Supreme Uprising Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Bigshot

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Luo Yunyang didn’t really think much of the big-sized lady making threatening gestures. Thanks to his rising position, he no longer noticed this sort of people.

“Do you resolve problems nicely then? Did you even hear what I said? My child has suffered an injustice, yet instead of solving the problem, you are lecturing me! I am warning you. From this day on, you will no longer be working at this school. You… You and your entire family can get the hell out of Chang’an City!” the big lady yelled as a torrent of abuse spilled out of her mouth.

“Teacher Fei is a good teacher, Big Brother!” Luo Dong’er clutched Luo Yunyang’s hands tightly and hid behind his back.

“Don’t be scared, Dong’er. Everything will be fine. Your big brother is here,” Luo Yunyang consoled her tenderly.

Teacher Fei had a somewhat embarrassed look on her face after being pelted by that lady’s criticism. While she was in this predicament, she heard someone say loudly, “Isn’t that Madam Ling? Which gust of wind blew you over here? If you have anything to say, you can come to my office and I will handle it for you!”

Luo Yunyang nearly burst out laughing when he heard this. Given the weight of this lady, if a wind had really blown her over, it would have been a miracle! This flattery was just hilarious.

Heads turned as a middle-aged man in his 40s came running over. The man, who had an elegant poise, looked helpless as he stooped lower and fawned over the big lady like a shrimp.

The lady, who clearly enjoyed this fawning attitude, immediately pointed at Luo Dong’er and Teacher Fei and told the man bossily, “These two joined forces to bully my Xiao Bei. Have them leave Chang’an immediately. I never want to see them again!”

The middle-aged man’s eyebrow twitched as he directed a dissatisfied grunt at Teacher Fei and berated her. “Oh, Teacher Fei… Why can’t you show some professionalism? You are these children’s teacher, so you should be treating them all equally. You can’t favor anyone or be their accomplice! Alright, from this day on, you will stop teaching and await disciplinary action!”

“As for you, Luo Dong’er, our small school cannot handle your big head, so I think it’s best that you look for another school!”

Thanks to her experiences in Donglu Town, Luo Dong’er was slightly more mature than most kids her age. However, when all was said and done, she was still a child.

Thus, when she heard the middle-aged man say that she would not be able to attend this school or see her favorite teacher anymore, tears started to flow down her face.

Luo Yunyang quickly pulled his sister into an embrace and pacified her. “Don’t cry, Dong’er. They were just trying to scare you. How could they not want Teacher Fei or you? Don’t worry, Big Brother can promise that both you and Teacher Fei will remain at this school.”

As he said this, he glared at the middle-aged man and got ready to leave.

Although his temperament hadn’t improved, he believed that this man was too insignificant, so he simply didn’t wish to waste any time on him.

The middle-aged man’s face turned pale and then flushed with anger. He was considered a person with authority both at the school and in Chang’an. By relying on his eloquence, he had acquired money and power and gained some influence in many places.

As a result, Luo Yunyang’s disrespect made him fume. This unremarkable young man was just talking big.

“He he… We shall see then.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, a hooting horn was heard from a distance. The sound made a number of people scramble out of the way in a hurry.

Suddenly, a limited-edition Rapid Gem sports car zoomed over like the wind, drifting easily on the road before the school gates before screeching to a halt.

As soon as the car stopped, over 10 more cars followed it. Although their speed was extremely quick, the drivers were highly skilled, so no collisions took place on the road.

“Leader!” Chen Yong shouted at Luo Yunyang as he rushed over.

Luo Yunyang’s eyebrows rose slightly when he saw Chen Yong. Although he had not changed, his face seemed more haggard.

Shouldn’t this fellow be training and relaxing at Base 7? How had he ended up like this?

“You drive too fast. Be careful next time.” Luo Yunyang patted Chen Yong on the back before telling Luo Dong’er, “You can call him brother.”

“Greetings, brother.” Luo Dong’er, who had been hiding behind Luo Yunyang, stepped forward and greeted Chen Yong sweetly. Her tears had now turned into a smile.

Although Chen Yong was anxious, he still chuckled along with them. “So you are Dong’er, young sis! I’ve heard leader talking about what an intelligent, lovable lady you are.”

As he spoke, he tried to put his hands in his pockets. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anything in his pockets right now.

“Your brother didn’t bring any presents today, but you can have this car as a gift. You could take it out for a spin!” Chen Yong said as he handed over the car keys to Luo Dong’er.

The big lady snorted when she saw him hand over the car keys to Luo Dong’er. She was just about to say something, when someone said, “That is a Rapid Panther. Damn! There is only one of those cars in Chang’an City!”

“That’s an 100-million-dayuan car! I heard that its maximum speed is over 1,000 km/h. How impressive!

“Over 1,000 km/h? Why doesn’t it just fly instead?”

When the big lady heard these comments, she suddenly recalled something and asked somewhat apprehensively, “You… Are you Young Master Chen?”

Chen Yong threw a sidelong glance at the big woman and said, “That’s right, I am Chen Yong. And you are?”

“I am Manager Ling’s spouse. I… I brought you a dish at this year’s annual meeting. Did you forget?”

Chen Yong shook his head. Too many people had done the same thing. How could he remember every single one of them clearly? Why would he even take the time to take note of a person who had once brought him a dish? He had been looking for Luo Yunyang to discuss something very important.

“Where shall we go, Big Brother Yunyang?”

Luo Yunyang stared at the middle-aged man and the big lady before he said indifferently, “Get these two and their families to leave Chang’an.”

As soon as he said this, he led Luo Dong’er away.

Chen Yong quickly issued some instructions before chasing after him. By the time he caught up with Luo Yunyang, the big lady felt her legs go weak and collapsed on the ground.

Teacher Fei’s heart felt like a surging river as she watched Luo Yunyang leave. Many thoughts crept into her mind.

Who exactly was this young man?

“What happened?” Luo Yunyang asked Chen Yong as he walked at a leisurely pace.

“I’ve tried many things, Big Brother, but this time I had no choice but to ask for your help. “Something… Something has happened to my father.” Chen Yong was on the verge of breaking into tears by the time he got to this point.

His father was the boss of the Dragon Scale Hotel and Restaurant. He also owned some other businesses, but Luo Yunyang had never asked about this.

“What happened?”

“A few days ago, my father made a business deal. He agreed to deliver a shipment to the Freedom Cities. When he dispatched our strongest guards to escort the shipment, he never expected that there would be a problem with the cargo!”

“Now the owner has captured my father and is threatening to kill him unless we return the cargo. I… I…”

Chen Yong was clearly under heavy pressure. He had made a great effort to calm down and recount the whole matter. Luo Yunyang nodded his head lightly and asked, “Who is the cargo owner?”

“It’s the Yun Family from Dinghai City. Tomorrow is the final day of the deadline they gave me. I… I have collected quite a bit of money, but it still seems…”

Luo Yunyang gave him a warm smile. “It’s alright. I will go with you tomorrow and make sure they release your father.”

When Chen Yong heard this, he felt as if a great weight had been lifted off his chest. He immediately grabbed Luo Yunyang’s hands tightly and said, “Thank you, leader. Thank you!”