Supreme Uprising Chapter 241

Chapter 241 A Modified Soldier

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A solitary figure stood under Shen’du’s city gates.

Although Luo Yunyang looked tranquil, his heart felt like a raging river.

After allocating the necessary attribute points to his Constitution and Mind, he had transferred the rest to his Speed Attribute.

His 15,000-point Speed Attribute had allowed him to penetrate the Sky High Military’s three biggest battalions in one-third of a second and reach Shen’du.

He’d had a faint feeling that when his speed reached a whole new level, any obstacles would seem weaker.

Even the constraints of space had weakened, so Luo Yunyang believed that if his Speed increased even more, these constraints wouldn’t pose a problem.

As he was standing calmly beneath the city gates, the Sky High Military soldiers activated the highest-level warning siren out of panic.

Many people came flooding over from all directions. The majority were elite fighters from Shen’du. The number of martial grandmasters present was higher than 30.

However, when they all saw Luo Yunyang standing below the city walls, they kept their mouths closed and watched his figure in silence.

Although it seemed like Luo Yunyang hadn’t hurt a single member of the Sky High Military’s three battalions, everyone knew that he had bypassed their defence.

This wild young man had just broken through the defences of the three biggest battalions!

“Am I supposed to enter, or will they come out?” Luo Yunyang asked indifferently as he looked up at Lu Qubing and the others, who were on top of the city walls.

They were all really familiar with Luo Yunyang. When he had first entered Shen’du, they had viewed him as an extraordinary member of the younger generation.

The second time he had visited, he had slaughtered his way to Shen’du and carried out a vendetta against the Nie Family. The young martial grandmaster had shocked everyone.

Although the city’s top brass had met his gaze squarely at the time, he had still been on equal footing.

He had just become a grandmaster after all. However, although his fighting ability had been very impressive, they had all been martial grandmasters as well, so they had naturally not revered him too much.

Even though Luo Yunyang hadn’t been away for too long, his status had already undergone a massive change.

He was a god-grade telekinesis master now!

The number of god-grade telekinesis masters in the entire Da Alliance could be counted on one finger. God-grade telekinesis masters were actually considered a myth among humans.

Many confused eyes turned to Lu Qubing. They all knew very well that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be easy to deal with this time, so all they could do was avert their glances.

Their eyes were filled with envy as they looked at Lu Qubing. Although Luo Yunyang had forced his way into Shen’du by humiliating them, while this young man rose to power, Lu Qubing’s status would rise along with his.

As he felt all those eyes on him, Lu Qubing couldn’t help but shake his head gently. Although he didn’t want to stand out, he had no other choice right now.

“Yunyang, this whole matter is…”

Lu Qubing stopped halfway through his sentence and gazed into the distance.

Something that sounded like an earthquake echoed around as a tall figure surrounded by an escort party made his way over slowly. It was a man in his 40s with a tall, imposing body and a staunch face that manifested his might.

Frightened looks crept into the faces of the Sky High Military soldiers, who started having muted discussions as soon as they saw this figure walk over unhurriedly.

No, it was actually confidence that started flooding their faces all of a sudden.

Even Lu Qubing became more solemn when he saw the man coming over.

“I am Ye Qingtian. I’ve come!” His calm voice seemed to resound like thunder as it rang in Luo Yunyang and everyone else’s ears.

He had a stormy heart, but a face as tranquil as a lake!

This was the first thought Luo Yunyang had when he saw Ye Qingtian. Although he’d already made Ye Qingtian his adversary, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect for such a man.

Whatever the case, Luo Yunyang believed that Ye Qingtian was a formidable member of his generation. Only such an individual would make a valiant person like Lu Qubing feel smothered.

“Commissar Luo, I admit that I was wrong regarding the matter with the Guardian Deity, so I would like to apologize to you!” Although Ye Qingtian spoke calmly, his voice was resolute. “This matter will end here. Please come back!”

Ye Qingtian had a mountain-like presence. First, he extended an apology and then he escorted the guest out. Everything seemed very natural. Both ordinary people and top-notch martial masters felt unable to resist his charm.

Of course, Ye Qingtian’s domineering presence wasn’t very effective against Luo Yunyang, who was way stronger than Ye Qingtian in terms of mind power.

Luo Yunyang stared dully at Ye Qingtian as he replied expressionlessly, “Are you asking me to return because you believe that I am no match for you?”

“I am not your enemy.” Ye Qingtian stared at Luo Yunyang calmly. “You are a god-grade telekinesis master, so even most god-grade powerhouses would be no match for you. Neither am I!” Ye Qingtian said in an extremely calm fashion. Many people looked at him respectfully when they heard his words. Wise men knew when to concede after all.

Given Ye Qingtian’s status, it was very difficult, practically unimaginable, for someone like him to humble himself. However, not only had Ye Qingtian said this, but he had also done so in a calm manner ordinary people could not achieve.

“However, based on your agreement with the Vice-Chairman, you are not allowed to fight me in any way, so I would like you to leave,” Ye Qingtian said confidently, pointing at Luo Yunyang. “When you reached the top of the Sky List, I didn’t object. You were both a martial grandmaster and a telekinesis grandmaster after all. By combining martial arts and telekinesis, you’ve become unrivalled. If you didn’t use your telekinetic abilities though, you’d be no match for me.”

“I would also like to tell you a secret. Although the Sky List might seem accurate, it actually doesn’t contain every single bit of information. Take me, for example. During the past 20 years, my position on the Sky List has never changed, even though I am not the person I was 20 years ago!”

When he was finished, Ye Qingtian suddenly took a step forward. Layers of yellow light quickly enveloped his body. In an instant, Ye Qingtian’s body started to expand frantically.

When the yellow glow faded, Ye Qingtian was as tall as the city gates.

“20 years ago, when I realized that it would be difficult to improve my own cultivation base any further, I used gene-modifying methods and started to integrate source beast cores! Now, I have finally succeeded!”