Supreme Uprising Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Disagreement

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Although Jin Zaitian couldn’t be considered the most powerful person in the entire 13 Eastern Cities, he still probably ranked among the top five.

As a result, the people of the 13 Eastern Cities considered his word supreme law, the very sort of law that couldn’t be questioned.

However, his current suggestion was only met with a faint smile by Luo Yunyang. Jin Zaitian even saw a hint of mockery in Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

His gaze was mocking indeed!

Jin Zaitian, who hadn’t encountered this sort of mockery in many years, felt anger well in his heart and develop into a deep fury.

In the end, he quelled this inner fury. Luo Yunyang was currently a god-grade entity, so Jin Zaitian believed that he could get away with mocking him.

“Do you think your proposal is wise, Vice-Chairman Jin?” Luo Yunyang said icily as he stared at Jin Zaitian. “Despite the imminent threat that the source beasts pose, you still believe in the strength of the Sky High Military.”

“You must probably know that its soldiers would strike a comrade while they are down without the slightest scruple. What sort of effect would this have while they are trying to fight off source beasts?”

“Ask yourself, do you think I’m someone who just does whatever he wants? Am I a vile man who doesn’t set aside grudges or ever collaborates?”

Although Luo Yunyang’s voice wasn’t loud, his every syllable sounded like a thunderclap in Jin Zaitian’s ears.

A trickle of sweat formed on Jin Zaitian’s forehead. Even the horse he had ridden there was starting to get restless.

“You are wrong. I might be collaborating with the Sky High Military for personal reasons, but the only reason I’m doing it is because people like you, who possess power and authority, do not fulfill your responsibilities!”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “These people have been trapping friends and comrades, acting pragmatically and taking advantage of every situation. If they are not punished accordingly, then when the time comes for the 13 Eastern Cities to face the source beasts, they will not be strong enough to fight! You can tell Mr. Qingtian that I accept his challenge. However, if he loses, I want his life!”

Jin Zaitian’s hands were trembling. He had not lost control of his emotions in a long time, yet now rage was burning within him. Jin Zaitian had always been a person of great virtue and prestige in the Da Alliance. When had anyone ever dared criticize him like this? This son of a b*tch was too god-damned presumptuous!

To be honest, Luo Yunyang’s words had been spot on. As he had said, if the Vice-Chairman tried to blindly smooth things out, then the combat strength of the entire 13 Eastern Cities would deteriorate rapidly and perhaps even fall apart in the near future.

Jin Zaitian hesitated for a bit before a trace of decisiveness appeared in his eyes. “Alright, I will pass on your terms to the Sky High Military,” he said solemnly.

Although it had seemed like he had gone over there alone, when he urged his horse off into the distance, a handful of figures rushed over from various places and surrounded him.

These people were all martial grandmaster entities, including a top-notch martial grandmaster.

Luo Yunyang reckoned that this person was already close to becoming a god-grade entity. Although a God’s Domain had yet to be formed, his aura could crush the majority of martial grandmasters.

After Luo Yunyang watched Jin Zaitian leave, he moved on. This was already his third time in Shen’du.

Compared to the previous two times, the enemies he faced now were even stronger. However, his strength had also soared ever since his last time there.

Luo Yunyang and Jin Zaitian’s conversation quickly spread throughout the entire city. Some people said that Luo Yunyang was too arrogant, while there were also some members of the Rising Dragon Army’s top brass who expressed their concerns.

Based on Luo Yunyang’s temperament, many people believed that he was someone who kept his word. If he was ruthless enough to ask for the Sky High Military Viceroy’s life, then…

“The Martial God should be handling this. The 13 Eastern Cities are not a lawless place!” a big shot of the 13 Eastern Cities voiced his opinion.

Then, some other people started to speak about Luo Yunyang’s wolf-like ambition. They believed that Luo Yunyang bit the hand that fed him, and his only objective was to control the entire Sky High Military.

After a discussion between the various commanders and honorary delegates of the Sky High Military, a plan was decided on.

The Sky Charge Battalion, the Broken Cloud Battalion, and the Split Air Battalion, the three strongest battalions, were quickly mobilized. In just half an hour, they had formed a defensive perimeter along the route Luo Yunyang would take before he entered Shen’du.

A bunch of cannons equipped with armor-piercing shells were gathered together to form a phalanx.

The person leading this formation was a Sky High Military Honorary Delegate. According to him, whichever direction he pointed to within a five-kilometer range would turn into a wasteland.

Although no move had been made yet, the densely-packed steel cannons were a big enough form of deterrence.

The Sky High Military’s Viceroy didn’t interfere with his subordinates’ movements in any way. In fact, it seemed as though he didn’t even know what was going on.

Actually, the entire city of Shen’du was clear on this. How could he not know? He just didn’t want to show his face during such a time.

“Are you really going to slaughter your way through three huge battalions and 10,000 crack troops, Luo Yunyang?” Lu Qubing’s voice echoed once again.

This time, Lu Qubing roared, “I know that you feel unhappy! I am also very unhappy. I actually want to flip a table and curse that person’s mother. However, what have those ordinary Sky High Military soldiers done wrong? If you act this recklessly, you will hurt many innocent people. If you sweep through them, they will ultimately die.”

A cold glint appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes as he glanced at the cannons packed together like a steel fortress five kilometers away.

He glanced at Lu Qubing and said calmly, “I will head over without hurting anyone!”

His words made the flustered Lu Qubing fall silent. He understood how unfair this was for Luo Yunyang.

The Sky High Military’s three biggest battalions were among the Eight Armies’ strongest soldiers. Even god-grade powerhouses would flinch against their encirclement.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually promised him not to kill anybody, so his hands would basically be tied.

Although this kind of battle would be unfair, in the end, Lu Qubing still agreed to it. His heart wasn’t that cold or detached after all.

He didn’t wish for over 10,000 crack troops from the three biggest battalions to be wiped out at Luo Yunyang’s hands during this battle.

This information was quickly circulated throughout Shen’du and transmitted to the three battalions. The Sky High Military’s three biggest battalions, who were elites among elites, were very proud. Thus, when they heard Luo Yunyang’s unrestrained words, quite a number of them made some loud noise.

They proclaimed that they would not retreat even if their bodies were torn apart and their bones were crushed. Suddenly, thunderous booms resonated across the city’s sky.

Countless eyes turned to Shen’du once again!