Supreme Uprising Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Killing Until The Entire Galaxy Trembles

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“That’s a little too much, Yunyang!” Lu Qubing’s voice sounded kind of exhausted as he sat next to the table at his residence.

Ye Qingtian’s death had left behind too many unresolved issues. Although most of them would be taken care of by Jin Zaitian, they still caused Lu Qubing a big headache.

Luo Yunyang picked up the tea Lu Qubing had handed him and said heedlessly, “They owe me this much!”

“I know that Ye Qingtian hit you while you were down, right after the Guardian Deity became a god-grade entity. Although he should have paid the price for his own words and actions, did you put any thought into this? What will people think now that you killed Ye Qingtian? I’m afraid your enemies will keep increasing, and even people who sympathized with you will switch sides!”

“If everyone is unhappy with you, then…”

“I don’t offend people who don’t offend me first, but if someone offends me, then I return the favor. If someone offends me again, then I destroy them completely!” Luo Yunyang’s tone was extremely frosty.

“Ye Qingtian sent people to obstruct the Rising Dragon Army’s support for me and placed my mother and sister under house arrest. We are all very clear on what he was trying to do. If I didn’t kill him, who knew what sort of methods he might have used in the future?”

“I don’t care if people aren’t pleased with me or decide to take action against me. I am not afraid of them. If they aren’t afraid of me, despite the fact that I killed Ye Qingtian, then I shall keep killing people until the entire galaxy shakes in fear. In the end, they will be able to make the right choice.”

Lu Qubing was speechless. As he studied the resolute expression on Luo Yunyang’s face, he caught himself approving of his words.

Perhaps he had been too weak himself. Otherwise, why had he been so hard-pressed by Ye Qingtian?

10 days later, massive changes took place in the Sky High Military before Luo Yunyang left Shen’du and returned to Chang’an once again.

Although Chang’an was still the same as ever, when news of the happenings in Shen’du reached the city, practically all the Chang’an powerhouses showed Luo Yunyang great respect.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang’s position on the Divine List was finally set. He now ranked 18th on the list!

Although this position didn’t seem as illustrious as the first position on the Sky List, it meant that Luo Yunyang ranked 18th among all the god-grade powerhouses in the Da Alliance.

It also meant that he was the 18th strongest person on the planet!

Luo Yunyang felt rather relaxed after his return to Chang’an. His main tasks were picking up and dropping off Luo Dong’er at school.

Of course, this was only temporary.

If he wore ordinary clothes and enveloped himself with a faint mind power, practically nobody would notice this average young neighbor.

While he was waiting for his little sister to come out of the school building, Luo Yunyang’s communication device started ringing.

Although his number hadn’t changed, his communication device was now a higher quality model, so he could tell who was calling him easier.

“Chen Yong! What’s the matter?” Luo Yunyang asked with a chuckle when he saw the name displayed on the device.

Chen Yong had been his little brother back at Base 7. Although his family owned several businesses, he was a very good person.

“Leader, are… are you busy? I would like to see you for a bit. Would that be okay?” Chen Yong sounded a little anxious.

In the past, he had been very eloquent, so his stammering voice surprised Luo Yunyang.

Although Luo Yunyang’s standing was no longer the way it had been back then, he hadn’t forgotten about his former friends.

“You are a fellow member of the Ardent Sun Group. How could I refuse to meet you? Unless you are trying to leave the Ardent Sun Group?”

When he heard Luo Yunyang joke, Chen Yong heaved a sigh of relief. “Where are you, leader? I’ll come find you.”

“I’m standing outside the entrance of the Chang’an Primary School.” Luo Yunyang glanced at the school gates, which were still tightly shut, before he said softly, “Relax. I’ll be at home for a couple of days.”

“I’m in Chang’an. Just wait five minutes for me, leader!”

Five minutes wasn’t a long time, so Luo Yunyang didn’t mind waiting for Chen Yong.

“Big Brother, you are here!” Little Luo Dong’er, who looked like a princess in her pink dress, rushed over to Luo Yunyang.

When he grabbed his sister, Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on the young lady behind Luo Dong’er.

The lady had a slender figure and a rather lovable face. When she met Luo Yunyang’s eyes, she smiled and nodded her head.

“Big Brother, this is Teacher Fei. Teacher Fei, this is my big brother!” Luo Yunyang shook her hand and tried to act cute. “Teacher Fei treats me very well. We should treat her to a meal!”

Luo Yunyang’s mind power was so strong that few people in the Da Alliance could compare to him. As soon as his eyes scanned Teacher Fei, he could tell that she was no ordinary woman.

She had the cultivation base of a top-notch martialist.

“Teacher Fei, my sister is a little mischievous, so she probably has been giving you some trouble.”

Teacher Fei smiled. “Dong’er should probably change her mischievous behavior somewhat. Today, she broke a classmate’s nose during class.”

Although she was complaining to a guardian, Teacher Fei still spoke with an approachable smile. Based on her expression, Luo Yunyang could tell that this teacher really took care of his sister.

“Dong’er is being naughty again?” Luo Yunyang chuckled as he looked at Luo Dong’er.

“Fat Ling always bullies Xiao Yi. This time, he was pulling on Xiao Yi’s hair, so I punched him in the nose.” Luo Dong’er reenacted the punch happily before flashing a toothy grin.

Luo Yunyang shook his head helplessly. He had never expected his younger sister to have such a strong sense of justice.

He immediately knelt down, pinched Luo Dong’er’s cheeks and said tenderly, “Listen to me, Dong’er. Classmates should be speaking reasonably instead of fighting. You are still young, but you are a lady, so you mustn’t use your fists for no reason, alright? Sorry for the trouble she caused, Teacher Fei.”

Teacher Fei was about to say that this was part of her job, when someone bellowed, “Who is Luo Dong’er? Which one of you is the girl that beat my Xiao Bei?”

The voice belonged to a tall, sturdy lady who was pulling along a chubby kid.

She immediately recognized Teacher Fei and started to berate her furiously as she walked over. “What sort of teacher are you? How could a good kid like my Xiao Bei actually get beaten? Why haven’t you punished the kid that did this, you… you wretch!”

“From this day on, you will no longer be a teacher. I want you to leave Chang’an City!” As the woman spoke, she extended a hand and swung it towards Teacher Fei’s face.

Teacher Fei froze for a second. Before the woman’s slap landed, she brought her hand up gently and caught the woman’s wrist.

“As a mother, you should be resolving problems calmly. Using violence is a bad habit!”