Supreme Uprising Chapter 243

Chapter 243 A Superior God Grade Entity

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Strings of sharp, concentrated, silk-like blades covered the entire sky as they enveloped Luo Yunyang.

Lu Qubing, Zhuge Yi and everyone else had ghastly expressions on their faces as they watched the spider-silk assault.

Zhuge Yi, who had always thought that his strength was relatively similar to Ye Qingtian’s, even thought of replacing him.

However, Ye Qingtian’s attack made him feel a profound sense of crisis. Zhuge Yi never underestimated himself, yet those omnipresent, silk-like little arms made him believe that it would be very difficult to block them.

He wouldn’t even have any space to dodge.

A modified soldier was frightening beyond imagination, so if a martial grandmaster like Zhuge Yi was frightened, then what could one expect from everyone else? Suddenly, countless pairs of eyes stared at Ye Qingtian with extreme fear.

The Sky High Tiger King, the Leopard King and everyone else looked at their Viceroy in fear. Although they were aware that Ye Qingtian had modified himself, they had never expected that he would actually be this strong post-modification.

The sharp threads of spider, silk-like blades battered their self-confidence to the ground.

Spider silk streaked across the sky and covered it, destroying instantly the fauna between the two combatants in the process. Even some boulders that obstructed the path of the threads were pierced without so much as a sound.

The area within a 30-meter radius was enveloped by spider silk in an instant.

“He must be a superior god-grade entity!” Jin Zaitian cried as he watched the spider silk fill the entire sky.

Luo Yunyang, who was the target of the spider silk, was the calmest person around. As the omnipresent spider silk tried to envelop him, he immediately soared into the air.

Although his Speed Attribute was much slower than when he had used his extreme speed, his speed was still quicker than the surging spider silk.

“Where are you going?”

When he saw Luo Yunyang trying to escape, Ye Qingtian didn’t relax one bit. He immediately waved his arms, causing the layers of spider silk to intertwine in mid-air and form something that looked like a net. The net tried to trap Luo Yunyang.

If Luo Yunyang was trapped, he wouldn’t be able to escape, even though he possessed astonishing abilities.

As he stared at the intertwining spider web flying at him, he muttered something to himself. His fists were enveloped by a strong wind before he punched the spider web.

In a flash, Luo Yunyang’s fists and the spider silk collided. The power contained in the spider silk wasn’t as strong as the power in Luo Yunyang’s fists, so when his fists came into contact with the spider silk, the threads of silk automatically bent.

Although it seemed like the spider web had been thwarted, it had actually already used all its power.

The thin threads of spider silk had twined themselves on a giant boulder by the Flying Swallow Lake’s bank. When the treads were pulled, the giant boulder looked as though it was being flipped by someone in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

Luo Yunyang looked like a demon as he vanished quickly from his original position. However, the giant boulder carried by the spider silk twitched and changed direction just as quickly.

Ye Qingtian had gained the upper hand right from the start. Some people even believed that god-grade powerhouses might not necessarily emerge victorious from a battle with an abnormal man like Ye Qingtian.

As all sorts of wild thoughts popped up in people’s minds, they heard Luo Yunyang say calmly, “I thought you had some kind of amazing ability, but it was just a couple of tricks!”

The moment he said this, threads of spider silk rushed over at him again. This time, Luo Yunyang didn’t evade them. Instead, he brandished his palms, causing a four-colored flaming cloud to immediately rush forward from his palms.

The flaming cloud filled the air and enveloped the white threads of silk in an instant. The sharp threads streaking through the air were burned to a crisp as soon as they encountered the four-colored flames.

Some flames even followed the threads and surged towards Ye Qingtian’s arms.

Ye Qingtian, who had complete confidence in his own spider silk, wasn’t scared of those flames. He had already experimented with flames, so he knew that they wouldn’t be very effective against his spider silk.

However, his spider silk, which had been fire resistant even against very strong flames, actually turned to ashes. As it disintegrated, Ye Qingtian felt a strange wave of energy rush into his body.

He suddenly bellowed furiously. However, the frightening roar he released wasn’t a sound a normal human would make.

A blue-green tint flickered across Ye Qingtian’s eyes as he brandished his six arms quickly, making a giant axe fly over at Luo Yunyang.

At first, his arms had still been human-like, but by the end, Luo Yunyang noticed that they had developed a metallic luster.

Although he was using the techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, Luo Yunyang still couldn’t be compared in size to Ye Qingtian, who had turned into a small mountain peak after his transformation. However, Ye Qingtian couldn’t touch Luo Yunyang either.

“Hey, pal. Is that really all you can do? If you’ve already used your limited abilities, then I’m sorry to say that today’s battle will end right now!” Luo Yunyang mocked Ye Qingtian after dodging one of his attacks.

“Very good. Just what I expected from the most talented man born in the Da Alliance in the past 100 years!” Ye Qingtian roared with laughter. “Very well… If my modified soldier’s first mode could not get a hold of you, then I shall let you have a taste of its second mode.”

As he said this, Ye Qingtian, who looked like a huge ape, suddenly lay face down on the ground in a strange manner. The amount of black hair on his body started to increase as he got on the ground.

His three pairs of arms were like long legs that supported his body. Meanwhile, waves of dense, cold, dangerous intent emanated from his huge body and drifted in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

As his six giant legs moved simultaneously, Luo Yunyang watched their sharp tips move like a storm of blades raining down on him. He suddenly flashed a cold smile.

He had decided to stop playing around. When the six gigantic legs descended towards him, a snow-white glow rushed forward from his body.

The white glow congealed to form a huge hand in the air before it headed for the gigantic spider and pressed down on it.

This move made many strong fighters feel an immense sense of danger. They were all afraid of being targeted.

No one said anything as they stared fixedly at Luo Yunyang while he made a grabbing motion.

It wasn’t just them. The entire Shen’du had fixed its attention on Luo Yunyang’s huge hand, which was currently waving about.