Supreme Uprising Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Bullying Others

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“Ha ha ha!” A man wearing a shirt with flowery patterns roared with joyous laughter.

He felt joyous indeed!

“What are you so happy about, Old Mo?” someone asked, sounding somewhat annoyed.

“Don’t you find this funny? The powerful, almighty Dinghai Financial Corporations are joining forces to bully a kid. This is like using a metal rod to squash a bug. Ha ha ha!” The man in the flowery shirt swayed to and fro as he laughed.

Naturally, the bug he was talking about was Luo Yunyang.

The man’s assessment produced a chorus of laughter. Some people even whistled in approval.

“What a disgrace! I’m afraid that from now on our family will become a fun topic to discuss over tea and drinks!” the Chen Family’s uncle said. Although he was kind of far away, he felt extremely embarrassed and furious when he saw the situation unfolding before his eyes.

The old man felt like digging a hole and hiding in it. Perhaps the young man Chen Yong had found possessed a certain level of ability, but he had picked the wrong people to mess with. He had no idea what his own worth was.

One shouldn’t brag about one’s abilities. It was his impulsiveness and extreme confidence in himself that had resulted in this humiliation.

Chen Yong felt angry. He was itching to go over and teach the people laughing at Luo Yunyang a lesson.

“Trash!” Luo Yunyang, who remained completely unmoved, said once again.

When he realized that this insult had been directed at him, the man in the flowery shirt didn’t look happy. His face suddenly turned beet red.

Thanks to his status, he had never been humiliated like this in front of so many people.

“What did you call me?”

The man’s stance was aggressive. He actually looked as though he was about to draw a knife. He was a man who fought and strove in Dinghai City.

“Why did you assume that I was talking to you? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that insult wasn’t directed at you!” Luo Yunyang stared at the man in the flowery shirt as he raised a hand in the air and drew a circle.

“What I meant was that you, you and you All of you are pieces of trash!”

As Luo Yunyang pointed at those people, he didn’t act like he was scolding anyone. He actually looked like he was just pointing out the obvious.

Every member of the various financial corporations stared angrily at him, wishing that they could tear him from limb to limb.

“Not bad, kid. You sure have a personality!” When he saw that no one was speaking, Peng Hu couldn’t remain silent. He was standing at the doorstep of the Yun Family’s manor after all.

This young man had just kicked the main doors down.

As he said that, Peng Hu leapt in the air like a hawk, swooped down and clawed at Luo Yunyang.

While he reached out with his palm, a green glow rushed out of his hand, forming a two-meter tall giant green claw that aimed at Luo Yunyang.

Many people were scared witless when they saw this claw. Although Miss Lan also had the cultivation base of a martialist, she was just as frightened.

“Uncle Peng’s Forceful Eagle Claw is a handed-down technique. The Rising Dragon Army’s Eagle King is Uncle Peng’s great-uncle.”

“Using such a technique to deal with an ignorant kid is just too easy,” said Yun Yinghao, a third generation member of the Yun Family that served in an army.

Miss Lan had been about to say something, when she saw Luo Yunyang wave his hands around lightly. As he did, the two-meter tall claw disappeared completely from the sky.

Peng Hu, who had been high up in the sky, suddenly fell to the ground. Although he didn’t yell out in surprise like the younger members of the family, based on his expression, most of the people present could tell that he had encountered some kind of difficulty.

“You are a martial grandmaster. You You are a martial grandmaster!” Peng Hu shouted with a hint of fear in his voice.

A martial grandmaster?

Everyone’s expressions became grave when they heard these words. Although their power was spectacular, none of them had a martial grandmaster standing behind them.

This meant that they couldn’t just randomly offend a martial grandmaster or allow a martial grandmaster to bear a grudge against their families.

Plus, this martial grandmaster was still very young.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t been a martial grandmaster, then they wouldn’t have bothered much with him. However, his display had made Peng Hu realize that he was a martial grandmaster, so now many people felt like they were in a predicament.

The few people that had taken the initiative to speak felt especially awkward. They were all extremely annoyed and remorseful now.

Yun Yinghao, who wasn’t in the mood to keep talking to Miss Lan, quickly walked over to a family elder and respectfully waited for the old man’s instructions.

He couldn’t make a decision regarding this issue after all.

“He He is really a martial grandmaster!” Chen Yong’s uncle said in a shaky voice. He was both pleasantly surprised and a little afraid.

Luo Yunyang was a martial grandmaster after all!

Martial grandmasters were people standing at the very apex of the world. If the Chen Family had a martial grandmaster, then they wouldn’t have been bullied in this case.

If a martial grandmaster had been watching over them, then even if the Yun Family had demanded compensation, they wouldn’t have brazenly kidnapped his older brother.

“This young man is really arrogant If he had treated the Yun Family with respect and just relied on his status as a martial grandmaster, then this matter would not have been such a big deal.”

No one uttered a word. Although they all wanted to talk about this, nobody dared make any hasty comments.

Martial grandmasters were like dragons among men.

“Sir, the fact that you became a martial grandmaster at such a young age is really admirable. However, even though you succeeded so young, this sort of insolence is still unacceptable,” an old member of the Yun Family said firmly. “The Yun Family manor isn’t a place where you can come and go as you please.”

“Do you think you can just offend the people behind these friends? By publicly insulting them, you are only causing trouble for yourself!”

The old man coughed before he added, “The Yun Family likes having friendly relations with young, heroic individuals. This time, we shall show you some respect. All you have to do is apologize for ruining our main doors and take responsibility for the repairs. If you do this, then our family will not look into this any further.”

Most people found these conditions unexpectedly generous.

However, the Yun Family was addressing a martial grandmaster.

Most people would be more than willing to foster a good relationship with a young martial grandmaster.

However, the martial grandmaster in question was Luo Yunyang.