Supreme Uprising Chapter 255

Chapter 255 10000 Cannons Firing Simultaneously

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“You have caused big trouble!” This was the first thing Lu Qubing said when he saw Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Lu Qubing silently inside the Chen Family’s manor in Dinghai. He knew that Lu Qubing wouldn’t have come over just to say that.

“You know about what happened with the Yun Family?” Luo Yunyang said with a faint smile on his face.

“We know!” Lu Qubing mulled this over for a second before eventually nodding. “The Yun Family’s collaboration with the Unrivalled Fleet wasn’t accomplished in a day or two.”

“They act like God, yet they behave like the devil. They have destroyed many families and ruined countless lives. Did you know about this?” There was a chill in Luo Yunyang’s voice as he spoke.

Lu Qubing scowled before he said. “Yes, we did. We’ve known everything.”

“Are you afraid of the god-grade entity behind their family?” Luo Yunyang asked coldly.

“No. If there was just a god-grade entity, we would not have let them run rampant. There is also the Unrivalled Fleet.”

Lu Qubing coughed violently before he added, “You might not be aware of the origins of the Unrivalled Fleet, but they were the strongest force on the sea before the apocalypse.” There was a flicker in Lu Qubing’s eyes as he spoke. “When the apocalypse came, mountains were shattered and the flow of rivers was reversed. Many areas of the world turned into ruins. However, the Unrivalled Fleet was on the sea, so they managed to remain completely intact.”

Luo Yunyang drank a sip of water quietly. He could kind of understand now.

“Although we have taboo weapons, they have even more than us. Plus, they’ve had the strongest strike force ever since before the apocalypse. 30 years ago, we tried to touch the Yun Family, but I’m afraid we suffered some huge harm because of it. How many satellite cities are there in Dinghai?” Lu Qubing asked gloomily.

“Four!” Although Luo Yunyang could guess what Lu Qubing was getting at, he still answered.

“Wrong, there used to be eight!” Lu Qubing said in a pained voice. “However, after that attack, we were only left with four. Every satellite city has millions of residents!” Lu Qubing’s voice was a little hoarse. “In the end, the Da Alliance had no option but to leave them to their own business.”

“Are god-grade experts unable to deal with the Unrivalled Fleet?” Luo Yunyang asked Lu Qubing earnestly.

Lu Qubing hesitated before he said, “Although god-grade powerhouses have their domains, the naval formation of the Unrivalled Fleet is like an impenetrable fortress. Plus, I’ve heard that there are god-grade entities within the Unrivalled Fleet.”

“The Unrivalled Fleet’s activities are mostly conducted 150 kilometers away from shore. God-grade powerhouses are unwilling to tread so far out into waters filled with boundless dangers.”

“Even Martial Gods never provoke the Unrivalled Fleet. The Unrivalled Fleet has never dared offend a Martial God either.”

Based on Lu Qubing’s words, Luo Yunyang could sense the pressure the Unrivalled Fleet put on everyone. They ran rampant in the seven seas and possessed large quantities of taboo weapons as well as god-grade powerhouses.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing siren was heard. Luo Yunyang’s expression changed when he heard it.

He knew very well what this ear-piercing siren was. It was the highest-level alarm warning about an enemy attack. When Luo Yunyang soared into the air without hesitation, Lu Qubing followed him.

The instant Luo Yunyang rose in the air, he saw over 1,000 lights streaking across the sky.

These light rays were aiming at the four satellite cities of Dinghai City. When the multitude of those light rays struck, another bunch of light rays appeared in the sky and rushed over frantically.

The directions they had appeared from were different, and so were the directions they were flying in. Everything in the sky was different.

When he put all these differences together, Luo Yunyang felt a sense of powerlessness well in his heart.

Although his mind power had already reached a god-grade level and he had slain the Guardian Deity in the past, he felt insignificant under the circumstances.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Half a minute later, mushroom clouds started to rise and a dazzling white glow blossomed.

Thanks to his extraordinary constitution, Luo Yunyang was able to see huge buildings turn into rubble in an instant. Meanwhile, 10-meter deep craters started to form.

When Luo Yunyang glanced in the direction these weapons had been fired from, he saw over 100 large ships lined-up neatly in the distant oceanfront.

Dazzling sparks were flying out of huge cannons!

Luo Yunyang’s face turned really ugly when he saw those giant warships. He instantly understood.

The Unrivalled Fleet had arrived!

They had bombarded Dinghai City simply because Luo Yunyang had killed Old Master Yun.

Although the four satellite cities hadn’t turned into ruins yet, they sure would after this battle

“Don’t blame yourself, Yunyang. We have already evacuated most of the population of the four satellite cities. Any residents that haven’t been evacuated must have taken refuge in the shelters.”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the coughing Lu Qubing as he spoke. He knew that Lu Qubing had done all this to clear up the mess he had created.

“Thank you, Viceroy!” Luo Yunyang rose into the air as he spoke and headed towards the ocean.

“Yunyang, where are you going? Come back!” Lu Qubing shouted at Luo Yunyang.

Although Luo Yunyang could hear Lu Qubing’s shouts, he didn’t turn back. He just kept flying towards the ocean like a streak of lightning.

“Let him go. Young people are proud and arrogant. This will be a good lesson for him. He has a god-grade cultivation base, so the Unrivalled Fleet’s cannons should probably be unable to hurt him,” Zhuge Yi, who had just arrived, said gloomily.

Lu Qubing hacked violently. Although he really wanted to say something, he eventually just shook his head.

“The Dinghai City Guard has already been upgraded, but it will be difficult for our guided missiles to lock onto the Unrivalled Fleet’s warships. We lost quite a bit of technology during the apocalypse” Zhuge Yi added.

Lu Qubing started coughing again. He stared at the sky, where Luo Yunyang had already disappeared, and shook his head gently. “The closer we get to danger, the wilder things become. The ways of this world are really”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The acute sounds of explosions rang out once again.