Supreme Uprising Chapter 273

Chapter 273 1000 Foes Can't Bend My Will

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Many god-grade powerhouses would choose to avoid the calamity of meeting the Primordial Diabolical Bull.

However, this was a crucial time, so Luo Yunyang headed in the direction of the Primordial Diabolical Bull. Although he was no saint, he just couldn’t stand aside and watch.

Anyone who rushed over without having any abilities would have to have a death wish. However, if one had the necessary abilities, watching countless people die would be simply cold-blooded.

This was a crucial period, yet Luo Yunyang charged forward like a rampaging tiger.

When he heard the news, Luo Yunyang didn’t take a plane. Instead, he used his Buddha Disks to rush towards Jin’fu City like a bird.

The distance from the Skyfall Stronghold to Jin’fu City was 1,500 kilometers.

As he got closer and closer to Jin’fu City, even more dire beasts appeared in the wilderness. Meanwhile, some towns had turned into ruins.

There was silence for miles and miles, and bones were buried in the wild.

Although his mind power was already strong enough, when Luo Yunyang saw this bitter scenario take form, his heart started trembling even more violently.

His speed picked up, causing him to look like a streak of lightning in the sky.

Jin’fu City was in chaos!

Huge numbers of people were pouring in, making the city seem like a big mess.

Their sorrowful cries weren’t pleasing to the ears. Although there was joy in reuniting with loved ones, most people felt the grieving sorrow of balancing between life and death.

Even the residents of Jin’fu City were filled with despair as more and more dire beasts started to surround the city. Although Jin’fu City was like a massive steel fort, how safe could it be against an increasing number of dire beasts?

The taboo weapons had been unable to banish the Primordial Diabolical Bull. Meanwhile, the five god-grade powerhouses had dropped to two, and the ultimate powerhouses were unable to spare a hand.

Who else could come and save them?

The news on the Sky Vision kept decreasing until eventually there was no news from Shen’du.

The lack of information made many people tremble with fear.

“Luo Yunyang is here!”

Just as everyone had been completely disheartened, news of Luo Yunyang’s arrival emerged on the Sky Vision. As the news spread, the entire Jin’fu City seemed to explode.

“It’s the youngest god-grade powerhouse, the Blood Strike Guard Commissar!”

“Unfortunately, he isn’t an ultimate powerhouse!

“If no ultimate powerhouses can come, the 10th in rank person on the Divine List will do.”

All sorts of discussions broke out all over the city as many people expressed their views.

“Luo Yunyang might be overestimating his capabilities!” A post on the Sky Vision forum described and analyzed various aspects of the gap between Luo Yunyang and the Primordial Diabolical Bull. The final conclusion could be summed up in the following sentence: a hot-blooded young man was attempting the impossible!

The last half of the sentence was an evaluation of Luo Yunyang, while the first half contained a deep irony.

When the post was published, it irritated many people, especially some people in Jin’fu City who were still able to access the Sky Vision. These people attacked the post with incessant abuse.

However, after this crusade, some people started to lose hope.

After all, the difference between Luo Yunyang and an ultimate powerhouse was just too great.

Just as the flame war escalated, a post from the Free Cities appeared. It contained only one line.

“The 4th in rank god-grade telekinesis master called Saint Luxi said that he won’t be able to break the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s defenses.”

These words were like a spark on a barrel of oil. The people that believed that Luo Yunyang was overestimating his capabilities went into a frenzy again.

“I bet that Luo Yunyang will last no more than three minutes!” someone commented on the post. “A minute to have a staring contest with the Primordial Diabolical Bull, a minute to prepare, and a minute to flee!”

“I don’t get your reasoning. What about the time spent fighting?” Someone pretended not to understand.

“One look at the Primordial Diabolical Bull and Luo Yunyang will be scared sh*tless. How would there even be time for combat?”

This sort of mockery was prevalent on the Sky Vision. Thanks to their anonymity and the fact that they weren’t from the 13 Eastern Cities, a lot of people were just reading the conversation.

As this humiliating attitude increased, the furious voices of the people supporting Luo Yunyang started to fade away.

Their number was already small, and many of them didn’t have the time to pay attention to all these comments under the current circumstances.

“If you people are so impressive, then why don’t you fight the Primordial Diabolical Bull?” Suddenly, a golden account appeared on the Sky Vision.

A lot of people were stunned, as there were many people within the Da Alliance who supported the owner of this account.

She was a superstar at her peak and thus a goddess in most people’s eyes.

However, her defence of Luo Yunyang only lasted a moment before countless messages poured in, saying that Luo Yunyang was a god-grade entity and thus obligated to go.

Some people also said that if they had been god-grade entities, they would have gone as well.

There were also certain malicious people who said that something had to be going on between Luo Yunyang and the person who had rushed to his defence.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang was oblivious to all this. Even if he had known about it though, he wouldn’t have taken it to heart.

A lion didn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep.

50 kilometers away from Jin’fu City, Luo Yunyang saw a crow spewing streams of fire at thousands of soldiers of the eight armies, who were using all sorts of weapons.

Guns and cannonfire rang on and on as explosions littered the sky like fireworks.

Unfortunately, the firepower of those guns and cannons wasn’t very effective against this sort of dire bird. When the flames expelled by the crow landed on the soldiers of the eight armies, they immediately turned them into ashes.


A martial master soared into the air, wielding a long blade in his hand. When he slashed, a scarlet red streak shot forward, slicing off half the wing of the huge crow. Meanwhile, the arm of the martial master was also slashed off by the claws of the huge crow.

The martial master used his remaining arm to wave his blade with great difficulty. Although he didn’t fall, a stream of flames suddenly descended towards him.

The teenage martial master waved the blade in his arm and turned his head with difficulty, gazing in the direction of Jin’fu City.

He was too reluctant and worried.

Although he wasn’t willing to leave yet, he believed that he wouldn’t be able to change anything and neither would his comrades. Five kilometers behind them was a group of ordinary people who were still running for their lives.


The young martial master was prepared to give a final push. He wouldn’t be able to change much, but this was the only thing he could do!