Supreme Uprising Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Avoiding Humiliation

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Ye Qingtian’s tall frame gave people the impression that he was a pillar that propped up the sky. However, under the circumstances, he was still just one man.

When he said that he had succeeded, Ye Qingtian’s body swelled up like an inflated balloon and grew over 10 meters tall in an instant. Tufts of black fur sprouted on his body.

Ye Qingtian had turned into a gorilla-like monster.

Cracking sounds were heard as two pairs of arms sprouted from Ye Qingtian’s back. Those thick, swaying arms seemed dangerous.

Although the giant Ye Qingtian had a crushing aura, what scared people the most was the berserk intent coming from his body.

Lu Qubing and the others stared in alarm at Ye Qingtian as Lu Qubing said in a commanding tone, “Ye Qingtian, the modified soldier experiments were ordered to stop 30 years ago. You…”

“The source beasts will be invading our area imminently, old friend. Even god-grade powerhouses cannot compare to the mass manufacture of modified soldiers. Take me for example. When a Venomous Annihilation Spider source core was implanted in me, my combat abilities increased 10 times.”

He then pointed at Lu Qubing and said, “Although these transplants are dangerous, they are the only way we can save mankind. People like you, who shut down the modified soldier projects, committed great sins against humanity!”

By now, he was no longer looking at Lu Qubing. Instead, he turned to Luo Yunyang and said, “I don’t care what methods you used to become a god-grade telekinesis master. You will still be losing today’s match!”

“You have two options now. Your first option is to forget about any agreements you’ve made and fight to the death with me without worrying about anything else. Of course, this battle would probably turn the city into ruins. Your second option is to go back to where you came from!”

Ye Qingtian spoke as though his victory was certain, and he would inevitably be in total control, no matter which option Luo Yunyang chose.

Ye Qingtian’s attitude made the Sky High Military soldiers all around get excited. All these years, the Sky High Military had always been too arrogant to pay much heed to the other seven armies.

This issue with Luo Yunyang had caused them to lose a lot of face, especially when their three biggest battalions had been unable to halt him for even a second.

This was utter humiliation. However, Ye Qingtian’s shouts felt like a chiming bell that allowed them to stand a little prouder.

“Go back to where you came from!”

“Leave Shen’du! This place doesn’t belong to you!”

Although the Sky High Military soldiers were all impassioned, their shouts had a common trait. Even though their voices were high and mighty, their words weren’t obscene.

Army soldiers were always a bunch of boorish, rough fellows that showed no mercy when abusing someone verbally, yet their words were clean and civilized.

There was only one reason for this. The might of a god-grade entity like Luo Yunyang had affected them.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chairman was sipping his tea leisurely at his office in Shen’du. The man seemed slightly pleased.

Luo Yunyang… Oh, Luo Yunyang… Even though he had been thriving lately, he would never go through the hardships the Vice-Chairman had. He was just too inexperienced!

However, Luo Yunyang would still have to be respected. He was a god-grade powerhouse after all, so no one could offend him too much.

Dismissing the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King from their positions would have to suffice.

Vice-Chairman Jin Zaitian believed that this would be the best choice.

However, just as he was considering when he should make an appearance, he heard Luo Yunyang say, “Try your hardest, you pieces of trash.”

The faces of the Sky High Military soldiers immediately turned ugly. Meanwhile, Ye Qingtian waved his subordinates off emotionlessly so that they would stop verbally abusing Luo Yunyang. Spit and sputter couldn’t drown anyone, let alone Luo Yunyang.

“In that case, how about we abide by the agreement and have a match?” Ye Qingtian said coolly.

“That was exactly my intention!” Luo Yunyang answered indifferently.

If two entities close to becoming god-grade powerhouses fought beneath the city walls, one could easily imagine the damage that Shen’du would sustain.

Ye Qingtian pointed ahead. “The Flying Swallow Lake is over there. There are no human inhabitants within a 25-kilometer radius around it. Let’s head there.”

As he spoke, Ye Qingtian’s black, pillar-like legs trod lightly. He suddenly leapt off the ground as forcefully as a bullet and headed in the direction of the Flying Swallow Lake.

A loud boom made the entire city tremble.

Although Lu Qubing and the others hadn’t fought hand to hand with Ye Qingtian, the power generated from his leap still astonished them.

They were all top-notch martial grandmasters, yet even if they used all their power, they wouldn’t be able to produce such a strong movement.

Ye Qingtian had exhibited the strength of a source beast combined with the agility of a human. Although he wasn’t a god-grade entity, his strength was definitely good enough.

Luo Yunyang was so powerful that one could say that he was really close to reaching the summit of a god-grade entity.

However, if he didn’t use his telekinetic abilities and only relied on his cultivation base and source power, how could he possibly fight Ye Qingtian?

Nobody spoke as the two of them exchanged glances. One by one, everyone soared into the air after Ye Qingtian and headed towards the Flying Swallow Lake.

Luo Yunyang moved slowly, practically following Lu Qubing and the others as they landed on the bank of the Flying Swallow Lake.

Although the Flying Swallow Lake covered many acres of land, its waters weren’t very clear. Actually, they could even be considered murky. Huge reeds that had grown after the apocalypse due to the emergence of the sixth factor stood like pikes protruding and stabbing the sky.

“Luo Yunyang, you are a god-grade warrior, so you better keep your word. If you don’t, I will surrender right now.”

Ye Qingtian’s voice was resonant. He was using this method to block Luo Yunyang’s last way out.

Although he knew that he wouldn’t be able to threaten Luo Yunyang’s life, he would definitely pulverize his face.

Luo Yunyang’s mouth curled up into a smirk.

“Of course I will keep my word. If I use my telekinetic abilities, I will not set foot inside Shen’du ever again.”

This was exactly what Ye Qingtian wanted, as Luo Yunyang’s identity as the Blood Strike Guard Commissar meant that he would need to visit Shen’du frequently.

Once this fellow came to Shen’du, it would be difficult for the Sky High Military to maintain their authority inside the city.

“Very well. I shall let you experience the power of a modified soldier. Take this!” As he spoke, Ye Qingtian’s humongous fist blasted some power out towards Luo Yunyang.

Although Ye Qingtian had used his fists, fine white lines as sharp as blades flew out of his hands.