Supreme Uprising Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Sliced In Two

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Old Master Yun was a shrewd, experienced old man, so he could definitely tell which one was the lesser of two evils. Saying anything right now would be useless, and releasing the Chen Family Head before offering an apology and sending Luo Yunyang away would be ineffective under the circumstances. They couldn’t afford to offend him after all.

Luo Yunyang stared at the composed Yun Miao without saying anything.

Yun Miao, who understood what it meant when this young man was silent, gritted his teeth and added, “The Yun Family will concede this time. We are willing to compensate Mr. Chen and show our sincerity by giving him 10% of our family’s resources.”

The moment he said this, many members of the Yun Family scowled. In their opinion, these resources belonged to them.

However, when they took a glance at Luo Yunyang’s icy expression, they were too scared to even squeak.

“You will only keep 10%!” Luo Yunyang said frostily as he glared at Yun Miao.

Giving away 10% and keeping 10% were two completely different concepts.

Although the Yun Family was Dinghai’s greatest power, they couldn’t make the entire city quiver just by stamping their feet. What they relied on was their immense wealth.

If they lost 90% of their wealth, then their influence in Dinghai would suffer a devastating decline.

Old Master Yun had never expected that Luo Yunyang would open his mouth and make such an impossible request.

“Don’t push your luck. You must know that doing so would destroy our family!” a young member of the Yun Family, who couldn’t stand this any longer, said angrily.

Luo Yunyang didn’t reply to his criticism. There was no need to fight with him.

Although Old Master Yun still looked as tranquil as ever, deep down his heart was like a tumultuous ocean. He found it really hard to keep his cool. His hands had already started trembling slightly. Even though he had yielded, this son of a b*tch still wanted more. What could he do under the circumstances?

“Divine Master Luo, demanding less of others shows one’s magnanimity, and forgiving others shows one’s mercy. Everything has to be tastefully managed to a certain extent. You must know that you aren’t the only god-grade entity in this world!” Li Qingfeng walked forward. “I’m Li Qingfeng. I’ve come over to wish Old Master Yun a happy birthday on behalf of the Edgeless Spiritual Master.”

Although a lot of people hadn’t heard of Li Qingfeng before, when they heard the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s name, their eyes lit up.

What sort of person was the Edgeless Spiritual Master? He had already been known as a Taichi grandmaster before the apocalypse, but he had cultivated his Taichi even harder afterwards and combined it with source power to create the Da Alliance’s best breathing technique: the Taichi Breathing Technique!

Some people even said that the Martial God had asked him for direction back then.

The secret supporter of the Yun Family was the Edgeless Spiritual Master!

The people who disliked the family and took delight in its misfortune pushed away their malicious thoughts.

Old Master Yun’s mouth curled up into a small smile as he clasped his fists and told Luo Yunyang, “Divine Master Luo, we know that our family is at fault, so we are offering to compensate Mr. Chen by giving him 20% of our family’s resources.”

Chen Yong’s father was brought out as he was speaking. Although he had changed into a fresh set of clothes, his dazed, dull gaze made everyone worry.

Plus, someone was assisting him as he walked out.

When Luo Yunyang scanned Chen Yong’s father over with his mind power, he discovered that his whole body was bruised and his leg was broken.

Most importantly, Luo Yunyang discovered that the man’s mental state had suffered a huge blow.

Chen Yong, who had been standing next to Luo Yunyang all along, had always thought that even if his father was held hostage by the Yun Family, he wouldn’t suffer much.

He had never imagined that he would end up like this.

“Father!” Chen Yong rushed over to his father as he wailed sorrowfully.

The male members of the Yun Family, who were about to stop him, froze in fear when they saw Luo Yunyang’s icy stare.

Chen Yong’s father had a blank look in his eyes as he slowly reacted to Chen Yong’s shout. “You are Xiao Yong. Quick, let’s go! Don’t come to this place again! We can’t afford to offend them, we can’t afford to offend them”

As soon as he said these words, Chen Yong’s father became lifeless. The person who had once controlled the entire Chen Family was clearly close to wasting away.

Chen Yong nearly went crazy when he saw his father’s lifeless body. His eyes immediately turned bloodshot. “I thought you just wanted to be compensated! How can you treat my father this way! I will kill you all!”

No one paid much attention to Chen Yong’s snarling words. While Luo Yunyang was standing there, his anguished cries only sounded like an ant trying to stage a revolt.

“I changed my mind!” Luo Yunyang said. “The Yun Family will give up 10% of its resources, but the Yun Family Head and any member of the Yun Family who had anything to do with this will apologize by dying!”

When Luo Yunyang announced that the Yun Family would only give 10% of its resources, a tinge of ecstacy appeared in most people’s eyes. However, when they heard Luo Yunyang’s next words, everyone, including the old master, was dumbfounded.

He wanted Old Master Yun’s life!

“You might be a god-grade powerhouse, Luo Yunyang, but you still have to abide by the rules. Our family will compensate the Chen Family. What else do you want? Do you think you can just do as you please wherever you go?”

Li Qingfeng felt his face burn when he heard Luo Yunyang’s words. Just a few minutes ago, he had announced his master’s name.

Suddenly, before Li Qingfeng could even react, a slap landed on his face.

“You are too noisy!”

Luo Yunyang’s rude, barbaric attitude was simply unforgivable. Li Qingfeng felt his blood boil. Without even thinking, he brandished his arms, causing a black-and-white glow to appear on each of his palms and form an orb that shot out at Luo Yunyang.

Although the orb seemed slow, it was actually extremely quick.

“It’s the Core 13 Taichi Forms!” shouted someone who was familiar with this move.

The Core 13 Taichi Forms was the technique the Edgeless Spiritual Master had come up with by combining his source power with Taichi. This sort of technique wasn’t sold on the Da Alliance’s exchange platform.

However, it was praised by people as a martial cultivation technique second only to the Martial God’s Heaven Splitter.

Luo Yunyang’s expression was indifferent as he watched the black-and-white orb head towards him. He suddenly moved his palms, smashing a fist containing five types of essence flames into the two-colored orb.

BOOM! The orb crumbled and Li Qingfeng was sent flying before he smashed into the ground.

“You You better not take this too far!” Old Master Yun suddenly reacted. “Our family has done great deeds for the Da Alliance. If you touch me, the Da Alliance’s top brass will never forgive you. I am willing to offer half of my family’s resources as well as compensate for the crew members that died during the Chen Family’s voyage to the Free Cities.”

Half of the family’s resources as well as compensation for the lives of the crew members who had been onboard the ship? A strange glow appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes as the idea on Old Master Yun’s mind flowed into his in a second.

Although Old Master Yun wasn’t too clear on what had happened, the Unrivalled Fleet, who specialized in plundering and killing in the open seas, had always had an extremely intimate relationship with the Yun Family.

This meant that there must have been a conspiracy.

“You all deserve to die!” Luo Yunyang stared at the calm, collected Old Master Yun. When he waved his sleeves, Old Master Yun was instantly sliced in two.