Supreme Uprising Chapter 262

Chapter 262 The Gods' Assembly

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Destroying The Unrivalled on the raging seas caused Luo Yunyang’s position on the Sky List to skyrocket. He suddenly jumped from 18th to 10th.

Although 10th place didn’t seem like a big leap, this advancement astonished many people.

This position was right at the peak of the Da Alliance after all.

People in the Da Alliance kept discussing rumors regarding Luo Yunyang enthusiastically. Many people in the 13 Eastern Cities, especially Dinghai, said that he watched over the common folk.

However, the residents of the 17 Western Cities, especially those of the White Gold City, called Luo Yunyang a monster similar to devil incarnate.

This was because the White Gold City had ties with the Unrivalled Fleet. Some people even said that its headquarters were in the White Gold City.

Although no one knew whether these rumors were true, a building in the White Gold City had crumbled down mysteriously.

The White Gold City was near the sea, so its temperature was perfect for sightseeing. However, ever since the emergence of dire beasts and source beasts, very few people would go over to enjoy the landscape.

Gezi Town, which was nearby, didn’t see too many tourists either.

The town was located at the foot of a mountain, so its scenery seemed to be straight out of a painting. Although it was a small town that was a part of the White Gold City, nobody would normally pay any attention to it.

Only some rich, free people or moody martialists who stayed at the White Gold City would enjoy the leisurely pace of the place.

“Idle people never progress!” Simon and the others were stupefied when they saw the huge blood-red signboard.

They had travelled on foot for five hours until they reached Gezi Town and stopped to take a look at the charming, gentle scenery there.

They were both tired and hungry, so they were hoping to replenish their energy when they entered the city.

Although they had talked about what they would eat beforehand, the situation in front of them was completely unexpected.

“I am a special-grade elite from the Da Alliance. My name is Simon!” Simon took out his emblem.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as he said this, even the most strictly-supervised place in the world would let him in.

Standing beside Simon was a tall, slender lady that seemed kind of proud. She gave off this vibe because she could. It wasn’t her fault her husband was so capable after all.

However, her pride didn’t last long. That haughty look only stayed on her face for three seconds before disappearing.

“Go back and cultivate properly.” The martialist guarding the place waved his hands dismissively as he said in an unquestionable tone, “You can’t enter this place.”

A glint of anger flashed through Simon’s eyes. He was already a martial master and a second-class martial master. His credentials, in combination with his age, made most people treat him rather nicely.

However, this town had actually denied him entrance.

Just as he was about to argue, he saw a young man in ordinary clothes walk over unhurriedly with a small backpack.

When Simon saw his face, he got a little nervous.

However, he still gritted his teeth and bowed respectfully before the man.

Simon’s comrades stared at Simon in astonishment. They all knew what a proud fellow Simon was. How could their prideful comrade bow before another young man of a similar age?

Wasn’t this kind of abnormal?

The young man barely glanced at Simon before he strolled leisurely into the tightly-guarded town. The soldiers in charge of guarding the place saluted him simultaneously as soon as he entered.

The sight of over 100 soldiers saluting someone uniformly was very eye-catching. It also made one envious. The young man walked on undisturbed.

“Could Could this be?” someone asked a soldier in a hushed tone after Simon and his group had moved a fair distance away.

Although Simon didn’t say anything, the soldier seemed to understand. He nodded his head before patting Simon on the shoulder. “Sorry, we don’t have a choice.”

Simon smiled. “Thank you, Brother!” Then, he said resolutely, “Come on, let’s go back to the White Gold City. This is no place for us.”

“Simon, who who was that person you bowed to?” the elegant, tall lady asked curiously.

“That’s none of your business. Stop shooting your mouth off!” Simon, who suddenly noticed tears forming in her eyes, felt some tenderness towards her.

“Back then, I still thought that he and you were at the same level. Now he is like a star in the sky, though. Let’s go! This is a gathering of stars. Running into him was just fate.”

Simon and his group left, taking the same path they had come from. Occasionally, Simon would turn his head and gaze at Gezi Town. Besides envy, there was also a hint of thirst in his heart. He wondered when he would be able to participate in such a gathering.

He feared that he might never get such a chance in his life.

The Gods’ Assembly was currently in progress in the Gezi Town City Hall. Seated in over 10 chairs were distinguished entities at the apex of the Da Alliance.

Luo Yunyang was a little disappointed not to see Martial God Luo Kai.

The Chairman of the Gods’ Assembly hadn’t showed up.

“Young Yunyang, your heroics have really made me jealous. I had to suppress the anger in my belly when it came to the Unrivalled Fleet because I couldn’t do anything else! Thanks to you, I have finally vented that resentment.”

An old man with delicate features smiled as he addressed Luo Yunyang. He was dressed like an Eastern martialist, so he gave off a good vibe.

He was actually an Edgeless Spiritual Master.

Luo Yunyang only knew this because they had been introduced. The two of them chatted for a bit before the Edgeless Spiritual Master chuckled. “That disciple doesn’t know much about customs. Luckily, Young Yunyang was lenient. When I get back later, I will make him offer you a humble apology.”

As Luo Yunyang glanced at the calm Edgeless Spiritual Master, he could tell that his attitude was real. “It’s no big deal. You don’t have to bother,” he said, waving his hands casually.

The Edgeless Spiritual Master, who didn’t dwell too long on this topic, chuckled. “Even though this is your first Gods’ Assembly, you are definitely the protagonist of this meeting. However, the Martial God didn’t come, so some people might try to cause trouble. You must be careful, Young Yunyang!”

The Edgeless Spiritual Master’s exhortations were very special. Although Luo Yunyang could hear him speak, the Edgeless Spiritual Master’s lips weren’t even moving.

Who would cause trouble? Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on Unrivalled Warrior Johann, who was speaking confidently.

Deep down, he didn’t think much of this man!

In the 17 Western Cities, a set of cultivation techniques was sold at half the price it cost in the 13 Eastern Cities. Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t purchased one back then, he still felt displeased.