Supreme Uprising Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Before 3000 Guests

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The huge main hall of the Yun Family, which was splendidly adorned with gold and jade, was occupied by many distinguished friends cheerfully talking to each other.

However, the central point of this group was a pair of men, one old and one young.

Although the old man had white hair and a beard, he appeared very hale and hearty. His voice was as powerful and resounding as a bell.

The old man was the Yun Family Head of the previous generation, Old Master Yun, who could make Dinghai City tremble just by stamping his feet.

Seated beside him was a young man in his 20s with a rather imposing bearing.

This young man gave off the vibe of a moon from afar; he made others feel a sense of inferiority when they gazed at him.

The Yun Family didn’t introduce this man properly. They only said that his name was Li Qingfeng.

Although this didn’t seem like an illustrious name, everyone still felt rather envious of him. From the moment he had appeared, the Yun Family’s old master had personally accompanied him in and chatted with him on the way. Furthermore, based on the way the old master was beaming, everyone could tell that he thought very highly of the young man.

Some people said that even a dog would skyrocket to fame in Dinghai City if Old Master Yun took a liking to it.

Plus, Li Qingfeng was really young and immaculately dressed in clothing of the highest quality. His ability to converse, which also fit the occasion, had won the affection of quite a number of ladies attending this banquet.

A few bold ladies were even shooting flirtatious glances at the young man.

“Your master was a god-like individual. I am amazed that he still remembers someone like me. It really makes my old heart feel gratified!” Old Master Yun, whose name was Yun Miao, chuckled. “Many years ago, he advised me to follow him in cultivation. However, I was unable to bear such hardships.”

“You are equally successful and widely-known. Although the positions my master and you hold are different, you are both at the same high level.” Li Qingfeng smiled as he complimented the old man smoothly.

His words were extremely well-received by Old Master Yun, who kept chuckling non-stop. Many people were secretly admiring the young man’s high EQ. His words were neither servile nor overbearing, yet they were really pleasant to hear.

As the two men were chatting happily, a loud sound made them frown. Li Qingfeng was about to get up, when Old Master Yun said, “Don’t worry, the younger generation will handle it.”

His words seemed to have a strange calming effect. Practically the entire main hall calmed down immediately.

One minute later, a number of people left secretly. Of course, these people were all young, so their motive was naturally to go and see what all that clamor had been about.

Old Master Yun, who indulged those lively young people, pretended not to notice.

“This is not good, grandfather!” Yun Yinghao came running in. He had rushed over like the wind, so he was currently gasping for air.

Old Master Yun frowned. Based on his grandson’s expression, he could tell that some kind of earlier trouble hadn’t been resolved.

His grandson had panicked because a matter hadn’t been handled properly. Old Master Yun had already stressed countless times that calmness was necessary when dealing with big issues. However, these brats just didn’t have that sort of restraint. It was said that dragons bore dragons and phoenixes bore phoenixes, while the offspring of mice burrowed in the dirt. Why didn’t he and his grandson have anything in common?

When he noticed his grandfather watching him gloomily, Yun Yinghao suddenly remembered his grandfather’s advice. The flustered manner in which he had run in had naturally annoyed the old master. He immediately felt a little embarrassed, yet when he recalled their current predicament, he couldn’t care less about it. “Grandfather, the Chen Family brought an expert”

“The Chen Family?” The old master frowned. He hadn’t gotten involved much in family matters in the past few years. Meddling too much would not help the growth of the younger generations.

“The Chen Family embezzled our things while they were crossing the ocean. They They have found an expert!” Of course, Yun Yinghao didn’t mention that the overbearing actions of his elders had caused the ship’s accident as well as the embezzlement.

The old master frowned deeply.

Although he had heard that their family’s goods, which had been supposed to be transported to the Free Cities, were gone, he had never expected that the fellows who had stolen them would actually dare come knocking on his door on his birthday.

Thanks to his many years of experience, the old man could tell that there were definitely some shenanigans involved. However, he still didn’t believe that this was important.

“What sort of expert? Can’t you just deal with him? Don’t tell me that it’s a martial grandmaster?” Old Master Yun took a sip of his tea.

Although he wasn’t a martial grandmaster, he was very generous with other people, so he had quite a number of martial grandmaster friends. Basically all the martial grandmasters in the 13 Eastern Cities respected him.

“No, he” Yun Yinghao hadn’t finished speaking, when the old master had already waved his hands and interrupted him.

“You people can’t even handle a martialist, let alone a martial grandmaster. It seems like you have been living too comfortably these past few years!”

“We are talking about a god-grade powerhouse, grandfather!” Although Yun Yinghao knew that interrupting his grandfather would be inappropriate, he couldn’t care less about etiquette when he recalled the scene outside the main doors.

A god-grade powerhouse?

Old Master Yun, who had been about to admonish his grandson, froze. He stared at Yun Yinghao as he asked him, “Who did you say he was again?”

“A god-grade powerhouse called Luo Yunyang. The person who came is Luo Yunyang!”

Old Master Yun’s expression turned kind of ugly as he struggled to his feet. “What What sort of relationship does he have with the Chen Family?”

He stared fiercely at Yun Yinghao before turning to Li Qingfeng and saying, “My nephew, it seems like I won’t be able to keep chatting with you today. You can rest here while I go and handle this.”

Li Qingfeng had only been following orders when he had recently come down from the mountains, so he didn’t really understand what was happening in the 13 Eastern Cities. However, when he thought about Old Master Yun’s friendship with his old master, as well as the fact that the other side was a god-grade powerhouse, he could only say, “Our family has unfortunately provoked a fiend!”

Of course, friendship was one aspect, but there was also another reason. The long-haired lady standing on the sidelines was watching him silently.

Yun Yan was the pearl of the Yun Family and the number one debutante in Dinghai City.

“If so, then I will have to trouble you!” Old Master Yun was elated. He knew very well that they would be facing a god-grade powerhouse, so the more people they had the better.

Many people were already backing off through the main entrance. Some people had even tactfully retreated a long way.

As soon as Luo Yunyang’s identity was revealed, the only people still standing with the Yun Family were either people who valued this friendship more than their own lives, or people who thought that the benefits and drawbacks were too close to differentiate.

The decision-makers of the Yun Family were all sweating profusely, while Luo Yunyang still stood indifferently at the doorstep of the house.

“Divine Master Luo, I offer my apologies. It’s my family’s fault for not handling this matter well. The Yun Family will comply with any instructions you have. Men, please escort Mr. Chen out.”

Old Master Yun stood at the entrance and glanced at Luo Yunyang before loudly instructing his descendants on what to do.