Supreme Uprising Chapter 24

Chapter 24


It was Luo Yunyang who had arranged for Luo Chang to get a job at the bank. He had met Luo Chang the previous day. This maiden who had once given him solace gave him an indescribable feeling. However, those big beautiful eyes of hers seemed distant now.

This sense of distance was something that only Luo Chang herself could overcome.

Although becoming an elite martialist of the Rising Dragon Army seemed impressive, the existence of origin beasts made Luo Yunyang feel threatened. He didn’t know how the path he had taken would unfold. Besides, the two of them were still young. Fate would decide how things would go for them.

“I’ve got to go. I will be leaving Donglu Town soon. This is my Chang’an address. If you have time, you can come visit me there.” As Luo Yunyang spoke, he handed Shen Yulang a piece of paper.

Shen Yulang looked at Luo Yunyang and nodded gently. The two friends would be parting soon. There were many things they wanted to say, yet they remained silent.

“I’ll be leaving, old friend. Don’t watch me go!” After Shen Yulang said this, he suddenly extended his arms and rushed over to Luo Yunyang.

One of the methods fat people used to bully others was hugging.

In the past, Luo Yunyang had suffered quite a bit because of this move. Although his Speed was very fast now, Luo Yunyang didn’t avoid it.


His friend’s body collided hard against Luo Yunyang’s, causing the fat young man to fall down dramatically. Luo Yunyang kept standing there quietly.

Shen Yulangclambered up from the ground and rubbed his arms. “You are leaving, Luo Yunyang. Why didn’t you give in for once?”

“I gave in, I didn’t move, I didn’t use any of my strength either!” Luo Yunyang grinned.

Shen Yulang huffed. “Alright, I better go pack my stuff. You sick monster! You are like a tank!”

While he watched his fat friend sway as he left, Luo Yunyang felt an indescribable sadness. From now on, they would be going their separate ways. However, given their abilities, this was the best arrangement he could make for his friend.

A tank? This fella!

Luo Yunyang was certain that he hadn’t used any strength during their collision. If his friend had been sent flying, then that meant

As he thought about it, Luo Yunyang walked over to a weighing scale. When he stepped on it, the figure displayed made him get flabbergasted.

246 kilos?

Damn! When had he become so heavy?

Luo Yunyang looked down at his palms and figure, but didn’t see any changes. This caused even more doubts to fill his mind.

Could this be a result of cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint? Perhaps the fact that his Constitution had increased was the reason behind it.

Or perhaps his body’s density had increased.

As he pondered the issue, Luo Yunyang walked to the strength-measuring practise target and punched it hard.

“Luo Yunyang, 4,950 kilos. Outstanding!”

His strength was 4,950 kilos. That was 100 kilos higher than his strength after he had cultivated the six diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

In the past, an increase of 100 kilos would have been an astronomical improvement for Luo Yunyang, but now it was not even worth mentioning.

It seemed like he’d had the same strength the previous day.

In the past, some Golden Deer Meat and grade-six energy bars, would have been enough to make Luo Yunyang’s strength increase a lot. Luo Yunyang had eaten close to 50 kilos of Golden Deer Meat and practised the Dragon-Ape Combination Strike. The speed at which he digested food was very astonishing, yet his strength hadn’t increased.

Everything had a limit. No food on the market could meet his requirements and improve his strength anymore.

He would either have to wait or find high-grade dire beasts or medicine.

Early in the morning, Luo Yunyang and his family got into a car driven by Fang Zhongyuan.

Fang Zhongyuan had a meek smile on his face. He seemed to be honored to be there, yet Luo Yunyang’s family looked solemn.

Their life in Donglu Town might have been poverty-stricken, but they had spent over 10 years there, so they were leaving some very profound memories behind.

“He he If you miss Donglu Town, you can still come back and visit,” Fang Zhongyuan consoled Shen Yunying softly.

Shen Yunying smiled as she stroked her daughter’s pigtails. “Exactly. We will return whenever we have time.”

The streets were cold and cheerless in the early morning, but as the car was about to leave town, familiar faces appeared before Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

Some of these people he had been very close to, while others were mere acquaintances, but everyone was smiling at him sincerely.

Shen Yunying bade farewell to her close neighbors, and Luo Dong’er said goodbye to her young friends. The car moved slowly, but it still moved forward.

“How great it would be if your father knew we were leaving Donglu Town…” Shen Yunying sighed as Donglu Town disappeared in the distance.

Luo Yunyang was still looking in that direction. Although they were already quite far away, every resident was reflected clearly in his eyes.

His entire Mind Power was currently focused on his eyes.

A figure hiding behind the crowd suddenly walked forward. It had to be her. That kind, sensible, considerate, gentle maiden When Luo Yunyang thought about how difficult it would be to ever see her again, he felt a pang of grief in his heart.

Luo Yunyang was sitting in a slow-moving transportation vehicle. He didn’t know whether to call it a train or a subway.

It couldn’t be called a train, because it was traveling underground, yet it was only 10 meters deep in the ground, so it couldn’t be called a subway either.

Each carriage contained at least 100 seats, but there were only about eight passengers inside, all of them wearing the same Rising Dragon Army uniform that Luo Yunyang was.

Luo Yunyang was browsing through the second-hand laptop Fang Zhongyuan had helped him purchase.

On the table was a photo of him with his mother and sister. This photo had been taken in their new home in Chang’an.

Their two-bedroom apartment was very clean, but its dusky atmosphere wasn’t that appealing in broad daylight.

“You have to train for three years. If your results are good, you will be like dragons among humans. If they aren’t good, then you will return to Chang’an City and stay there. Ha ha ha!” These straightforward words echoed around the carriage.

The person speaking was a young man below 20. He wasn’t tall, yet he seemed as strong as a bull.

According to him, he was a veteran who had already spent one year training in the elite class.

Except for the fact that he would not reveal where the training grounds were, he hadn’t hidden anything else from them.

“We will be needing your help in the future, Big Brother Zhao,” a soft voice said in a flattering tone.

The person who had spoken was one of the two female soldiers in Luo Yunyang’s group. She was also the most beautiful one.

Although she wasn’t too tall, she had a well-proportioned body and a beautiful face, so she was like a swan among a flock of chicken. She was clearly the princess of the group.

The male soldier, who clearly enjoyed this sort of compliments, replied right away, “Rest assured, young sister. If anyone bullies you, do not hesitate to tell your big brother. I will make them face the consequences!”

“If that’s the case, then I would like to thank Big Brother Zhao in advance.”

The two of them burst into laughter.

However, most of the others remained silent. Some of them frowned, while others pretended not to see anything.

Luo Yunyang was browsing through some web images on his computer. Thanks to this second-hand computer, he had found out that computers had actually existed for a few centuries.

Before the apocalypse, almost all young people his age used to have at least one computer. However, the energy crisis that had followed the apocalypse had forced the majority of the population to struggle for survival. Thus, computers had become something that only elite martialists could use.

“Do you know why we are riding this train that isn’t buried deep underground, yet isn’t travelling above the ground either?” The male soldier was like a peacock trying his hardest to attract the beautiful girl’s attention.

His words caught the attention of quite a number of people.

“Because right now, we are no longer in the safe zone. And this place, which is neither too high nor too deep, is the safest place to be.”

As Big Brother Zhao spoke, everyone’s interest reached an all-time high. Some people even brought him a glass of water to please him even more.

“Let me tell you all…” As Big Brother Zhao was talking, a roar reverberated through the void.

Suddenly, the huge train screeched loudly. Everyone sitting inside felt like they were being flung out of the window.