Supreme Uprising Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Five Large Intersections

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Unrivalled Warrior Johann had a golden flowing hand and a handsome face that looked as though they had been sculpted by a blade. Those features, in combination with his piercing sea-blue eyes, gave him an extremely charming demeanor.

Johann was currently talking about the changes that had taken place in the Da Alliance during the past year by mentioning specific numbers and individuals.

“We have scouted out the positions of the five large intersections. The space barrier’s thickness has decreased by 30% this year. We even noticed that some cracks have started to appear on one of the nodes.”

“According to the estimations of a group of Da Alliance specialists, the space barrier has already reached its limit, so it could crumble at any second. Of course, this would also have its benefits. Huge amounts of sixth factor would make the Earth even stronger, and perhaps even more heroes would emerge among the younger generations to join us.”

If the space barrier crumbled and source beasts entered the Da Alliance, it would be a massive disaster. Although many people had been anticipating such a calamity, nobody would be able to solve it.

“Next, let us welcome Luo Yunyang, who came from the 13 Eastern Cities to join us as a new member.” Johann glanced at Luo Yunyang before he started clapping his hands.

Although the applause was sporadic, everyone’s eyes and thoughts were fixed on Luo Yunyang.

They were all curious about this young bigshot who had become a god-grade entity at such a young age.

As Johann spoke, a lady had her eyes closed, as though she was sleeping.

The lady in question had long blood-red hair and a scrawny body that made her look like a witch. However, thanks to the huge axe the size of a truck tyre beneath her feet, everyone shuddered when they met her eyes.

It was Blood Butcher Murat!

Luo Yunyang stood up and nodded at everyone in greeting. Although he could sense that not all the god-grade entities were friendly, the required procedure still had to be followed.

“Luo Yunyang is astonishingly admirable. When I first took notice of him, he was only a top-notch martial master. Less than a year later, he has already become one of us.” Johann clapped his hands with a smile. “There must surely be a reason behind this. How about we let Luo Yunyang tell us?”

Unrivalled Warrior Johann’s suggestion made the members of the audience start chiming in.

In order to reach their current accomplishments, everyone present had spent many years cultivating to develop their own natural talent.

How could a ridiculously younger man have surpassed the majority of them? He probably had been given opportunities that were very hard for others to come by. People often did not envy strangers who soared to great heights, but the people very close to them who succeeded. When they saw Luo Yunyang rise so high so soon, they naturally felt a little displeased deep down.

Luo Yunyang would most likely not share the reasons for his success. However, if they used the fact that the Da Alliance was in a crisis as an excuse and pressured him into divulging some information, that would be something worth anticipating.

Acquiring more skills was always beneficial after all.

Besides, there was quite a number of people among the god-grade entities present whose cultivation bases had stagnated, which made them feel a little worried.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Johann, who was smiling warmly. How could he not know what this man was thinking?

He immediately smiled faintly at Johann and said indifferently, “Actually, my cultivation techniques are nothing special.”

“Yunyang, the Da Alliance is currently at a really critical juncture. Therefore, practically every Martial God and god-grade powerhouse is hoping that you will share with us your strongest cultivation techniques.”

“If we pool our resources together, we could create even more outstanding warriors. Now that you are a god-grade powerhouse, it is your duty to share your cultivation methods.” Johann was a little annoyed that Luo Yunyang was acting dumb. He obviously had no intention of speaking, so Johann’s tone wasn’t as polite anymore.

However, his appearance was still as warm as a spring breeze.

Luo Yunyang stared at Johann. He knew what this guy was trying to do. The numerous eyes fixed on him expressed everyone’s innermost thoughts.

He couldn’t say that his secret was the attribute regulator. This wasn’t a joke!

“I am not that outstanding. My biggest advantage is that I keep a low profile. I reckon that being humble is the best way to flaunt. However, if Mr. Johann wants me to share, then I guess I have to! Actually, there’s no secret to my cultivation.”

Luo Yunyang raised three fingers as he said seriously, “I just have outstanding innate talent! That’s my secret!”

The smiles on everyone’s faces froze. Every god-grade entity had been prepared to meticulously take notes on Luo Yunyang’s secret.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Murat’s face. Of course, her smile wasn’t directed at Luo Yunyang, but at Johann.

“Your natural talent aside, don’t you have anything else that you want to share with everyone, Luo Yunyang?” Johann’s expression fluctuated before he put on his usual warm smile.

Luo Yunyang rubbed his hands together. “I haven’t created my own martial techniques yet, but I could share some of my thoughts and insights on studying the Heaven Splitter with everyone.”

The Heaven Splitter was a Martial God’s technique, so even if everyone present wanted to learn it, they’d have to offer payment to the Martial God. In their opinion, discussing the Heaven Splitter with Luo Yunyang would be a waste of time.

That shameless kid was a really cunning fellow!

The majority of the people present didn’t speak. Luo Yunyang’s military successes were obvious after all. The Unrivalled Fleet, an existence the majority of them hadn’t been willing to offend, had been exterminated by Luo Yunyang.

“If Yunyang doesn’t have anything he wants to share, then let’s forget about this. Take a seat so we can continue our discussion”

“Vice-Chairman, Luo Yunyang struck a god-grade powerhouse and destroyed my physical body” a man wrapped in a black cloak suddenly told Johann.

Although his voice was as sharp as a woman’s, he spoke as harshly as a man.

His bellow definitely sounded like a man’s, even though his high, sharp voice gave off a strange vibe.

When Luo Yunyang heard his words, he immediately sensed who this person was.

It was Lu Fuyun!

Johann, who naturally knew who he was, said faintly, “Do you have any evidence of what you are accusing him of?”

“Of course I do. I am Lu Fuyun!” As that sharp voice rang out again, the cloak was removed and an old woman was revealed.

Although her face was full of dents and creases and her back was hunched, her eyes were filled with immeasurable hatred.

In her hands was a tablet that proved her identity.

It was god-grade powerhouse Lu Fuyun. Although he was one of the weakest members of the Gods’ Assembly, he was still a god-grade powerhouse.

His accusation made everyone tense up.

“What’s your explanation, Luo Yunyang?” Johann’s warm expression vanished and was immediately replaced by a cold, frost-like gaze.