Supreme Uprising Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Qualifying

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“The menu is really decided based on the guest. When did the Yun Family become so eloquent?” a man in a western suit asked in disbelief.

His old comrade chuckled. “Why is that hard to understand? It’s not like they’ve changed. They just don’t want to make enemies with a young martial grandmaster!”

“The entire world has to cater to martial grandmasters. The Yun Family also has martial grandmasters, yet unless they were stupid, they wouldn’t fight to the death with a martial grandmaster.”

The guy in the suit had a look of admiration on his face. As he glanced at the various representatives who had stepped forward, he noticed that they all seemed kind of distressed.

Although they didn’t regret their actions, they had still tried to force a young martial grandmaster into dire straits. Smart people selected their friends carefully and avoided making enemies. Offending a martial grandmaster wouldn’t make anyone happy under any circumstances.

“How do you think this issue will be resolved, Uncle Cheng?” the young man asked softly after hesitating for a bit.

“How else? We will all behave ourselves!” the old man guffawed as though everything was crystal clear to him.

Many people had the exact same thought. Based on what they saw, including the attitude and the amount of influence the Yun Family possessed, everything would be fine.

However, as everyone waited for all the grudges and resentment to disappear with a smile, they heard the young man speak. “I said that your family had three hours, but those three hours are already up!”

His words immediately made everyone around him go silent.

The old man from the Yun Family started trembling in anger. He had assumed that stooping so low and changing his attitude would already be a big deal. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that this young man would turn down his peace offering.

How dare he say no!

Although this made him extremely furious, at the same time, he had a very bad premonition. Lowering one’s head required courage, while raising one’s head required strength. The fact that this young man could face the Yun Family so forcefully meant that he probably had a certain level of ability.

The old man was able to control his own emotions, while Yun Yinghao, who was in the prime of his youth, exploded with rage when he saw Luo Yunyang not appreciate the kindness of the Yun Family. He had originally thought that the bigshot living in Chang’an and leading the Blood Strike Guard was the only young person in the world stronger than him, yet another young martial grandmaster had just appeared.

Since when had young martial grandmasters become so common?

“Aren’t you f*cking shameless!” Yun Yinghao felt his blood boil as he pointed at Luo Yunyang and shouted.

As he was speaking, Luo Yunyang made a grabbing motion with his hand, causing Yun Yinghao to fly involuntarily in his direction.

“Please be merciful!” an old man who had appeared not far away from Yun Yinghao said as he extended his hands and threw a punch in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

Although his move was soundless, any people standing within a 20-meter radius could sense that he was as powerful as a freight train hurtling over from a distance.

They were just ordinary people watching the freight train.

“It’s Cheng Wuming’s Divine 100-Step Fists!” someone exclaimed in alarm. From their point of view, Chen Wuming was like a lofty mountain they could only gaze up at.

Luo Yunyang’s expression didn’t change at all as this strike was thrown his way. While his other hand moved, yet another suctioning force appeared in the direction of that fist wind.

In the blink of an eye, the surging fist energy had been absorbed into Luo Yunyang’s green source core. The look on Cheng Wuming’s face was really curious.

“What What a strange technique!” Cheng Wuming exclaimed before he said gravely, “I am Cheng Wuming, the 36th person on the Sky List. How may I address you?”

Announcing one’s name was something combattants were fond of doing at the beginning of a fight. Most martialists in the 13 Eastern Cities were proud of their name and would always stand by their actions.

Usually, a martialist who didn’t dare announce their name was looked down upon.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Cheng Wuming earnestly as he said indifferently, “Luo Yunyang!”

Chen Wuming nodded his head unconsciously. As soon as Luo Yunyang said his name, he almost fell to the ground.

He knew all too well what the name Luo Yunyang implied.

Although the murder of Ye Qingtian had remained a secret among most high-level public figures, martial grandmasters of Cheng Wuming’s level knew about it.

Plus, there was also the battle with the Guardian Deity!

Cheng Wuming clasped his hands together respectfully and saluted Luo Yunyang without hesitation. “Cheng Wuming would like to pay his respects to Commissar Luo!”

Practically everyone present had stayed rooted to the spot the instant Luo Yunyang had announced his name. This young man was an extraordinary individual.

Everyone knew all too well the consequences of offending Luo Yunyang!

The entire place immediately went deadly quiet. The people from the 10 largest financial corporations had all turned pale when they realized the predicament they were in.

“Greetings, Commissar!” the members of the Eight Eastern Armies saluted Luo Yunyang as they walked forward.

Although they didn’t have much information, they knew very well what sort of person Luo Yunyang was.

He was a god-grade powerhouse.

If the old man had known, he would not have had the audacity to offend him. A lot of people were b*tching inwardly. They had memorized what that young man looked like. How could they all be so blind? When they took a closer look, they realized that it was really him!

The elder from the Yun Family just stood there in a daze. He was an elite member of the Yun Family, so he had considerable authority within the clan.

However, the difference between him and Luo Yunyang was still too great.

If he had known that it was Luo Yunyang who had torn down his family’s main doors, he wouldn’t even have dared squeak. Yun Yinghao’s intestines had turned green with regret. This turn of events had made his entire body go numb.

Even Miss Lan believed that she had just witnessed the biggest plot twist of her entire lifetime.

She had heard that name before and even cheered that young man on during the resource competition at the Ancient City of Mei’ya.

How had she been unable to recognize him back on the plane?

Chen Yong’s uncle instantly realized that he had also heard of Luo Yunyang’s name. However, he was not completely up-to-date, so he thought that Luo Yunyang was just a young martial grandmaster.

Whatever the case, he felt that this matter would probably be resolved soon.

“The Yun Family’s humble abode is honored to be graced by your presence, Commissar Luo. I have already gotten someone to invite the family head out, so I have to kindly ask Commissar Luo to wait for a bit.” The Yun Family elder gritted his teeth as he stepped forward quickly.

“I didn’t come here to see your family’s decision-maker!” Luo Yunyang stared at the old man with a sneer. “I have already given you people a chance!”