Supreme Uprising Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Overseeing A Region

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God-grade powerhouses were not allowed to fight and kill without reason.

This was the first rule of the Collective God Union. The motive behind this rule was to maintain the number of god-grade powerhouses. According to the Da Alliance, every single god-grade powerhouse was a huge resource.

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t killed Lu Fuyun, he had destroyed Lu Fuyun’s physical body, so he had violated the Collective God Union’s rules.

The originally warm atmosphere in the room froze up. Luo Yunyang stared at the stern-looking Johann blankly for a second before giggling. He had an innocent look on his face as he said, “When I broke Lu Fuyun’s physical body, I wasn’t a god-grade entity yet!”

His shameless explanation nearly made Lu Fuyun, who had become an old hag, jump out. He had only been left with a soul and no choice but to quickly find a physical body as soon as he had escaped.

Back then, the areas around the Great Snow Mountain had been scarcely inhabited, so because of Luo Yunyang’s pursuit, he had entered the body of a recently-deceased old woman as a last resort and ended up in the body he was currently occupying.

However, after his lucky survival, he had quickly gotten distressed by the changes in his new body. Lu Fuyun had slowly nursed this body back to health, all the while feeling as if he was about to go crazy.

He had only come to this Gods’ Assembly to accuse Luo Yunyang.

He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually give such an answer. His answer nearly made him vomit blood.

There was no prohibition when it came to whom martial grandmasters could challenge, and there was no such rule between martial grandmasters and god-grade entities either.

The fact that Luo Yunyang had said this implied that Lu Fuyun had been too weak and therefore had deserved such treatment.

“You are talking nonsense. You were a god-grade telekinesis master at the time!” Lu Fuyun retorted hysterically.

Luo Yunyang stood there rather calmly, not bothering to say anything. He just stared at Johann indifferently.

Johann’s expression kept changing. He wanted to use this pretext to seize Luo Yunyang, yet he knew that Luo Yunyang wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Johann wasn’t stupid either, so unless he had 100% confidence in himself, he simply wouldn’t provoke him.

When he looked at this young man, he felt an immense threat.

This man’s power wasn’t weaker than his.

“Luo Yunyang was already a martial grandmaster before the battle on the Great Snow Mountain!” Blood Butcher Murat said suddenly.

The moment Murat said this, the silence all around them dissipated. “You were actually defeated by a martial grandmaster? How disgraceful!” someone said with a hint of disdain.

“He got his physical body destroyed by a martial grandmaster. That served him right, didn’t it? He was simply trying to bully the weak!”

Lu Fuyun felt as though his insides were on the verge of blowing up. “The Vice-Chairman can distinguish between right and wrong. I hope he will be able to act as a judge,” he said in a high-pitched voice.

Johann waved his hands and said, “We will talk about this after the investigation. Everyone, today’s main topic has already been touched upon and discussed. If nobody has any more questions, then we shall progress to the next stage of the Gods’ Assembly.”

No one said anything. God-grade entities were intelligent, shrewd individuals, so they naturally wouldn’t take a stand over such an issue.

“I have a question, Vice-Chairman!” Luo Yunyang said slowly.

“Yunyang, if there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask. I will tell you anything you want to know!” Johann smiled warmly again with an amicable look in his eyes.

“I would like to ask you whether I qualify to become a Vice-Chairman of the Collective God Union.” Although Luo Yunyang’s voice wasn’t very high, his direct, straightforward request was powerful and resonating.

The Collective God Union had one main Chairman and three Vice-Chairmen.

The Chairman was the Martial God, while the three Vice-Chairmen were Murat, Johann and the 4th in rank god-grade powerhouse.

These four people had held those positions ever since the Collective God Union had been established. How could Luo Yunyang ask such a question?

This was a severe aspiration.

Johann’s expression changed. He could clearly sense Luo Yunyang’s intent to provoke him by asking this question.

“Of course you qualify!” Johann maintained his poise as he smiled faintly. “However, if you wish to become a Vice-Chairman, you will have to make a large contribution to humanity.”

“Take the Chairman, for example. Years ago, he slayed a Dark-Grade source beast that broke through the source barrier and saved the residents of three cities. This was how he got everyone’s support and became the Chairman of the Collective God Union.”

The smile on Johann’s face became even brighter. He chuckled faintly as he said, “My contribution is the least outstanding among the three Vice-Chairmen. I only killed a top-tier Yellow-Grade source beast. If you intend to become a Vice-Chairman, you should strive hard in that direction.”

Unlike the grading system, which used the alphabet for dire beasts, the Collective God Union had adopted the four words Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow to classify a source beast’s strength.

Heaven-Grade beasts were the strongest, while Yellow-Grade beasts were the weakest.

Although Luo Yunyang had never seen an actual source beast, he wasn’t afraid of them. He chuckled heedlessly as he said, “Then I will have to get your blessing!”

As the two of them were speaking, someone said, “Vice-Chairman, I have held the Skyfall Stronghold for 30 years. It is high time for a change. If Little Brother Luo has such lofty aspirations, then why not let him garrison the Skyfall Stronghold? If he can slay the Jade Bone Bird about to attack the Skyfall Stronghold, then he will qualify to become a Vice-Chairman.”

The person speaking was a tall, large old man with a faint sparkle of delight in his eyes.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t very sure where the Skyfall Stronghold was, when he looked at the old man, he felt a majestic power emanate from his body.

The old man gave off the vibe of a massive furnace.

Luo Yunyang was intrigued. When he focused his mind power, he realized that the old man’s body emitted the positive, unyielding power of a flame that could burn anything.

This was a type of essence flame!

Luo Yunyang already possessed five types of essence flames. If he gathered nine essence flames, he could condense the real body of a fire dragon and let the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart reach completely new boundaries.

Johann flashed a kind smile at the old man. “Brother Raging Inferno, the Jade Bone Bird is a low-tier Dark-Grade source beast. You are the only one among us able to keep watch over it. Plus, Yunyang is just a newborn calf. The words he said don’t count! Ha ha ha!”

Although the Unrivalled Warrior seemed to be letting Luo Yunyang off the hook, he actually had an ulterior motive. He wanted to use this method to make him burn.

If Luo Yunyang remained silent, then his lofty aspirations would amount to nothing and his status within the Collective God Union would take a hit.

Johann would also love to see Luo Yunyang head over to oversee the Skyfall Stronghold.

“Don’t go to the Skyfall Stronghold, Yunyang. That is the next most dangerous place after the five large intersections. The Raging Inferno Guardian drew the short straw all those years ago. That’s why he was assigned to that location.”

The Edgeless Spiritual Master’s voice rang out in Luo Yunyang’s ear.

Luo Yunyang nodded faintly at the Edgeless Spiritual Master. He had already made a decision in his mind.