Supreme Uprising Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Suppressing Dinghai City

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Over 100 martialists under the command of about 10 martial masters headed towards Luo Yunyang. Overseeing this contingent was a tall, burly top-notch martial master whose body seemed to emanate some sort of golden luster.

“It’s Peng Hu! I heard that this fella ranks 16th on the Earth List. Perhaps he will become a martial grandmaster soon.”

“If he came out here personally, it’s going to be a good show this time around!”

“Today, numerous honored guests have come together to celebrate the Yun Family’s old master’s birthday. Who would expect that the festivities would turn into this? If they don’t handle the situation properly, I’m afraid that the entire Yun Family will be humiliated!”

As these discussions went on, about 10 young men rushed over to Luo Yunyang in a flash. They all had strong, robust bodies and seamless coordination. Furthermore, their technique was also ruthless as they rushed over.

Unfortunately, their cultivation bases couldn’t hold a candle to Luo Yunyang’s.

Luo Yunyang brandished his arms. As he unleashed the Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity, a suctioning force formed in the palm of his hand.

This force absorbed the energy of the group of young men. In the blink of an eye, just seconds after they had charged at Luo Yunyang, the young men collapsed on the floor silently.

They felt as though their limbs were weak, and they didn’t have the slightest bit of strength in their bodies.

“What’s wrong with me? Why are my legs soft? I can’t feel any strength in my body!”

“Ah, my arm! My arm is broken!”

The guests who had gathered around to watch the spectacle seemed amazed when they heard these wails.

They had thought that if these people stepped forward, that brash young teenager who had barged his way in would get captured. They had never expected that he would be such an extraordinary person.

As a reputable person on the Earth List, Peng Hu was very close to becoming a martial grandmaster. Actually, there were quite some people who already saw him as one.

Anyone on the top 20 spots of the Earth List was bound to become a martial grandmaster after all. Plus, the higher one was on the Earth List, the bigger their achievements would be.

However, Peng Hu was currently unable to tell what kind of strange techniques this newcomer had used.

“Sir, I do not care what sort of person you are or how much support you’ve got. The Tianhai Financial Corporation cannot turn a blind eye while you wantonly run over and cause trouble at the Yun Family Head’s 90th birthday celebration,” said a middle-aged man in a menacing tone. “You should surrender and stay in custody until the Yun Family punishes you.”

Luo Yunyang cast sidelong glances at the middle-aged man as he asked Chen Yong heedlessly, “What does this financial corporation do?”

When he heard what Luo Yunyang said, the middle-aged man nearly exploded. The Tianhai Financial Corporation was not just any financial corporation!

“It’s one of the top 10 financial corporations in Dinghai, so it is very powerful,” Chen Yong explained in a hushed voice.

However, his explanation only made Luo Yunyang nod his head as if nothing had happened.

The middle-aged man was extremely proud of and confident about the Tianhai Financial Corporation, so when Luo Yunyang disregarded this information, he felt like he would explode from anger.

“Sir, if you think that the Tianhai Financial Corporation isn’t powerful enough, then what about the Zhenhai Financial Corporation?” a young man of average height standing aside told Luo Yunyang with a chuckle.

His composed expression contained a hint of arrogance.

The corners of Luo Yunyang’s lips curled into a faint smile as he stared at the young man and waved his arm gently.

His movement seemed confident and smooth, as if he had just waved the sleeves of his shirt. Then, the son of a b*tch looked up at the sky, as though he wasn’t the least bit concerned about what the young man had said.

A tinge of anger crept into the conceited young man’s face when he saw Luo Yunyang’s look of disdain. This was the first time in years that he had been given the cold shoulder.

“Dinghai’s 10 largest financial corporations have always worked hand in hand. If you think that this isn’t enough, then how about adding us in?” a small, skinny old man told Luo Yunyang.

His words created shockwaves all around them.

Dinghai’s 10 largest financial corporations could practically affect the weather conditions, so they were a force to be reckoned in the Da Alliance.

Actually, they could force many powers of the Da Alliance to bow their heads.

Miss Lan, who had been fetched over to the Yun Family’s manor, stepped forward slowly. She was a distinguished guest of the Yun Family, so the entire family treated her very politely.

This young man, who had once sat beside her, was such a tyrant. The girl smiled unconsciously. Either he was too young and preoccupied with becoming a hero, or he clearly didn’t know what sort of people he was going up against.

Dinghai’s 10 largest financial corporations were the strongest voice in the entire city. Even the Consul of Dinghai would listen respectfully to anything they said.

Thus, the moment those financial corporations made a decision, the best option was to comply with it. Otherwise, one would set themselves up against those corporations.

Even martial grandmasters would hide before the power of the 10 largest financial corporations in Dinghai.

“Trash!” Luo Yunyang finally spoke up, even though he only said one word.

Just as Dinghai’s 10 largest financial corporations had started feeling pleased with themselves and had been about to collectively pressure him, they heard him call them trash. Everyone’s faces turned black when they heard this.

The short, skinny old man, who demanded respect wherever he went, could not tolerate being labelled as trash.

“Ha ha ha! Did everyone hear this? Dinghai’s 10 largest financial corporations are apparently trash. This just won’t do!”

His words, which were full of mockery, made others immediately chime in laughingly. “You shouldn’t waste your time on this kind of person, Venerable Tong. If he is looking down on our 10 largest financial corporations, then he is looking down on the Royal Forest Military’s General Dinghai Headquarters!”

A handsome middle-aged man smiled at Luo Yunyang and said, “How about you add us in as well, kid?”

Before Luo Yunyang could reply, someone else chimed in, “If that still isn’t enough, add the Grand Sky Military to the list.”

“Ha ha! You fellas have started to show off already! How can we leave out the Valiant Soul Army?”

Soon, the person in charge of six out of the eight armies stationed at Dinghai’s headquarters stepped forward.

Some people who had confidence in their own status also stepped forward quickly to try and gain the favor of the Yun Family. They reported their own names and asked mockingly whether this much power was enough.

One, two, three

Miss Lan felt her heart tremble when she heard the powerful names being recited.

These were people she could not afford to offend. They were the sort of people that would make the earth shake if they stamped their feet.

Suddenly, she realized that the young man, who appeared somewhat blurry, was actually smiling without restraint as he was surrounded from all directions.

His snide smile was like the smile of a kid. His eyes had narrowed into slits, and his mouth had formed a dazzling toothy grin.