Supreme Uprising Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Slaying A God

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Luo Yunyang bit his lip. Although Lu Qubing had said that there weren’t many residents left in the four satellite cities, Luo Yunyang had still seen people get dismembered by the brilliant blasts.

Their deaths were his fault.

Luo Yunyang didn’t regret killing Old Master Yun, who had behaved rampantly and been guilty of monstrous crimes, but what had all those innocent civilians done wrong?

All these people had died because of him!

Luo Yunyang didn’t consider himself a saint, but he also didn’t think that he was a cold-blooded person. He was just a hot-blooded young man.

Smoke and dust seemed to cover everything, while the sky was ablaze. The flames made Luo Yunyang’s lips feel parched. He actually felt as though he was on fire.

Kill, kill, kill!

A crazy thought formed in Luo Yunyang’s mind. He suddenly urged the Buddha Disks beneath his feet to shoot towards the multitude of fire cannons of the Unrivalled Fleet like a whirlwind.

Five kilometers, 25 kilometers In a flash, Luo Yunyang had already rushed out of Dinghai City and reached a large expanse of water.

175 kilometers away, inside a huge steel fort-like warship, over 30 people were gathered inside a large hall.

The hall was adorned with riches, ancient swords from the middle ages, porcelain chinaware from the Yuan Dynasty, and various artifacts that should have been in a museum

However, all these extremely expensive items were only used as ornaments.

An electronic screen inside the hall displayed various scenes within a 150-kilometer range.

“When the thunder rages, thousands of miles of land are laid bare!” a tall, large middle-aged man with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes said. “Even though I don’t really like the people of the 13 Eastern Cities, ancient expressions are really domineering. I get a kick out of using them!”

The middle-aged man laughed heartily, triggering a chorus of laughter from his comrades.

A handsome middle-aged man with an eyepatch said amidst the laughter, “During the past 30 years, our fleet hasn’t shown its might. That god-grade entity’s provocation came at the right time.”

“Sky Axemodel 32, Wind Chasermodel 300. These are the most classic weapons we have researched and produced.”

“The fellows at the research center have said that those weapons could even slaughter gods. It’s high time we tested out their power!”

As they were speaking, a series of beeps were heard and a mechanical voice said, “Admiral, an unidentified flying object was detected 35 degrees northwest.”

The large screen flickered and cut to a figure riding a pair of strange flying disks in their direction.

“It’s Luo Yunyang!” someone exclaimed. “This fellow is a god-grade telekinesis master. We can’t let him get within 25 kilometers of us.”

“The fleet is in a state of emergency. Number 13, Number 15, fire the Wind Chaser-300s locked on Luo Yunyang. Battleship Number 1, prepare to fire the Sky Axe! Today, we will be slaughtering a god!” said a rugged old man with staunch determination on his face.

Judging by the seven stars on his epaulet and his snow-white military uniform, this man was without a doubt the highest-ranking officer on that warship.

His words made the huge fleet work itself up to a frenzy. At practically every battleship’s bridge the crew members were repeating the same words.

“Let’s slaughter a god!”

“Let’s slaughter a god!”

“Let’s slaughter a god!”

Although the Unrivalled Fleet was supposed to be invincible, whenever they encountered a god-grade powerhouse, they would make a strategic retreat. However, even though they had been making god-grade entities flinch for years, they had never slaughtered a god before.

They would make up for this now!

Although the soldiers of the Unrivalled Fleet were much stronger than ordinary soldiers, they still felt insignificant compared to a powerful god-grade entity.

This time, they wanted to slaughter a god, which would be just like slaying a dragon if the stories they used to read younger where anything to go by.

“Fire!” At the commander’s loud order, bright lights rose into the sky from the warship, followed by an ear-piercing rumbling sound. Meanwhile, one of the most advanced planes took off from the warship’s runway.

Their objective wasn’t to deal with Luo Yunyang, but pinpoint his location.

The killing intent in Luo Yunyang’s heart had already reached a tipping point. He needed to avenge all those innocent people, no matter what. He had to make these unbridled people face the punishment they deserved.

They had bombarded the four satellite cities, costing many innocent people their lives. They had to die!

As he was flying, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt a little tense. In an instant, he sensed an immense danger closing in on him frantically.

When he fixed his gaze in the distance, he saw over 10 bright lights rush towards him.

These lights came from different directions and varying angles, but they all had the same destination: Luo Yunyang.

The Unrivalled Fleet’s strongest weapons, which were taboo weapons, could strike within a range of over 500 kilometers.

This wasn’t the first time taboo weapons had locked onto Luo Yunyang, so he remained extremely calm. He didn’t want to waste precious time trying to evade the taboo weapons rushing at him.

Instead, he advanced onwards, where he thought the weapons were coming from.

As the taboo weapons got within five kilometers of him, Luo Yunyang urged the Buddha Disks underneath his feet to split up into more than 10 light disks and fly over at the onrushing taboo weapons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, the taboo weapons collided with the light disks, producing intense explosions that created 300-meter tall waves on the seemingly endless ocean.

The torrential waves and massive shaking motion felt like the beginning of a new apocalypse.

The Unrivalled Fleet’s huge warships fired taboo weapons maniacally at the waves, as if they wanted to blast a hole in everything.

Both the command center of the Unrivalled Fleet and the Da Alliance’s satellites found it difficult to see what was going on in this area. Luo Yunyang, who was right in the middle of everything, naturally could not see a thing either.

As the taboo weapons thundered, a massive whirlpool formed right at the heart of the explosions.

“Today, the Unrivalled Fleet slayed a god outside Dinghai City!”

A blood-red notice appeared on the Sky Vision, shocking the entire world.

Slayed a god? God-grade entities had so far been practically invincible, so these words shook the entire Da Alliance.