Supreme Uprising Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Unable To Do Anything Right

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Dinghai City was a long way from Chang’an. Before the apocalypse, it used to take planes three hours to get there, but now ordinary Chang’an residents simply had no chance of travelling to Dinghai City.

However, people like Luo Yunyang could solve this difficult problem easily. Chen Yong had already spent a large sum of money on three tickets to Dinghai City in order to save his father.

Luo Yunyang, Chen Yong and an elder from the Chen Family headed to Dinghai City. According to family hierarchy, Chen Yong had to address this elder as great-uncle.

“All the priority business class seats were already taken, leader. I’m sorry, but I could only get you an ordinary business class seat this time. I am really very sorry” Chen Yong scratched his head as he spoke apologetically.

Luo Yunyang picked up the cup of tea before him and took a sip. “My good brother, you don’t have to be so courteous with me. You should be spending your money on weapons and equipment instead. These seats are fine!”

Leader Luo dissolved the awkwardness between them and made Chen Yong feel a little moved. Although he had surely been treated like a king in the past, he didn’t care about his own accomodation. He was actually very considerate.

Chen Yong vowed silently that if Luo Yunyang ever needed his help, he would do his best to help him, even if he had to go through fire and water. Just as he was about to speak again, Chen Yong heard a chuckle and turned towards the person who had laughed.

He was a little pissed that someone would laugh at such a time, yet when he saw the person in question, the anger on his face turned to slight embarrassment.

He did not recognize the person who had laughed. It was actually a pretty young lady in a white sweater that made her rosy red lips stand out.

“One needs more than money in order to buy a priority business class ticket. Even A-grade elites do not qualify for priority business class tickets. Let me teach you a skill. Priority business class is the best seat you can book on a plane.”

The girl’s lips curled up. Her unforgiving manner made Chen Yong feel a little embarrassed. He was intimidated and dumbfounded by this girl.

Luo Yunyang, who wasn’t in the mood to learn anything from her, waved at Chen Yong and said, “Alright, let’s get some rest first.”

Chen Yong grunted in approval and sat down in his seat before closing his eyes.

Although he had gotten exhausted during the past couple of days, he silently told himself that this was no time to be sleeping. Fortunately, his eyelids did not listen, so in the end, he couldn’t help but shut them.

Soon, Chen Yong was already asleep. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang shut his eyes slowly and used his mind power cultivating techniques silently.

The beautiful girl next to them was used to being showered with attention, so when she saw Luo Yunyang act a little aloof, she felt kind of pissed.

However, she just groaned and said nothing.

Three hours later, the plane landed. Chen Yong, who had already woken up, was about to inform Luo Yunyang that they could disembark.

However, just as he was about to move, a group of 10 men walked into the cabin, strode over to the young lady and said, “Miss Lan, Young Master Yun sent us to pick you up. A car is waiting for you outside.”

The young lady flashed a weak smile before she got up slowly in an elegant, dazzling manner.

Although Chen Yong had been spending all his energy on his father’s kidnapping, he suddenly was distracted by the lady’s glow and left in a daze for a bit.

However, he happened to be blocking her way, so one of the men, who had taken the lady’s extended hand, now swung his hand at Chen Yong’s face without a warning.

His fast slap contained several different variations. Chen Yong didn’t even think about dodging, for even if he did, he would still have been unable to avoid the slap.

While Chen Yong stood there startled, Luo Yunyang’s palm collided with the man’s arm.

“Arghh!” When their hands made contact, the man who had tried to strike Chen Yong squealed like a pig being slaughtered.

His entire arm was broken, so the pain made him unable to maintain his poise.

“Chen Yong, what happened?” The great-uncle who had come along with Chen Yong rushed over from his seat in the economy cabin.

Chen Yong had not replied yet, when the man leading the group recognized his great-uncle and chuckled. “Chen Liuji! I never expected that your family would dare injure a member of the Yun Family!”

“How can you lack the money to compensate us, yet can afford to fly business class? It seems like you are not showing any remorse!” he said icily. “I will definitely report this to Young Master Yun. Your family will pay this time!”

Chen Yong and his great-uncle’s expressions turned ugly, and Chen Yong’s hands started to shake.

“Brother Seven, this This matter Could you please” Chen Liuji held on to the man as he pleaded. “We are trying to save someone. Could you please be more accomodating?”

“Accommodating? He he Even if I feel like being accommodating, can I really do that? The family master said that if you don’t pay up by tomorrow afternoon, you will all have to suffer the consequences.”

The man waved his arm before he added, “Let’s escort Miss Lan back first. We can talk about your debt some other time.”

As the man was about to leave, Luo Yunyang said indifferently, “When you get back, go tell the head of your family to return the people you kidnapped unscathed in three hours. Then, every member of the Yun Family will have to kneel and apologize. This way, a great man like me won’t have to stoop to your petty level. In fact, I will act as if this whole incident never happened.”

The man called Brother Seven stared blankly for a few seconds before he threw his head back and roared with laughter.

Then, he pointed at Luo Yunyang as if he wanted to say something before he ultimately laughed heartily. “I am not going to bother teaching an ignorant man like you a lesson. Everything will become clear tomorrow anyway!”

The man turned to the beautiful young lady and added, “You will get to watch a good show this time, Miss Lan.”

Miss Lan glanced at Luo Yunyang before she shook her head gently. This unremarkable young man seemed to have really overestimated his own abilities.

The Yun Family wasn’t a family an ordinary person could afford to offend!

As soon as Miss Lan and the others left, Chen Liuji slapped his own thighs and pointed at Luo Yunyang silently. In the end, he turned to leave with a sigh.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t really pay much attention to Chen Liuji’s departure, smiled and told Chen Yong, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Chen Yong knew that Luo Yunyang was a martial grandmaster. However, even though he didn’t know that he had killed the Guardian Deity, the words ‘martial grandmaster’ alone put his mind at ease.

“You did this for my sake, Leader.”

Luo Yunyang smiled and followed Chen Yong out of the plane. A Chen Family car that had been waiting outside approached when the driver spotted Chen Yong and his companions.

One hour later, when Luo Yunyang and the others entered Dinghai City and stepped into a Chen Family Villa, someone roared furiously, “Which member of the Chen Family actually had the gall to give the Yun Family a deadline? You None of you can do anything right!”