Supreme Uprising Chapter 269

Chapter 269 The Collapsing Sky

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Compared to the Skyfall Stronghold, the Sky Scar Stronghold was much smaller and possessed way less manpower.

However, this was no issue for the Raging Inferno Guardian, who was currently slowly enjoying a glass of fine wine.

The lady he had flown all the way over from the 17 Western Cities the previous day was a charming beauty. Just staring into her deep-set eyes was enough for him to feel like he was drowning.

Of course, the current circumstances made him feel more at ease.

When one was overseeing a stronghold, besides using deterrence, it was also really important to prevent source beasts from entering the earth by breaking through the space barrier.

For example, the familiar Jade Bone Bird’s most common method was taking advantage of the cracks in space and spewing layers of dark green flames in hopes of melting down the land that housed the stronghold.

Although the Raging Inferno Guardian was the number one person who controlled fire within the Da Alliance, he still found it strenuous to face those dark green flames.

However, this assignment had been given to him by the Collective God Union, so he did not have the power to change it.

What worried him the most was that the Jade Bone Bird was about to evolve.

A Dark-Grade source beast wasn’t a beast an ordinary god-grade entity was capable of holding off. This task required an ultimate powerhouse, such as a Martial God.

There were only five known ultimate powerhouses in the entire Da Alliance, and they were the people who occupied the first five positions on the Divine List.

Each of those people oversaw an intersection.

Compared to the cracks in the space near the strongholds, the intersections were far more important and dangerous, as within each one was a top Dark-Grade source beast.

When the five large intersections appeared, god-grade powerhouses with no knowledge of the might of the source beasts within them had been killed by the beasts during the displacement.

What did the emergence of this sixth Dark-Grade source beast mean? It seemed to signify that the good days of the Da Alliance had reached their end.

The Da Alliance, which had been facing an imminent crisis, had already reached the end of the game.

The Raging Inferno Guardian didn’t want to run away. The Collective God Union and the Martial God were still around after all. However, he didn’t want to become an offering for the Jade Bone Bird as it evolved either.

Although fooling Luo Yunyang seemed kind of contemptible, those days, one had to choose between killing and being killed.

Besides, he had made an offer that Luo Yunyang had not been able to reject. The fact that Luo Yunyang had swallowed the bait had nothing to do with him.

After putting his mind at ease, he quickly took out his communication device and searched for an image on it.

He had no opinion in regards to cultivation, so what he wanted to do was enjoy himself thoroughly before the Da Alliance collapsed. Whenever he thought about the lady that would be transported over from the 17 Western Cities, his mood improved greatly.

There wasn’t much danger at the Sky Scar Stronghold after all. He had heard that the Primordial Diabolical Bull was rather lazy and not very powerful.

As a god-grade powerhouse, the Raging Inferno Guardian could make his own wishes come true. Whenever he took a fancy to someone, or basically just found them desirable, the person in question would naturally offer themselves to him.

The Raging Inferno Guardian never cared about the price.

“Is the holy one in?” An urgent voice wafted in from outside. The Raging Inferno Guardian frowned when he heard it.

He was really annoyed that someone would disturb him at such a time, especially when that someone was the person in charge of defending that place. Although that fellow was younger than him, his stiff, inflexible manner made him seem like an old fogey.

He was really very dull.

However, there were some matters that needed to be taken care of right now. After hesitating for a bit, the Raging Inferno Guardian said, “Come in.”

“Sir, the space censors show that the crack has been expanding. Furthermore, the Primordial Diabolical Bull seems seems to be making a move,” an old man in his 60s said urgently.

“The bull is actually coming out? Ha ha! Seems like I’m running out of luck. How about I go take a look later?” The Raging Inferno Guardian sounded slightly proud of himself.

“Sir, it’s best that you take a look now. Quite Quite a number of dire beasts has already rushed out of that dimensional fracture. Their number has exceeded the one we had been warned about.” Although the old man knew that it wasn’t advisable to offend the Raging Inferno Guardian, when he recalled the situation at hand, he warned the Raging Inferno Guardian anxiously.

The Raging Inferno Guardian had held down a stronghold for many years, so he naturally knew all this. So what if the number was bigger than they had expected? Who knew where the Primordial Diabolical Bull was sleeping anyway?

What was most pressing was choosing the delicacies he would eat that night.

“Who knows better, you or me? Perhaps you think that you know more than me. Is that why you feel the need to give me orders?”

The Raging Inferno Guardian’s eyes were wide open, so he gave off the dignified air of a god-grade entity. Although the old man wanted to stand straight, he couldn’t help but kneel on the ground when he felt this aura.

“Get out of my sight, Ba Xinjie! Grow some balls and stop ruining my fun all the time!” the Raging Inferno Guardian snarled.

Nobody in the Da Alliance dared ignite the rage of a god-grade powerhouse. Ba Xinjie naturally understood this, which was why he had been able to become the top officer of the stronghold. However, he still couldn’t help but say, “Sir, I understand the rules, but”

“Scram!” The Raging Inferno Guardian waved his sleeves. This time, Ba Xinjie was enveloped by flames and tossed outside.

He simply had no way of resisting this sort of power.

“How dare an ant like him actually”

The Raging Inferno Guardian was muttering to himself, when he saw a colossal black bull appear behind the dimensional fracture. The black bull was staring straight back at the Raging Inferno Guardian.

When their gazes met, the Raging Inferno Guardian saw contempt, disdain and an oppressing intent in the bull’s eyes.

This feeling made the Raging Inferno Guardian extremely uncomfortable. A chill suddenly went down his spine.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull started to gallop on the other side of the space barrier as fast as lightning. Actually, it looked like it had turned into a streak of black lightning.

Amid that streak of lightning, its extremely thick horns seemed like a sharp sword slicing through the sky.


Even though he was a god-grade powerhouse, this was the first time the Raging Inferno Guardian didn’t react against the attack of the crazed Primordial Diabolical Bull.

The bull’s skull crashed hard into the crack. In an instant, the crack, which had been several meters long, became one kilometer wide.

The body of the Primordial Diabolical Bull stepped into the earth.

The cry of the bull suddenly shook the entire sky and earth!