Supreme Uprising Chapter 257

Chapter 257 A Clash Of Two Ultimate Powers

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Back in Shen’du, Jin Zaitian had a grave, solemn expression on his face. He didn’t care about the people around him. He was just staring fixedly at the boundless ocean.

Meanwhile, in the Ancient City of Mei’ya, the top brass of the 17 Western Cities was gathered in a hall. Their objective was to watch the Unrivalled Fleet on their screens.

“This This used to be our strongest fleet back in the day. How regrettable!”

Deep in the mountains, inside an ancient cave where everything was simple and unadorned, a tall, large man wearing a traditional robe watched the screen before him.

On the screen, massive cannons containing immense energy were pointed at the sky.

“Two ultimate powers are facing off!” the man in the traditional robe muttered to himself with glowing eyes.


Roaring explosions that made it sound like the earth was being split apart rang out in the boundless ocean. Meanwhile, light beams sprayed out of a huge warship over one kilometer long. The target of this barrage was the area where Luo Yunyang was.

“It’s Sky Axe32!” someone in Mei’ya City said with a shudder. “I heard that while the Unrivalled Fleet was testing the latest Sky Axe, a small island was destroyed! Its speed is way beyond extraordinary”

As that person was speaking, the tabloo weapon hidden within the light rays reached the surface between the waves.

Many people clenched their fists tightly. They were all right at the top of the Da Alliance, so the majority of them weren’t concerned about Luo Yunyang, but about the clash between the two powers the Da Alliance considered so magnificent.

A god-grade powerhouse and a powerful taboo weapon were about to clash!

Luo Yunyang felt his heart beat faster. His Mind Attribute had just reached its max.

Accurately slicing the taboo weapon rushing through the air in two was already hard enough. However, the moment the taboo weapon was destroyed, it would also explode.

Although Luo Yunyang’s Constitution was very strong and he had mastered the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart’s Ice-Fire Discordant Barrier, its energy consumption was massive, so even though he had already made a breakthrough and linked up seven apertures, he still found it slightly difficult to pull off.

Plus, Luo Yunyang felt extremely sullen. He had considered transferring all his attribute points to his Speed and rushing over to the Unrivalled Fleet in a flash, but he realized that although his speed wasn’t slower than the taboo weapons, the taboo weapons locked on him wouldn’t be interrupted. If he transferred all his attribute points to his Speed, he would definitely die a miserable death.

Luo Yunyang believed that a massive computer was calculating everything and firing those weapons.

He could hear the thunderous booms. Suddenly, he sensed a sun-like object advancing towards him.

In three seconds, this taboo weapon, which was way more powerful than the previous ones, would be upon him!

The sea was in a torrential rage, while small-scale taboo weapons were exploding all over the place. Huge masses of energy collided, making the area seem like part of a purgatory.

Luo Yunyang thought for a second before he headed into the sea water, all the while using his mind power to control the Buddha Disks again.

500 meters, 1,000 meters, 1,500 meters

As Luo Yunyang submerged himself frantically, he sensed a big threat. Suddenly, he felt a beam of light surge towards him in the water. Although it wasn’t as quick as it was in the air, it was still approaching him extremely fast.

His own mind power wasn’t the same as it was in the air.

Luo Yunyang, who could clearly sense the power contained within that ray of light, made a decision without hesitation.

He adjusted his Constitution once again and submerged himself even deeper. He now felt heavier than a bar of gold.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Luo Yunyang descended another 500 meters, the intense sound of an explosion reverberated throughout the ocean. The wild explosion caused the sea water to churn violently. Luo Yunyang felt a massive force try to rip his body apart.

Luckily, he was still quite a distance away from the central point of the explosion, so this ripping force did not cause him too much damage.

“Target has sunk 2,000 meters under the surface. Our alloy submarines have already locked onto him. They can fire the Sky Axe at any moment!” the mechanical voice in the command center said once again.

Although the old fellow with the seven stars on his shoulder had a cool expression on his face, a faint flicker in his pupils made his eyes seem ablaze.

Anyone familiar with him knew that the old man had reached a feverish state.

“Lock on the target’s coordinates and prepare the Sea King!”

The moment the old man said this, the expressions of the officers around him changed dramatically. “Sir, Sea Kings are weapons that we use for strategic deterrence,” someone reminded him in a low voice. “A Sea King costs as much as half a city. Once it is fired”

“If we want to slay a god, we can’t stop halfway. This young man is very impressive. The speed at which he became a god-grade entity surpasses that of a normal person. We have to kill him right now!” the seven-starred admiral said coolly. “Besides, the Da Alliance has to witness the Unrivalled Fleet’s progress.”

“Yes, sir!”

After a series of complying shouts, orders were issued rapidly. The command center, which was already very busy, suddenly went crazy with activity.

“Sea King Category 1 standing by!”

“Sea King Category 2 standing by!”

“Sea King Category 3 standing by!”

The mechanical voice kept rising and falling. Suddenly, the massive deck above the command center unfolded and a huge rampart with a perimeter of 500 meters slowly rose into the air.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang’s communication device started ringing. As soon as he put the call through, he heard Lu Qubing’s voice.

“Get out immediately! Get out immediately!”

Lu Qubing’s voice was filled with worry. Although he wasn’t sure what he meant, Luo Yunyang still changed direction quickly.

Unfortunately, although he was fast, the electronic targeting system was even quicker.

Just 10 seconds later, a loud boom was heard once again.

This time, the boom made the sea vibrate. Even Dinghai City started shaking because of it.

A huge mass of light rushed towards Luo Yunyang. The moment it descended, a massive black hole appeared, covering the ocean within a 15-kilometer radius.

As the sea water receded, massive waves surged.

The imagery was uploaded on the Sky Vision. For a moment, the entire Da Alliance was deadly silent.

“A Sea King is essential for slaying a god!”

These blood-red words appeared above the black hole in the brutal image. Anyone who saw it shivered uncontrollably.