Supreme Uprising Chapter 258

Chapter 258 The 360 Degree Interception System

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It was the Unrivalled Fleet!

The entire Da Alliance heard about the Unrivalled Fleet. Practically every elite human now knew about them.

They had used a Sky Axe and a Sea King! The names of these two taboo weapons resonated throughout the entire human world within seconds.

The news that a god had been slain made many ordinary people go wild.

However, as soon as the history of the Unrivalled Fleet was dug up, many people felt chills go down their spines. The Unrivalled Fleet had never joined the Da Alliance. They had moved on the oceans unhindered and swept away everything and everyone before them

They had destroyed four satellite cities over a small disagreement. Furthermore, the remaining four satellite cities of Dinghai had been demolished recently by their barrage of cannon fire.

Basically, all the Da Alliance could do was leave them be.

They had slain a god!

Luo Yunyang, the brightest spark of the 13 Eastern Cities, had been bombarded by the Unrivalled Fleet in the ocean. It was currently unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Silence enveloped the entire Da Alliance.

Splash! As the black hole dissipated, a figure rushed out of the surging surface of the roaring sea.

The figure soared up into the air like a flash of light and headed in the direction of the Unrivalled Fleet.

“Luo Yunyang! It’s Luo Yunyang!” someone exclaimed in alarm.

Meanwhile, the more than 100 beams of light 150 meters away started to shoot towards Luo Yunyang.

The light beams gathered and formed a huge semicircle in the air, effectively blocking Luo Yunyang’s path and enveloping him.

Luo Yunyang’s chest filled with fury. He had suffered some serious injuries during the earlier Sea King attack, as the intense vibrations had caused a crack to appear in the source core within his body.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t used his attribute regulator to raise his rarely-used Golden Body to the maximum, he would have probably been killed by that taboo weapon.

The Nie Family’s taboo weapons had been like child’s play compared to the Sea King. That explosive energy had seemed as though it would rip apart everything within range.

Luo Yunyang would rush over and rip the Unrivalled Fleet to shreds!

This was the most intense thought occupying his mind. Thus, when he rose into the air after the Sea King’s energy dissipated, he had already transferred all his attribute points to his Speed, making it even quicker than the speed of sound.

Luo Yunyang estimated that he could run 150 kilometers in two minutes. However, after travelling for a few kilometers, a barrage of frantic cannon fire erupted. Although the majority of it wasn’t taboo weapon fire, Luo Yunyang still had to evade this powerful attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Luo Yunyang got angrier each time he had to dodge. He actually felt as if he was about to go crazy.

“Yunyang! Retreat quickly! The satellite has already detected that the Unrivalled Fleet has a Sea King on standby just waiting to be fired!” Lu Qubing’s voice reminded Luo Yunyang through his communication device.

As soon as he heard this warning, Luo Yunyang’s intuition told him that he should hide.

However, he did not want to. He reckoned that if he chose to hide, then he wouldn’t be Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang gazed at the huge warships cruising 100 kilometers away before he picked up the God Slayer strapped to his back.


The ancient spear carried Luo Yunyang’s Ice and Fire Powers, as well as the fury in his heart, as it soared through the sky and took aim at the huge warship at the front of the fleet.

Although the God Slayer’s speed surpassed Luo Yunyang’s, by the time it had flown 50 kilometers ahead, three taboo weapons had already collided with it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Massive explosions enveloped the ancient spear in an instant. The tiny bit of Luo Yunyang’s mind power that still remained on the spear vanished completely.

When the sky returned to its calm state, the God Slayer could not be seen anymore.

During the barrage of the three taboo weapons, the spear had sunk to the depths of the ocean.

“Run! The Sea King has already been fired!” Lu Qubing’s voice rang out once more. This time, Luo Yunyang didn’t try to defy him. He just dove frantically into the ocean.

A devastating explosion caused the sea water to churn again and form huge waves. Even the sky seemed like it was going to tear apart.

The Sea King’s power scattered into the vast ocean.

As it slowly dissipated, Lu Qubing’s voice rang out next to Luo Yunyang’s ear. “Stop rushing towards the Unrivalled Fleet. Their defence system is controlled by a massive Zeus computer known for being able to intercept taboo weapons within 250 kilometers. If you rush forward, you will just become a target!”

A deafening horn was heard across the ocean before blasts of light blossomed in the sky like a firework display.

The Unrivalled Fleet was like a dragon slowly heading out into the deep sea. As it was leaving, a sentence appeared on the Sky Vision.

“This is what god-grade entities are like. We’ll be back!”

The Unrivalled Fleet left, heading out towards the deep sea and leaving in its wake the four destructed satellite cities.

Luo Yunyang watched the leaving Unrivalled Fleet, feeling extremely sullen deep down. He’d wanted to make the Unrivalled Fleet pay, yet he had not even gotten within 100 kilometers of it.

“Hurry back, Yunyang! Although it is unclear why the Unrivalled Fleet retreated, there might be a ploy involved!” Lu Qubing’s voice said once again.

Luo Yunyang stared at the flickering, flashing lights in the sky, feeling both indignant and powerless.

If he could climb over the Unrivalled Fleet, then he would beat its members to a pulp with the wave of his hand.

Was his speed insufficient?

No, even if his speed had been two times faster, he would still have been targeted by the Unrivalled Fleet’s defensive system.

He wouldn’t have escaped unless he had been able to leap across the sky!

As he thought about it, Luo Yunyang recalled a True Intent related to speed that he had encountered back on the Great Snow Mountain.

Or maybe it had been a hint of True Intent related to space. Unfortunately, he had only managed to touch a small part of it at the time.

However, that small bit of understanding had allowed him to cross the Snow Mountain and move to another space.

Still, due to the fact that he had grasped too little of it, he had yet to comprehend it fully and make it his own.

If he had been able to cross space, that defensive system wouldn’t have locked on him so easily. If he had that ability, the whole world would be at his fingertips!

As these thoughts went through his mind, Luo Yunyang suddenly seemed to realize something. Instead of looking for the God Slayer, he soared into the sky and rushed maniacally at a small mountain 50 kilometers away from Dinghai City.

Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes contained a crazy killing intent.