Supreme Uprising Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Stop Talking Nonsense

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“You guys can’t do anything right!” Fu Luotian’s tone was bitter and hateful as he scanned the various decision-makers of the Chen Family and hollered, “I was almost done negotiating with the Master of the Yun family! Did you know that? Almost done!”

“Even if the Chen Family wasn’t able to pay its debt in full immediately, the family head wouldn’t have to die, but You people are just too disappointing! How could someone tell the Yun Family to hand over the hostages in three hours? This is the first time I’ve ever heard your family do something so impressive!”

“If I’d known that you had such an awesome relative, then I wouldn’t have interfered. Why did I even get in the way?”

After raining sputter all over the place, Fu Luotian felt his anger dissipate. The bunch of hillbillies that made up the Chen Family wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything without him!

“I just asked around, Mr. Fu. All the members of our family are here. None of us has had any contact with the Yun Family over the past few days,” a tall, skinny middle-aged man said apprehensively.

Although Fu Luotian believed that the Chen Family wouldn’t have the gall to provoke the Yun Family voluntarily, he thought that since he had already exploded, he might as well put some of these people into their place.

Otherwise, how would they be aware of his importance?

“Are you saying that I am wrongly accusing people? Or do you think the grand Yun Family is trying to slander you?”

Nobody said anything.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang and the other two men entered the room. When Chen Yong’s relatives saw Chen Yong enter, they didn’t seem very happy.

All they did was nod their heads at Chen Yong.

Luo Yunyang could also sense that some of them were taking delight in their misfortune. However, he wouldn’t bother interfering with Chen Yong’s family issues.

If Chen Yong couldn’t even handle his own family, then there would be no point in helping him.

“Yong Yong is here. Take a seat!” the tall, skinny middle-aged man told Chen Yong.

“While I was fetching Yong Yong, we ran into the Yun Family’s Old Seven. Yong Yong’s impulsive companion said something he shouldn’t have said,” Chen Liuji said softly.

Although his tone was restrained to a certain extent, he had still revealed the source of the problem.

Most eyes immediately turned to Luo Yunyang, who made a habit of enveloping himself with his mind power to create a misleading image. As a result, when other people stared at him, they were simply unable to see the real Luo Yunyang.

Unless Luo Yunyang wanted to or someone’s telekinetic cultivation base was higher than his, they simply wouldn’t be able to see his true appearance clearly.

Thus, the members of the Chen Family saw Luo Yunyang as just a delicate young man.

“What my leader is saying is what I want to say,” Chen Yong said before any of his relatives could say anything.

“Very impressive! A real young hero!” Fu Luotian was the first to mock him. “Young man, do you know that it took your tongue minimal work to make sure that all my effort these past couple of days went to waste? Did you know that your friend’s father could lose his life because of what you just said? Do you even know who you are speaking to?”

Fu Luotian shook his head before he added, “Young people nowadays are ignorant and fearless!”

Luo Yunyang found Fu Luotian’s blind criticism laughable. How could he tell that he didn’t mean what he was saying? The man was a real frog at the bottom of a well. “Scram!” Luo Yunyang said bluntly.

As a top-notch martial master, Fu Luotian had a considerable status in Dinghai City. Actually, some martial grandmasters would affectionately call him brother whenever their paths crossed.

In this case, he had been entrusted by the Chen Family to deal with this issue, yet he had been unable to resolve it. As a result, he was really anxious about losing face.

He hadn’t expected that a random young man would pop out of nowhere and make him happy.

The reason he had put on such a high and mighty attitude was because he’d been planning on telling the Chen Family that he had tried his best, but had been unsuccessful. However, the members of the Chen Family had ignorantly offended the Yun Family once again, so he could now place all the blame on Luo Yunyang.

He couldn’t predict that his thunderous rant would evoke a reply that would make him fly into an even greater rage.

Luo Yunyang, who had no time to waste, told Chen Yong, “I’m here now, so your father will be fine.”

Chen Yong smiled. He had absolute confidence in Luo Yunyang, yet

“You sure know how to brag, young man!” one of Chen Yong’s uncles said. “You told the Yun Family to release our family head in three hours, but what are you going to do if they don’t? Don’t tell me that you will exterminate the entire Yun Family!”

Luo Yunyang glared at the old man as he waved his hands dismissively. “For the sake of Xiao Yong, I won’t use your words against you. Now please wait aside.”

The old man’s expression immediately turned ghastly. If he hadn’t been so old, he would have slapped the young man immediately.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t wish to bicker with these people either, turned to Chen Yong and said, “I shall get some rest first. There are still two more hours to go. If they don’t deliver your father, then I will destroy their family.”

Luo Yunyang strode upstairs.

There were some clean rooms on the second floor. He had already used his mind power to sweep the villa, so he headed straight towards a clean room.

As soon as he left, the entire room erupted into chaos.

“What sort of person did you bring here, Xiao Yong? That man is overestimating himself” an elder of the Chen Family said bitterly.

“Does that friend of yours have any sort of background?” someone else asked Chen Yong.

“He he He looks like a big shot. The moment I looked at him, I thought I saw a martial grandmaster!” Fu Luotian joked promptly.

As everyone started talking animatedly, Chen Yong said, “He killed a martial grandmaster in the past.”

As soon as he said this, Fu Luotian’s face froze. He had killed a martial grandmaster?

His first thought was that Chen Yong was kidding. As if martial grandmasters were that easy to kill!

“Stop talking nonsense, Yong Yong.” Chen Yong’s uncle waved his hands around dismissively. “Martial grandmasters are like gods and dragons. One should not bring them up during mindless chatter. You should watch your mouth in the future.”

Then, he added, “Alright, let’s change the topic. I have invited the boss of Stone City’s 13 Family Corporations. He will arrive tonight, and I am hoping that the Yun Family will show him some respect.”

“I invited Royal Forest Vice-Commander Li. He has agreed to rush over here tonight.”

“I invited Rapid Gem Automobile’s Eastern Region Chairman”

As everyone started spouting out names of people with illustrious reputations, the family members that had seemed the saddest regained their confidence once more.