Supreme Uprising Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Sixth Factor

This really wasn't Earth.

This was a tiny space that interlinked with Earth!

As the void that contained those hidden mountains and dangerous source beasts got closer to Earth, the barrier became even thinner. There were some tiny spaces of it that already overlapped with Earth.

The burly man with the sinister face didn't say how many such spaces there were.

Based on what he said though, the benefits of this tiny space could not be compared to any other place on Earth.

This space contained an active substance that scientists had named the sixth factor.

Nobody knew why it had been given such a name, but one thing was for certain. It could prevent the cells of the human body from aging.

This meant that it could prolong the average person's lifespan.

Just this fact alone could cause humans a lot of trouble. Even if one didn't cultivate, just spending 10 or 20 years in that place could improve their power and speed significantly.

"He he Breathe in some more. It will be good for you. Do you see that? That's the main city where Base 7 is located."

The sinister man licked his lips unconsciously. "It is a place with unimaginable pleasures. The sixth factor is not bad. There are actually special rooms in the main city, where the density of the sixth factor is even higher. He he Don't you just want to go over and take a few breaths, my friends?"

Luo Yunyang had already felt his body become even more active just by breathing in.

Maybe if he breathed in the sixth factor a few more times

"I know you guys were idols in your own world, but unfortunately, you are all trash to me! All I have to do is lift a hand to completely wipe out all you pieces of trash. In my eyes, you are no more than a bunch of newborn rats. I could kill you all as easily as it is for me to speak."

When the man was done talking, all the students standing around Luo Yunyang had an ugly expression on their faces. They had been able to get accepted into the Rising Dragon Army's elite class, which meant that they were the youngest generation of elite martialists in Chang'an City.

Back in their own world, everything had revolved around them.

"What's wrong? Can't stomach what I said? Daddy is standing right here, giving each of you a chance to beat him. I won't move, as long as you use your dirty fists to strike me down. If you manage to do it, congratulations! You will be able to enter the city and get to your rooms. There will be food and beds waiting for you. If you can't hit me, that's too bad. You will all have to sleep on the floor!"

The sinister man patted his bald head and chuckled. "I have to tell you that the nights here are not very enjoyable. Mosquitos and other insects have undergone a huge evolution thanks to the help of the sixth factor. Come on, you pieces of trash! Why is no one even trying anything?"

The man's last provocation immediately ignited the wrath of the young martialists. They were all geniuses after all.

Back in their own domains, they had been pampered and fawned over, yet here they were being called pieces of trash.

This was unacceptable!

A tough-looking young man who wasn't exactly handsome, but was still kind of pleasing to the eye, strode out. "My name is Yang Yirui. Please guide me along, instructor."

"Oh, I know all about you. I heard that your physical strength has already hit 5,000 kilos. It seems like your family has been investing in you ever since you were born. Your 5,000 kilos of strength are frightening, but they are actually useless."

As the sinister man was speaking, a few large men dressed casually watched Luo Yunyang and the others.

"Old Xu is scaring the newbies again!"

"I think Old Xu is just perverted!"

"These unfortunate kids have no idea what state Old Xu's martial art skills are in. How would they even be able to touch him?"

They didn't try to lower their voices, so most people were able to hear what they were saying.

Old Xu ignored his comrades' words. He just stared Yang Yirui in the eye and kept provoking him, "Come on, you piece of trash! What are you waiting over there for?"

"Take this!" Yang Yirui looked infuriated. His eyes were bloodshot. Although he was a proud person, even a clay figure would have been unable to stand being called trash so many times.

Luo Yunyang didn't notice the exact technique of his punch, but he could feel that there were three variations concealed in it.

Dodging easily only led him into the crazy instructor's trap.

"This is the Eight Extreme Fists Technique! Using this technique in front of me is like showing off in front of an expert!"

When he saw that the sinister man had not even flinched, Yang Yirui pressed his fist forward until it met empty air.

A look of disbelief formed on his face.

The sinister man hadn't even dodged, yet his fist had struck the air.

The moment Yang Yirui hesitated, the man extended his hand, grabbed Yang Yirui's front lapel and lifted him up in the air.

"Ha ha! You piece of trash!" As he spoke, he threw Yang Yirui aside.

As fellow members of the Rising Dragon Army's elite class, the majority of the young martialists couldn't accept that they were weaker than someone else. They couldn't believe they had just seen their comrade be tossed on the ground. While they were still furious, there was also a trace of dread in their expressions now.

"I told you that you are just a pile of trash. Come on, come on now Don't you all wish to live in the city? Come on! Hit me, if you can! If you knock me down, you will get a nice place to stay and delicious food to eat! Ha ha ha!"

The sinister man looked more and more pleased with himself. The more pleased he looked, fewer members of the elite class stepped forward.

"Don't tell me that you don't have the guts. Like I said, you are all just a pile of trash..."

"My turn!" A second young man stepped forward. The martialist, who was as lean as a monkey, didn't state his name. He just attacked right away, his fists moving all over the place.

Unfortunately, none of his punches landed on the sinister man.

"You are all show, but no substance!" the man told the young martialist before he extended his arm, grabbed the skinny young man and sent him flying to the ground.

Three, four, five...

By the time six elite martialists had been thrown to the ground, nobody else from Luo Yunyang's group dared step forward.

"The quality of this group is awful! Each generation is weaker than the last. Martialists who grow up in privileged environments must at least have some kind of ability, even if their fighting spirit isn't good enough!"

The bunch of fit men in uniforms standing on the sidelines protested in disdain. There were even some who started whistling.

"My turn!" Luo Yunyang stepped forward slowly from the group.