Supreme Uprising Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Swallowing Anger

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Jameson’s chest was puffed out as he held his head high calmly.

He was only a major of the Unrivalled Fleet, and not a very favored one at that, otherwise he wouldn’t have been dispatched to the 13 Eastern Cities to negotiate.

At first, he had been furious. Everyone would volunteer when there were benefits at stake and shirk when there weren’t. Everyone knew that this was a tough task that included the possibility of getting killed. All the fellas who didn’t really like him were gloating over his misfortune behind his back.

Although Jameson had felt depressed at the beginning, he no longer felt that way.

The suppressive military might of the Unrivalled Fleet and the posts inciting havoc on the Sky Vision had made him realize something.

He had the power to rage war or maintain peace. He was so high up that even Jin Zaitian, let alone the generals of the 13 Eastern Cities, would have to beg him.

Jameson tossed an exquisite-looking plate in a beautiful arc. The plate landed on the floor with a crash. “What is this? Dog food? Remake it!” he bellowed angrily.

His perverse rudeness made the middle-aged man standing beside him furious. However, the middle-aged man eventually waved an attendant over.

The attendant was about to clean up the mess, when Jameson roared impatiently, “Get away, you vermin!”

The attendant, who was a neatly-dressed lad in his 20s, looked angry.

“You piece of trash! I have already stressed that I only want pleasant-looking women to wait on me! Not these imbeciles! Are you defying me on purpose?” As Jameson got more and more worked-up, he tried to slap the middle-aged man’s face.

The middle-aged man subconsciously prepared to dodge, when Jameson suddenly shouted unforgivingly, “If you try to avoid my hand, I will leave immediately!”

The middle-aged man suddenly froze, as though a spell had been cast on him. Jameson’s palm landed heavily on his face.

“Ha ha! That was satisfying!” Jameson guzzled the glass of milk in front of him with satisfaction before burping loudly. “Your 13 Eastern Cities are so lowly. That’s why you are such a cheap person! Ha ha ha!”

The middle-aged man didn’t make a sound. Jameson, who got excited, flung the remaining milk at the man’s face.

“Send the girl who waited on me yesterday. Now!” Jameson ordered.

Although the man was a martial master with a cultivation base greater than his own, he was nothing but an ant before the cannon fire of the Unrivalled Fleet.

The middle-aged man clenched his teeth tightly. He didn’t even wipe away the milk dripping down his face before he said very slowly, “If I killed you right now and the Da Alliance executed me, do you think the Unrivalled Fleet would avenge your death?”

Although the middle-aged man spoke very calmly, Jameson’s face convulsed.

He wanted to tell this fellow, who had the audacity to threaten him, that the moment he died, the Unrivalled Fleet’s 7-Star Admiral Lakiren would bury a city along with him.

However, Jameson stammered. Even if a city was destroyed along with him, he would still be a dead man. Jameson would rather drift and live without a purpose than have an impressive funeral. What use would that be?

The middle-aged man walked away calmly. Jameson felt his face burn up as he watched the man’s retreating back.

“How dare you act all high and mighty! If you have the ability, then why don’t you resist the Unrivalled Fleet? We destroyed four satellite cities! He he How many years did it take you to build them? They have all been turned into rubble now. How dare you think that I’m playing around!”

After letting off some steam this way, Jameson felt refreshed. His heart felt more at ease now.

“War, war, war!”

The three blood-red words formed a written war challenge on Lu Qubing’s desk. Although there was a burning desire in his eyes, his cough had become more intense.

“A fight to the death?” Lu Qubing muttered to himself before shaking his head. In terms of weaponry, the 13 Eastern Cities weren’t that far behind the Unrivalled Fleet. However, passively taking a beating would be

“Fighting is the only way!” Jin Zaitian’s voice said through his communication device. As soon as he said this, he hung up.

Jin Zaitian had been communicating with the other cities of the Da Alliance in hopes that they would all join forces against the Unrivalled Fleet this time.

However, the results had been minimal.

Now, they had finally made a decision.

Although Jameson had been sent there politely, his treatment wasn’t good enough. Right now, he felt like a stray dog.

“In a few days, you will all come crying and begging for daddy to come back. When that time comes, you better prepare all the ladies, because I will be asking you to personally bring them to my room!” Jameson hooted crazily as he was leaving. He had confidence in the Unrivalled Fleet and their Sea King taboo weapon.

The middle-aged man stared at Jameson before quickly moving to block him off and throwing a punch that made Jameson collapse like a wounded bird.

The Da Alliance’s two space satellites were quickly mobilized. The Unrivalled Fleet’s movements on the vast seas were detected in no time.

Their target was Dinghai City.

Admiral Lakiren stood at the window of the command center and gazed out at the dark blue waters with a pipe in hand.

“Conquering a city and turning it into our base of operations on land isn’t a bad idea. Just thinking about it makes my blood race. Work hard, kids. Women and fine wine await you!”

As a 7-Star Admiral, it wasn’t difficult for him to rouse his subordinates’ zeal.

“Ashore, forward!”

His shout was immediately met with a chorus of intense roars from the soldiers.

As he stared at the huge city of Dinghai, which stood as tall as a beast, Lakiren proclaimed loudly, “Let’s thank Luo Yunyang for allowing our might and influence to illuminate the entire Da Alliance once again!”

Meanwhile, the residents of Dinghai City were retreating frantically. Although some of them couldn’t bear to part with the homes they had spent a large part of their lives striving for, in the end, all they could do was run away helplessly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flares suddenly rose from an area within Dinghai City. However, the speed of those glowing lights was too slow, and the Unrivalled Fleet was not within their striking range.

“Ha ha ha! You are trying to hit us with these sort of weapons? This is like a mantis trying to stop a chariot!” Lakiren’s fingers were on a screen as he planted the taboo weapon into the ocean. “Category 1 standby. In 10 minutes, all firing systems are to target Dinghai City!” he said, roaring with laughter.

“If they don’t hand over compensation, then let’s beat them until they are all bruised and battered. Let’s see whether they will accept our terms and conditions then!” Lakiren said as the safety of several taboo weapons was deactivated. The weapons immediately started to accumulate energy.

Meanwhile, countless eyes gathered on Dinghai City.