Supreme Uprising Chapter 259

Chapter 259 War Or Peace

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Luo Yunyang shut his eyes in thought on top of that small mountain. His Mind Attribute had already been raised over 10,000 points.

A 20,000-point Mind Attribute would make everything extremely clear, but what was important to him right now was comprehension.

He was currently thinking about how he had crossed the Great Snow Mountain.

Actually, he was remembering the state he had been in when he had crossed from one snowy peak to another.

Comprehending True Intent was something very difficult for martialists. Sometimes, some experiences and thoughts would allow one to accomplish True Intent naturally, but more often than not, it was very difficult to do.

When people purposely tried to study and cultivate hard in various ways, the effect was even worse.

However, this didn’t happen to Luo Yunyang, not because of his Constitution, but rather because of his powerful mind power.

The attribute regulator had allowed his Mind Attribute to reach a frightening level of 20,000 points.

In one step, Luo Yunyang reached the ocean’s surface by covering dozens of kilometers. However, the instant he strode over, he sensed several shadows of himself appearing.

This meant that he wasn’t crossing space. He just had a fast Speed.

Although there were interlinking spaces, there were also all sorts of nodes within them. Once these nodes were studied and comprehended, crossing space would finally be possible.

In theory, crossing through space nodes would probably be limitless. However, being able to cross dozens of kilometers in one step was already good enough.

Those nodes that merged with space belonged to him.

These thoughts popped into Luo Yunyang’s mind as he was looking at the space he was at. He already felt that this was no longer an expanse of emptiness, but individual nodes.

Cross over, cross over, cross over

As Luo Yunyang was comprehending crossing these nodes in silence, news about the Unrivalled Fleet kept sprouting up.

On Day 3, the Unrivalled Fleet swept Stormwind City. The city’s defence crumbled and six out of its 13 satellite cities were destroyed.

On Day 5, the Unrivalled Fleet reached the Ancient City of Mei’ya. Although they didn’t attack it, their presence pressured Mei’ya until, thanks to the mediation of a god-grade expert from the 17 Western Cities, the fleet left.

On Day 13, the Unrivalled Fleet swept across the violent ocean, routing the Da Alliance’s only fleet.

On Day 19

The Unrivalled Fleet’s crazy retaliation made the entire Da Alliance become terrified.

There were people in the Da Alliance who were very angry with the Unrivalled Fleet’s actions and were calling for its destruction. However, among the angry crowd were also some people who placed the blame on Luo Yunyang.

On Day 22, the Unrivalled Fleet’s special envoy visited Shen’du.

Vice-Chairman Jin Zaitian received this haughty special envoy. The envoy didn’t engage in any discussions with him. Its members only listed 31 conditions.

Everything would be fine if these 31 conditions were met. If they were not, then the fighting would continue.

“War or peace, the decision lies with us!” These were the parting words of the special envoy.

After going through the 31 conditions, Jin Zaitian and the other leaders of the 13 Eastern Cities frowned deeply. The conditions these people had suggested were too demanding.

Monetary compensation alone would cost about a third of the 13 Eastern Cities’ resources. Plus, there were also other conditions.

For example, Dinghai would have to become a free city without defence, and the Eight Eastern Armies would have to withdraw.

Of course, the hostages would also have to be handed over to the Unrivalled Fleet.

Luo Yunyang’s mother and younger sister were to join those hostages. The 31st and final condition was to give Old Master Yun a magnificent funeral.

It was also explicitly stated that Luo Yunyang would have to attend the funeral and pay his respects along with the Yun Family’s descendants.

Many people blew their tops when they heard these conditions. Lu Qubing threw the document listing the conditions to the ground furiously.

“Let’s just fight! Why don’t we? If a tiger doesn’t roar, people will just assume it’s a sick cat! Damn it! We mustn’t yield, even if we have to fight it out with this scum until the world turns upside down!”

Although it was unknown who leaked Lu Qubing’s words, half an hour later, the Unrivalled Fleet fired three more taboo weapons in the direction of Dinghai City.

Even though these taboo weapons didn’t cause much damage, their forceful deterrence was obvious.

The people on the Sky Vision were fanning the flames and pinning all the blame on Luo Yunyang.

“Dinghai City is weeping, all because of a certain person’s outrageous actions. If we aren’t able to withstand the Unrivalled Fleet’s attacks, innocent people will lose their lives!”

“Old Master Yun was a person of great virtue and prestige. Even though he made some mistakes, they were mostly due to the negligence of his subordinates. It was lawless to kill him this way!”

“The Unrivalled Fleet’s conditions aren’t that unreasonable!”

“They are not even that important compared to our lives. Luo Yunyang deserves to die. His outrageous actions are unforgivable!”

The ancient martial families that had been suppressed by Luo Yunyang also chose to hop out now. Some of them even announced publicly that they had already paid in blood, so Luo Yunyang handing over two relatives wasn’t much in comparison.

He had to apologize and make amends. One always had to pay a price for doing the wrong thing after all.

Soon, public sentiment surged. Many people who believed that their own lives had been affected by the menacing Unrivalled Fleet sided with these groups.

Chen Yong’s family barricaded itself to avoid the people running up to their doorstep and hurling abuse. Those people were blaming their family for causing trouble.

The contents of these insults made Chen Yong’s father so mad that he nearly couldn’t take it. Although he knew that it was difficult to reason in this case, he felt so frustrated that he was about to explode.

If no answer was given in three days, Dinghai City would be surrounded by taboo weapons.

On Day 23, when the Unrivalled Fleet’s special envoy left Shen’du, large blood-red words appeared on the Sky Vision once again.

The threat that Dinghai City would be surrounded by taboo weapons seemed to make the entire 13 Eastern Cities blow up.

All sorts of clamor and shouts filled the 13 Eastern Cities. It was so bad that quite a number of legislative members gathered in Jin Zaitian’s office and encouraged Jin Zaitian to follow the public sentiment.

Jin Zaitian slammed his hands on the table furiously. However, it was no use. Two days after the special envoy had delivered those terms and conditions, 36 large warships of the Unrivalled Fleet started to appear in the ocean 500 kilometers away from Dinghai City.

The images transmitted through the satellites showed taboo weapon launchers being set up. The whole area was filled with a strong killing aura.

Suddenly, the entire Dinghai City went into chaos.

Even some nearby cities flew into a strange fervor.

War or peace seemed like a very simple choice that Jin Zaitian would have to make.