange essence flame the Prime Yin Water was derived from. If Luo Yunyang wasn’t able to manage it, then he could really lose his life on the Great Snow Mountain.

Although Luo Yunyang had adopted certain means to take control of the Great Snow Mountain, if their new Deity really died, then the name and reputation of the Great Snow Mountain would be tarnished completely.

Life and death, as well as prestige, were all equally important for Master Xin Yuan and everyone else.

“We won’t know…” Just as Master Xin Yuan was about to speak, a long howl resounded from the snowy peak Luo Yunyang was on.

That long howl contained a hint of delight and fury.

It was indeed fury! Master Xin Yuan had been furious many times during his long life, so he recognized the feeling.

The disciples of the Great Snow Mountain had relieved looks on their faces. As long as Luo Yunyang was fine, then they would also come out of this unscathed.

Luo Yunyang stood up slowly. Although his movements seemed very slow, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

When he stood up, the Great Snow Mountain disciples suddenly watched the towering snowy peak he was on collapse soundlessly.

Yes, it collapsed. Vast amounts of snow floated down like sand without making a sound.

The snow fell like freshly poured concrete that had lost its strength and ability to congeal.

One peak, two peaks, three peaks…

There were 18 snowy peaks around Luo Yunyang, yet in an instant, a third of their height was shaved off. Their snowy cover, which had not melted off in years, vanished completely.

In the blink of an eye, black mountain peaks and sprouting green lichen appeared before the disciples of the Great Snow Mountain.

Ordinary disciples didn’t understand what had happened, but the two martial grandmasters could sense the difference. The two of them glanced at the leftover snowy mountains before they turned back to the 18 bald mountain peaks in understanding.

“Congratulations on emerging from your seclusion!” Master Xin Yuan bowed as he spoke.

The disciples of the Great Snow Mountain also shouted. This time, their greeting was full of reverence.

Even if Luo Yunyang had not used questionable methods to become the master of the Great Snow Mountain, people would still have said that he was vile and despicable. However, the cultivation base of his martial path made it difficult for them not to accept this.

Half a day later, Luo Yunyang left the Great Snow Mountain. This time, he didn’t leave alone. He now had a mount, a tamed dire beast called the Grand Snow Mountain Elephant.

The Grand Snow Mountain Elephant had power equivalent to a martial grandmaster and was a beast the Guardian Deity had invested a lot of effort in taming and turning into his steed. However, the Guardian Deity had spent most of the past few years in seclusion, so he hadn’t used it much.

When Luo Yunyang announced that he would be heading to Shen’du, Master Xin Yuan and the others brought the elephant out to serve as a mount for him. Although Luo Yunyang’s speed was extraordinarily quick, the strength it consumed was extraordinarily high.

Even though the speed of the Grand Snow Mountain Elephant didn’t suit his taste, Luo Yunyang still decided to ride it.

When a call from his house was put through, his sister’s animated chirping put a warm smile on his face.

The Blood Strike Guard’s main assignment in Chang’an City was to ensure the safety of his family. Luo Yunyang had also dispatched the two martial grandmasters of the Great Snow Mountain over there.

Now that two martial grandmasters were protecting them from the shadows on top of the lion he had captured, Luo Yunyang felt reassured about his family’s safety.

“Yunyang, the Viceroy wants me to tell you that you mustn’t go to Shen’du. The Sky High Military isn’t the Nie Family. There are some things that must be considered at length.” A voice message from the Flame Emperor was transmitted through the Sky Vision.

Luo Yunyang, who respected the Flame Emperor a lot, replied softly, “How am I supposed to consider this at length?”

The Flame Emperor was speechless. He wasn’t sure how this matter should be handled either, but he had been ordered not to let Luo Yunyang head to Shen’du under any circumstances.

“Yunyang, although the Da Alliance is much more lenient with god-grade entities, the moment taboo weapons are used, an unpredictable catastrophe will take place. You… You have to think things through clearly!” These were the Flame Emperor’s parting words.

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything else, his actions showed his attitude clearly.

Lu Qubing and the others, who were observing the situation at the Great Snow Mountain, became tense once more. Lu Qubing tried contacting Luo Yunyang three consecutive times, but they couldn’t agree on any concrete conditions.

“Break the legs of the Sky High Tiger King and the Leopard King and get the Sky High Military Viceroy to lower his head and apologize before the entire top brass of Shen’du.”

These were Luo Yunyang’s final terms. From then on, he heard nothing else from Lu Qubing.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t voluntarily contact Lu Qubing, so he knew that any negotiations regarding this matter were now officially over.

Thanks to the speed of the Grand Snow Mountain Elephant, Shen’du soon appeared in Luo Yunyang’s field of vision. As he ambled slowly forward, an old man on a horse rarely seen in the Da Alliance strode over leisurely.

The old man was Jin Zaitian.

Luo Yunyang was very surprised to see him. His mind power was already at a level that allowed him to create a crushing aura when other people encountered him, while he wasn’t affected by most people’s might.

“Luo Yunyang, I would like to apologize to you!” Jin Zaitian got off the horse before he added, “I didn’t handle this matter properly.”

Luo Yunyang stared expressionlessly at him. Although he admired his initiative to take this sort of action, his feelings were just limited to admiration.

“The Space Barrier has been becoming thinner and thinner. I don’t wish for your conflict with the Sky High Military to waste any more of the strength of the Eight Armies of the East, so I have a proposal: a martialist match against the Sky High Military’s Viceroy, god-grade telekinetic powers not allowed. If you win, everything will be as you say, but if you lose, you will drop this. What do you think?”