Supreme Uprising Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Evil Thoughts Arise From The Mind

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The exchange session went on for more than three hours. ll sorts of rare and valuable items were offered, making Luo Yunyang shot covetous looks at them and sigh a lot.

He wasn’t able to afford a single item!

Although the Edgeless Spiritual Master didn’t have many divine crystals, he had quite a lot of precious objects, so he eventually obtained a feather of unknown origin that could produce ice and fire powers when waved around.

Actually, Luo Yunyang had wanted that feather for himself, but he couldn’t afford the asking price, so he could only watch with wide eyes as it fell into the hands of the person beside him

“How do divine crystals come about, old chap?” Luo Yunyang asked the Edgeless Spiritual Master after the exchange was over.

The Edgeless Spiritual Master toyed with the feather in his hand as he replied unenthusiastically, “There are two sources of divine crystals. The first is the divine crystal mines that the Collective God Union controls. Every year, they pay an annual salary to god-grade powerhouses. My annual salary is 100 pieces of divine crystals. You rank 10th on the Divine List, so you should be able to receive 150 pieces.

Only 150 divine crystals a year? Damn it, he would need to save for years before he was able to afford anything.

“Another way to earn divine crystals is by making valuable contributions to the Collective God Union. For example, if you slayed a source beast, you would be awarded with divine crystals based on its value. Alternatively, you could also discover a divine crystal mine!”

Out of those three methods, Luo Yunyang believed that the second one was more reliable. Even if there were divine crystal mines in the world, he wouldn’t be the only one able to discover them.

“Is this Gods’ Assembly considered over?” Luo Yunyang asked softly when he realized that everyone had already stood up.

“No, there is still the really important issue of deciding about our assigned strongholds!” the Edgeless Spiritual Master said. “However, since the chairman isn’t here, there won’t be any wholescale changes to stronghold garrisons. Besides, everyone is basically overseeing a region they are familiar with, so there will be very few swaps.”

“You have already become a god-grade entity and destroyed Lu Fuyun’s physical body, so the stronghold you will probably oversee will be the Sky Scar. Although that place isn’t very nice, it isn’t that dangerous either.”

He would be overseeing the Sky Scar Stronghold?

Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on the Raging Inferno Guardian, who had two essence flames. Luo Yunyang wondered whether he could rob him just this once.

Although he knew that using such a method would be despicable, items like those essence flames could be discovered, but not sought. Plus, fleeting opportunities like this one never returned.

Just as Luo Yunyang was pondering how he should rob the Raging Inferno Guardian, he beamed at Luo Yunyang as though he could guess what he was thinking. “Do you have time for a chat, Brother Yunyang?”

As Luo Yunyang glanced at the Raging Inferno Guardian, he could tell that he definitely didn’t have good intentions. However, Luo Yunyang planned on robbing him, so he just smiled wide and replied, “What’s up, Brother?”

“The Skyfall Stronghold is just too troublesome. I don’t want to remain there. Although I am unable to produce the 13 essence flames you were talking about, I have five types of essence flames right here. As long as you are willing, I can give them to you free of charge.”

Five types of essence flames? This fellow was even richer than Luo Yunyang had imagined. If he didn’t take these flames, he would really be letting himself down.

Luo Yunyang unconsciously grasped his fist and said with a firm expression, “Compared to 13, five seems too low!”

“Your ranking may be above mine, Brother Luo, but essences flames do not appear again after you use them.” The Raging Inferno Guardian rubbed his knuckles as he said, “I won’t keep things from you. I have been thinking about Vice-Chairman Murat’s two essence flames for a long time, but I purchased them now because I want to forge a weapon. If you reject my proposal, I am prepared to infuse these five essence flames into the weapon of this small town.”

The Raging Inferno Guardian was actually threatening him!

As Luo Yunyang studied the determined expression on the Raging Inferno Guardian’s face, he reminded himself that this man was not what he appeared to be.

He had surely sensed that these essence flames were especially important to Luo Yunyang. Like the Raging Inferno Guardian had said, it was difficult enough for an essence flame to appear once. The probability of it appearing a second time was even tinier.

The Skyfall Stronghold was probably a dangerous place. Otherwise, the Raging Inferno Guardian wouldn’t be so impatient to hand it over. This was a time to test each other’s determination.

“Then I will have to congratulate you on crafting a divine weapon, Brother!” Luo Yunyang waved his arms around silently before turning to leave.

The Raging Inferno Guardian watched unperturbed as Luo Yunyang turned around. He didn’t move. His many years of experience told him that as long as he persevered, he would emerge victorious.

However, Luo Yunyang walked away with determination.

There was a total of 13 steps to the doorstep, and every step he took was exactly the same. Luo Yunyang reached the doorstep in a flash.

The Raging Inferno Guardian felt a little anxious. He knew that they would be deciding on the regions soon, so if nobody volunteered to take over his, then he would have to oversee the Skyfall Stronghold again.

The Jade Bone Bird at the Skyfall Stronghold

“Brother Luo, I will add 500 divine crystals to my offer. This is really all I have!” the Raging Inferno Guardian said rather decisively as he gestured with his hands.

Luo Yunyang turned his head towards the Raging Inferno Guardian and said flatly, “Deal!”

The Raging Inferno Guardian heaved a huge sigh of relief as he came to his senses. He suddenly felt like he had made a huge mistake in a chess game.

If he had persisted a bit longer, perhaps Luo Yunyang would have given up first.

“Giving you these 500 divine crystals really pains me, Brother Luo,!” the Raging Inferno Guardian said before he handed over the 500 divine crystals and the five essence flames in a jade box.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay much attention to the divine crystals. When he opened the jade box, he discovered that all the essence flames he needed were inside.

A White Bone Soul Flame, a Blood Fiend Bestial Flame, an Earth Demon Poison Flame, a Returning Flow Origin Flame, and a Sky Thunder Origin Flame!

Five essence flames in total. Although each one was only the size of a fist, Luo Yunyang was able to sense the terrifying power emanating from them the instant the box was opened.

“Thank you, Brother Raging Inferno.” Luo Yunyang flashed a faint smile at him.

The Raging Inferno Guardian chortled happily, but didn’t say much.

An hour later, the Gods’ Assembly was still in progress. This was very vexing for many people because the main objective of this Gods’ Assembly was to adjust the various strongholds and regions the god-grade powerhouses would oversee.

However, the Martial God wasn’t present, so basically no regions changed. The only exception was the Raging Inferno Guardian’s region, which was handed over to Luo Yunyang.

When the Edgeless Spiritual Master glanced at Luo Yunyang’s calm face, he immediately understood that he and the Raging Inferno Guardian had reached an agreement.

“Why do I feel that something is amiss, Brother Yunyang? The Raging Inferno Guardian isn’t known for his generosity.”

Luo Yunyang gave him a natural smile. “Thank you for your concern, Spiritual Master, but I know what’s going on.”