Supreme Uprising Chapter 25

Chapter 25


“Don’t worry, everyone. It’s just two dire beasts fighting. They will leave very soon.” A crisp voice reverberated around the carriage as the display screens that had originally been turned off flickered on.

On the display screen was a dire beast that looked like a bull with four horns on its head. The beast was roaring wildly.

Its opponent was a 10-meter long leopard. The leopard was like a phantom as it travelled through the air and rushed over to the bull.

It was really agile!

Nearly all the new soldiers watching the fight were given a big scare.

They were all considered extraordinary among their companions, yet they lost their confidence before such a huge dire beast.

They didn’t even have the slightest confidence that they could survive such an encounter, let alone beat the beast.

BOOM! The four-horned bull charged in the direction of the leopard. Its speed wasn’t very fast, but it was extremely ferocious as it charged right at the leopard, hoping to smash straight into it.

Just as the leopard was about to get hit, everyone watching realized that the beast had strangely disappeared and reappeared behind the four-horned bull.

When its sharp, knife-like claws slashed out, a chunk of meat weighing at least 50 kilos was torn out of the Dire Bull.

The Dire Bull didn’t slow down. It smashed straight into a hill, making the earth suddenly start to shake.

The four-horned Dire Bull roared frantically as it tried to run away. As it was running, the leopard, which kept appearing as a phantom, seemed to be playing with it and ripping out pieces of its flesh.

One piece, two pieces, three pieces

As the leopard and the four-horned Dire Bull disappeared in the distance, the train started moving once again. However, this time, everyone in the train had gone silent.

“Quick, look!” someone shrieked, pointing outside the window.

Luo Yunyang followed the voice and looked out. He saw a drop of blood about the size of a pigeon’s egg embedded in a piece of rock.

The blood had obviously been smashed into the rock.

Luo Yunyang and the others were well aware of how hard rocks were. A drop of blood couldn’t leave such a trace.

However, this particular drop of blood had actually smashed a hole into the rock.

“Dire beasts have evolved tremendously!” the big man who was leading the soldiers complained. “This drop of blood must weigh at least 10 kilos.”

How could a drop of blood weigh 10 kilos?

“Actually, our strength can increase through cultivation and become greater as our cell quality improves.”

When the big man reached this point, he laughed. “You should all measure your body weight. You guys aren’t that light anymore.”

His words made Little Sister Liao feign anger.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head lightly. The increase of his body strength was in fact caused by the increase of his cell mass.

“Big Brother Zhao, what What happens if that dire beast attacks us?” the delicate girl asked with a pitiful expression.

“Don’t be afraid. Martial Ancestor Fighters are watching our train. Although that Phantom Leopard might be a grade-B Dire Beast, it can still be beheaded.”

Martial Ancestor Fighters?

The new soldiers, who had originally been frightened of the Phantom Leopard and the four-horned Dire Bull, immediately got excited. To them, Martial Ancestors were something very distant. They couldn’t believe that there were actually Martial Ancestors overseeing things on their train.

Every single Martial Ancestor was extremely important for humanity. Each of them had the ability to take on grade-B or higher dire beasts.

As the discussion on the train was in full swing, a series of beeps were suddenly heard. After the beeps, a voice announced, “We have arrived at the Da Federation Base 7. Everyone please disembark.”

Although Big Brother Zhao had been chatting away animatedly, as soon as he heard the broadcasted voice, he immediately stopped what he was doing and ran out of the carriage.

Although the new soldiers thought that his actions were a little strange, they were all newcomers, so none of them dared to say much as they headed out of the carriage fast.

This was supposed to be the training ground of the Rising Dragon Army elite class, so Luo Yunyang thought that there would be some kind of construction there. However, when he got off the train, he realized that they were actually in an expanse of wilderness.

Only a few strands of grass grew on the barren land around them.

“Attention! I’m counting off!” a burly man who looked like a dire beast in a camouflaged combat uniform shouted.

On one side of the man’s face was a deep scar that gave off a sinister vibe.

“One, two, three…”

The Rising Dragon Army elite students had no problem with a simple count-off. Luo Yunyang was standing in the middle. When the count was finished, the total figure was 17.

This meant that there was a total of 17 elite students from the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an Headquarters.

“Boys Oh, there are also some girls. Welcome to Base 7. I am responsible for taking you into the base. If you are wondering who I am, you will find out if you are able to walk away from the base alive.”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Big Brother Zhao, who was standing nearby. “Bragging Zhao, I heard that you haven’t made much progress in the past six months. If you don’t work hard this term, then you will be kicked out of the elite class,” he said coldly.

The guy who had been leading everyone in the train appeared to shrink a little immediately. He moved back like a quail, not daring to make a sound.

Following the orders of the burly man, who hadn’t even revealed his name, Luo Yunyang and the others walked for at least 25 kilometers. Then, they entered a cave.

The cave wasn’t too deep. It was only about 500 meters, but it was barely wide enough for two people to fit in. This certainly didn’t look like a base.

“Tighten up your bodies. There will be some resistance, so everyone had better rush inside!” The rough voice of the man with the sinister face echoed once more.

No one knew what had happened. Suddenly, they all heard an ear-splitting shriek.

One shriek, two shrieks, three shrieks

Although Luo Yunyang wanted to see what was going on, it was just too dark ahead. There were also others obstructing him, so he eventually gave up on the idea.

When he stepped forward, he realized that there was a rock wall ahead of him. At the top of the wall was a layer of something that felt like a membrane. It was something transparent that could be sensed, yet could not be touched.

There was something mysterious inside it. Luo Yunyang didn’t hesitate. He assumed the Coiling Dragon Formation and rushed head-first towards that mysterious layer.


He felt an immense force press on him from all directions. This pressure came from the void.

Although Luo Yunyang had already used a technique from the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, the moment he struck the layer, he felt a heavy pressure.

He could feel pain from all directions.

When the pain escalated, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt it dissipate again. Suddenly, a bright light had appeared in front of his eyes.

Luo Yunyang took a few steps forward and reached the place where the light originated from. What he saw was a dense area full of tall trees and a huge city.

The air there was so fresh, that Luo Yunyang could hear the faint roars of tigers and the hooting of apes.

“Welcome to Base 7. This isn’t Earth!” the burly man with the sinister face said with a tinge of mockery.