Supreme Uprising Chapter 249

Chapter 249 A Tyrannical Kick

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The ringtone of a communication device interrupted the stirred-up Chen Family. At first, everyone was displeased with the person whose device had rung. However, before they could speak, they realized that their own devices had also started to ring.

“Chief Chan, have you arrived? What? Your company has some urgent matters to attend to, so you can’t come? Can’t you” The family member that picked up this call wanted to continue speaking, but the call was ended by the other party.

Although he cursed, the family elder could only put his communication device away unhappily. Meanwhile, he saw about seven or eight other relatives put down their communication devices with ashen faces.

“What sort of person has Yong Yong brought over, Brother? What What he said has made the Yun Family want to fight us to death. The Rapid Gem Automobile Vice-President, who is a really tight buddy of mine, says that he wants to come, but he just can’t.”

“The Yun Family has already made its stance clear. Anyone who helps us will become their enemy. What is this all about?”

“I think that bratty Yong Yong can’t wait for his father to die!”

“I think we should detain that kid and take him to the Yun Family so he can apologize. Otherwise, we might really be finished.”

The Chen Family’s second oldest brother didn’t approve of his brothers’ suggestions. How could they make such sloppy decisions about a person’s life before things were fully clarified? He silently told himself to calm down, even though he was still complaining deep down.

Those bigmouths!

In the end, he mulled things over before he said, “I will talk to him about this tonight. He is still a guest, so we have to respect him.”

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t have any time to pay attention to the Chen Family’s chaos, cultivated his mind power for over two hours in a lotus position. Then, he pushed open the door and walked out.

“Hasn’t your father returned?” he asked Chen Yong.

Chen Yong shook his head. “Leader, my uncles are just worried about my father. You You mustn’t take offence.”

“Come on, let’s go pick up your father!” Luo Yunyang said with a raised eyebrow.

Although he hadn’t revealed his name, he had shown his ID on the plane. Actually, this whole matter could have been solved just by using his name.

It was not a big deal!

Luo Yunyang could have settled it with just a few words, but when he had seen Chen Yong all flustered, he had decided to come along with him.

He had never imagined that the Yun Family would actually pay no heed to his words.

“Right!” Chen Yong was moved. He hadn’t been eating or sleeping well during the past couple of days because he had been too worried that something would happen to his father. Now that Leader Luo had said that they were going to pick him up, Chen Yong got excited.

Although the person in charge was his uncle, Chen Yong was still the family’s heir, so he managed to get a car almost immediately.

“What are they up to?” someone asked Chen Liuji.

“They are going to the Yun Family to demand that his father is released!” Chen Liuji said anxiously.

“He’s really overestimating his abilities. Who does he think he is? As if it wasn’t enough that he had the cheek to ask the Yun Family to hand the captive over, now that they didn’t, he is going to demand that they do? I wonder if demanding will turn to begging soon!” someone remarked acrimoniously.

“Let’s go! We have to follow them. If those two get into trouble, we need to step in and save them,” said the Chen Family’s uncle in a slightly defeated voice.

Dinghai City and Chang’an City weren’t that different. Their topography was similar, and both their buildings were mainly built out of steel.

These steel fortresses, where land was scarce, made people wish they could build high dwellings on every inch of land available. However, the western side of Dinghai City was a huge expanse of gardens that covered many acres.

Compared to the huge mass of steel high-rise buildings that looked like a massive beast, this place was very tranquil. It actually seemed like a utopia far away from the hustle of the traffic and the city. There were also villas with three floors as far as the eye could see. Surrounded by all this greenery was a huge manor constructed with top-quality craftsmanship that looked like an auspicious omen with a noble aura.

All sorts of luxurious cars were gathered at the entrance of the Yun Family home as people headed in with their invitations.

“Please show your invitations, gentlemen!” several beefy men over 1.90 meters tall asked.

Chen Yong was about to speak, when Luo Yunyang strode over to the big main doors.

The main doors of the Yun Family home were shut, so the guests were welcomed through the two large side entrances. A lot of people were stunned when they saw Luo Yunyang head towards the main doors.

Was there something wrong with this fella? The doors were shut. Why was he walking over without a care in the world?

As questions started popping into their minds, Luo Yunyang raised his foot and kicked the main doors open.

All it took was one kick for the huge main doors made of millennium steel wood to fly away.

The doors landed heavily on the ground, while the manor started shaking.

Some guests who had been about to enter the manor stood there in shock, as if they had seen a ghost. They had never imagined that such an aggressive, tyrannical person could exist in the 13 Eastern Cities.

“Leader, you” Chen Yong had been suppressing his anger for the Yun Family for very long. Back when his father had been tasked to deliver goods for the Yun Family, they had agreed that if any problems came up, the Chen Family would not be blamed.

Sea travel was no longer the way it used to be after all. People actually thought that anyone who chose to travel by sea was crazy.

Some people even said that anyone who braved the sea 10 times and returned safely must have definitely been protected by the gods.

Thus, practically all cargo shipped to the Free Cities or anywhere else was delivered under the condition that, if any crisis or problems arose, there would be no compensation.

The fact that the Yun Family had captured his father and kept demanding compensation had made Chen Yong so miserable that he dreamed of burning down their entire family.

However, he knew that this was only wishful thinking. Impulsiveness was a bad trait, especially when one’s abilities were insufficient.

Chen Yong and the Yun Family couldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence after all.

Luo Yunyang’s kick had made the entire Yun Family get moving. Several people rushed over from all directions, while a lot more people were staring daggers at Luo Yunyang.

The Yun martialist in charge of guarding the main gate seemed particularly angry as he glared at Luo Yunyang, silently wishing he could tear him from limb to limb. Kicking down the manor’s main door was basically a huge slap on the family’s face.

The culprit naturally had to be punished severely.

Chen Yong’s uncle and everyone else had never expected that this young man would be so violent. When they saw the main doors on the ground, they all felt a secret delight. However, they also knew that this move would lead to a fight with the Yun Family.

How could the Chen Family hope to beat the Yun Family?

“What What the f*cking hell is this? I had nothing to do with this. I don’t know this man!” Fu Luotian pointed at Chen Yong’s uncle as he shrieked, hurriedly emphasizing that he’d had nothing to do with this.

“Detain this crazy person!” a middle-aged man who had just walked out of the manor roared furiously.