Supreme Uprising Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Luo Yunyang had been observing the sinister man’s actions all along. When the man had been fighting with Yang Yirui, he had seen all his moves clearly in his mind.

Although the man’s legs hadn’t moved at all, Luo Yunyang sensed that he had actually used a set of body techniques.

Such a set might seem simple, but when one was evading a blow, it could be a very useful technique.

By observing a few of the sinister man’s movements, Luo Yunyang realized that, even if he could see through his set of body techniques, he wouldn’t be able to hit that arrogant fella.

However, the man’s continuous, unbridled provocations made Luo Yunyang indignant.

Thus, after some calculations, Luo Yunyang raised his Speed all the way to 8.

He could get even faster, but he felt that if he was too quick, the result would be too obvious.

“Whoa, whoa. Finally, a man who is willing to step forward. I thought the lot of you were all little girls! Look what we have here A B-rank elite!”

When the sinister man looked at Luo Yunyang, he roared with laughter. “I’ve despised high-level elites who get a head start my entire life! Kid, just because your parents gave you a good body, it doesn’t mean that you are much stronger than the others. If you don’t work hard, you will still be nothing more than a pumpkin! Come on, show me. Show me how much stronger you are compared to them!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t say much else. He just asked indifferently, “Are you ready?”

“Anytime, kid. Let me see which part you will be able to hit! Ha ha ha!” As the sinister man had said, he really didn’t like high-rank elites.

Luo Yunyang took a step forward and threw his fist out.

He didn’t use any techniques or complicated variations. When his fists moved forward, the sinister man’s eyes became slightly more serious.

Although he had appeared insolent at first, he was actually very careful deep down.

He was considered a seasoned veteran with an experience of 100 battles after all.

However, as he prepared to use his body technique, he suddenly felt a pang of pain in his body. The man was sent flying.


The sinister man crashed head-first into the ground.

Instantly, a frozen expression formed on everyone’s faces.

The man had already tossed a few of their comrades aside, so the new elites no longer believed that they would be able to beat him.

In their eyes, Luo Yunyang had been just another one of their comrades that would be defeated by the crazy instructor.

However, even though Luo Yunyang’s punch had included no variations whatsoever, that evil man had still been sent flying.

“Ha ha ha… Your Steel Head Technique isn’t bad, Xu Zhong! You managed to shatter all those rocks!” one of the men watching from the sidelines said mockingly.

“Yeah, Xu Zhong’s flying pose was really cool!”

“I forgot to bring a camera. Too bad this scene won’t go down in history!”

The sinister man’s face was red as he stood up, patted off the dust on his body and said, “Alright, kid. I was careless, so you won this round. Credit should be given where credit is due. Come on, hit me again. I will be ready this time around.”

Luo Yunyang glanced at Xu Zhong and asked calmly, “What do I win if I hit you again?”

“HA HA HA!” The men watching the scene roared with laughter once more.

“There are certain benefits. We don’t use money to buy stuff here. We use points instead. If you strike me down again, I will give you 10,000 points. Do you know how much 10,000 points are worth? 10,000 points can get you a lot of things!”

Xu Zhong looked like a wolf trying to tempt a small sheep.

Luo Yunyang nodded. “Alright. When do we start?”

“Whenever you are ready. I will stand here and let you hit me.” While Xu Zhong spoke, his body didn’t move at all. His entire awareness was already at the max.

Luo Yunyang threw another punch out unceremoniously.

It was just as blunt as the first one, but his speed was really fast. Xu Zhong saw his fist approach, but he was sent flying before he could even react.

The men watching from the sidelines no longer made fun of him. Now, they all had a grave expression on their faces.

If this punch had been aimed at them, would they have been able to dodge it?

Xu Zhong pulled himself off the ground, stared at Luo Yunyang and shouted, “Come and hit daddy again!”

One punch, two punches, three punches

Luo Yunyang seemed completely unperturbed as he knocked Xu Zhong down calmly over and over again. Xu Zhong had to struggle to get up after being knocked down so many times. He no longer shouted.

He was a veteran soldier in charge of training Luo Yunyang and the others. Although being knocked to the ground was disgraceful for him, he also admired this soldier for striking him down so fast without giving him any time to react.

“That’s awesome, brother! Choose any of the rooms on that side. The 10,000 points have already been transferred to your account. Your username is your name, and your password is your birthday!”

Then, Xu Zhong turned to the rest and said, “You are all the same! Is there anyone who still wants to challenge me? If there isn’t, you can all rest here!”

Seeing Xu Zhong being knocked over repeatedly by Luo Yunyang’s punches had given the elite martialists who hadn’t tried some hope. A short, but astute young man stepped forward. “I want to try, instructor.”

Just like Luo Yunyang, the young man focused on his speed. He prepared to launch a blitzkrieg strike that would send the arrogant instructor flying.

Unfortunately, Xu Zhong was able to avoid his punch while it was still well away from him. Then, he picked up the soldier and sent him flying into the ground.

No one knew whether Xu Zhong had done this on purpose, but the young man had been thrown head-first into the ground. Although he didn’t suffer a concussion, it took quite a while before he was able to clamber to his feet.

“Anyone else?” Xu Zhong’s smile was sinister as his eyes lit up once again.

“Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang!” the Rising Dragon Army soldiers watching from the sidelines chanted as they laughed.

Xu Zhong didn’t get angry when he heard their laughter. Instead, he said loudly, “I will treat whoever can dodge a blow from Luo Yunyang to a meal at the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace!”

The Evil Spirit Imperial Palace was a place newcomers didn’t know about. The veteran soldiers cheered excitedly, though.

Apparently, this was a place they really liked.

“I’ll go!” A soldier that looked like a skinny monkey immediately leapt forward. Judging by his movements, he had to be really fast.

“I’m third-grade martial master Lin Poshan. Xu Zhong challenged me, kid. Don’t blame me for beating you.”

Lin Poshan didn’t have the tenacity of a mountain, but his agile moves as well as his level of expertise made the people that admired Luo Yunyang sigh.

Xu Zhong started cursing. “How can you do this, you monkey! Damn it! What is a third-grade martial master like you jumping out for? This is bullying!”

“I thought you were a man, Big Talker Xu. A man has to mean what he says!” Lin Poshan’s voice was loud and clear. “If you can’t afford to lose, just admit that you aren’t a man and I will turn around and walk away.”

Xu Zhong huffed. He was a man who cared about his dignity. How could he not keep his word when there were so many people watching?

“Don’t be afraid of him, Luo Yunyang. He might be a third-grade martial master, but he can’t hit you. He will be the one getting hit! If you are able to beat him, I will give you another 10,000 points!”