Supreme Uprising Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Forgotten Integrity

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Lofty mountains, huge trees that reached the sky, and ancient vines that looked like wriggling colossal pythons were everywhere.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull’s body was huge, yet it didn’t stand out among the mountains. When Luo Yunyang passed through the dimensional fracture, he only caught a glimpse of one of the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s large horns while the bull retreated into the mountain range.

When he reached the other side of the dimensional fracture, Luo Yunyang didn’t know what he would be facing. He naturally would have to act as fast as possible.

Luo Yunyang used the Space True Intent he possessed without hesitation in an effort to block the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s path.

When Luo Yunyang took a step forward, the countless dire beasts that covered the entire dimensional fracture seemed to sense an immeasurable danger, so they retreated right away.

However, Luo Yunyang only crossed a few hundred meters in the air in one go.

When he faced the Unrivalled Fleet, his Space True Intent, which had seemed successful at every step, seemed to suffer from a huge limitation.

Although Luo Yunyang still wasn’t clear on what this limitation was, this certainly wasn’t good news.

“Hurry up and return my treasure, you evil beast!” Luo Yunyang shouted unhappily as he watched the Primordial Diabolical Bull. He didn’t want the beast to travel even further away.

The figure of the retreating bull swayed for an instant amid the mountain range. It could have sworn that the Heavenly Source Stone had belonged to it for many years!

How could this vile fellow actually say that the stone belonged to him? This man was really shameless!

However, this wasn’t why the Primordial Diabolical Bull was furious. It was actually angry that its cultivation base couldn’t beat the little worm before its eyes.

Retreat, retreat, retreat!

The bull spread its four hooves and ran frantically amid the mountain range. When its heavy body came into contact with the rocks on the mountain, the entire mountain started shaking nonstop.

In the past, this sort of might would have made all the dire beasts in the area concede in fear. However, the bull was now running away.

After running for about five kilometers, the Primordial Diabolical Bull was finally stopped by Luo Yunyang. The bull’s eyes stared straight at Luo Yunyang as the Primordial Diabolical Bull let out an ear-piercing bellow.

That boundless might, in combination with the colossal body of the bull, was really terrifying. Luo Yunyang, who had prepared himself for a battle with the Primordial Diabolical Bull, had already opened the attribute regulator and started to make adjustments.

He was hoping that the First Ape-Dragon Variation would be as effective as it was supposed to be.

Just as Luo Yunyang started feeling a little apprehensive, some mind power rushed into his mind. “I have already surrendered. Why do you feel the need to try to exterminate me?”

What the f*ck? Luo Yunyang froze as he looked at the ferocious Primordial Diabolical Bull. This seemed kind of wrong!

“You stole my Heavenly Source Stone. Return it to me and I will spare you this time!” Luo Yunyang didn’t care about the facts of the matter, so he said that the Heavenly Source Stone was his once more.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull was annoyed. Although it had been prepared to reason so this fellow would stop chasing it, this shameless man was now trying to toy with its logic.

In the blink of an eye, its Heavenly Source Stone had become his. If the bull didn’t go along with this, then there would be no point in talking.

“Even if this Heavenly Source Stone is yours, it has been with me for over 1,000 years, so it can no longer return to your side,” the Primordial Diabolical Bull said, feeling slightly ashamed.

Damn it! If this information leaked out, how would it dare show its face around this mountain range again?

“If you owe a debt, then you have to pay. That is only right. He he Daddy has methods to deal with debtors like you who don’t pay back their debts.” Despite the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s forbearance, Luo Yunyang didn’t seem to become the slightest bit more lenient. Instead, he continued to pressure it.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull felt like crying. This was basically a robbery! Why did Luo Yunyang make it sound like he was being righteous? If the bull could have defeated him, it wouldn’t have been suffering now.

“Sir, have you been chasing me because of the Heavenly Source Stone? Let me tell you something. I would never give you the Heavenly Source Stone, no matter what. However, if the two of us fought to death over it, then someone else would ultimately benefit. I think that we should come to an agreement that both parties will accept.”

Luo Yunyang stared at the huge swaying skull of the Primordial Diabolical Bull, which seemed to be able to grasp everything, in amazement.

Was this really a bull?

“You want a Heavenly Source Stone, but I would never give you this one no matter what.” The Primordial Diabolical Bull’s skull rocked even faster as it spoke with a hint of urgency. “However, I could produce another Heavenly Source Stone for you!”

The Primordial Diabolical Bull only had one Heavenly Source Stone. How could it produce another one unless it stole one?

As he thought about this, Luo Yunyang understood what the bull was trying to do. “Do you think I’m a fool?” he asked with a grim smile.

“Of course you aren’t a fool!” the Primordial Diabolical Bull said before its hooves started to rock rapidly. “I know that you are afraid that I will betray you, but don’t worry. My hatred for our target runs too deep. If you sense that something isn’t right while I make my move, then you can leave immediately.”

The Primordial Diabolical Bull’s terms sounded too good to be true, which made Luo Yunyang feel uneasy. This fellow was definitely plotting something.

Although all sorts of theories went through his mind, Luo Yunyang didn’t speak. Instead, he just watched as the Primordial Diabolical Bull charged forward.

Under the circumstances, stealing the stone from the bull would be more straightforward.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull roared furiously. It had never been belittled this way before! Luo Yunyang had just spoken about collaborating a moment ago, yet he had made a move towards it without saying a thing.

As its four hooves moved, the black glow surrounding its body became even more dazzling. However, the bull didn’t make a countermove against Luo Yunyang. Instead, it leaped into the air.

A light leap was all it took for the bull to break out of this deadlock. The Primordial Diabolical Bull just wouldn’t be belittled.

“Do not test my limits, bug. If you really annoy me, I will just rush towards my bosses’ domain and you won’t get anything in return!” the Primordial Diabolical Bull roared furiously. In the blink of an eye, it had already charged about a kilometer away. Then, it turned its head and ran again.

Once, twice, thrice

By the time Luo Yunyang had caught up with the Primordial Diabolical Bull for the 10th time, he had killed a handful of Yellow-Grade source beasts. In the end, he gave up all hope.

The Primordial Diabolical Bull had been right. Although its cultivation base was weaker, its ability to preserve its own life was very strong.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be able to slay it and he would naturally have no way of obtaining the Heavenly Source Stone either.

“I will give you a chance this time. Is your earlier offer still on the table?” Luo Yunyang was naturally unwilling to return empty-handed, so he tried to stop the Primordial Diabolical Bull for the last time.

The bull, which had never expected Luo Yunyang to actually ask this, replied right away, “It is, it definitely is. We can do it right away. Ha ha ha! Come along, come along!”